Inventory: 3 d printing revolution will come, what areas will be reversed?

abstract: Rudy DE Waele strategist, is a technological innovation or books author of Shift 2020, science and technology and planner. In this article, he for 3 d printing technology applications in many industrial and living fields has made the detailed inventory. 3 d printing technology to innovation in all fields of our social life, printing, building materials, food and so on human organs are no longer is a science fiction plot!

Rudy DE Waele for the first time I saw a running of the 3 d printer, is in the spring of 2011 the Singularity University (Singularity University) a week of seminars or designated training Program Executive Program (EP). As a committed to cultivating future scientists school, run by Google cooperate with the U.S. space agency, NASA singularity university, is a company executives and entrepreneurs to provide forecasts emerging technologies how to subvert and change the industry, company, business people and tool life.

since then, Waele begin to pay close attention to the development of 3 d printing products and services, and it was his usual work life when communicate with customers, organize meetings almost indispensable topic.

in the Executive Program, during Waele also visited the United States the largest passenger space Techshop, involved in the modeling experiment of micro 3 d model; Also paid a visit to the world’s largest 2 d and 3 d design and engineering software company Autodesk office in San Francisco. The experience made him shake, also let him aware of the 3 d printing may be produced in many different areas of extensive use and great influence. And last week was successfully held in London in the global 3 d printing art exhibition (3 d – printshow), also let Waele amazing 3 d printing industry in the in a short span of three years of solid growth.

growing ecosystem of

open source hardware DIY community, hackers, and guest room and Maker show Maker Faires around the globe have sprung up, let more and more people have access to 3 d printing technology. Lot of 3 d printing on international companies, such as London and Amsterdam Wevolver, FabLabs and took less than a year will realize the connection of 3 d printers from several hundred to more than 7000 the number of 3 d Hubs, are good examples.

such as Autodesk 123 d the Design development of cross-platform 3 d printing tools support (PC, Mac, iPhone, tablet, or Web browser) can make people in 3 d model Design and manufacture of great apps or software, make people never leave home can also print 3 d model.

today, many businesses will vision aimed at the 3 d printing a profitable future market, thus promoted the 3 d printing market and service center. Founded in 2007, 3 d printing Shapeways trading platform, and connect the 3 d users, designers and local printer platform Maker6 all over the world, are the pioneers in the field of 3 d printing. And was founded in 1990, is engaged in the field of research and development of rapid prototyping Belgium company iMaterialise are enjoying high reputation in Europe. And these big, also have some companies began to focus on 3 d printing consumption boom, such as the amazon to launch in July this year of 3 d printing online store, and American express company UPS Srore launch 3 d printing business.

there are about 40 of the world’s manufacturers have commercial 3 d printer for sale, there are more than 200 start-up companies are developing and selling consumer 3 d printers, lowest price only a few hundred dollars. At the same time, there are more and more different materials available to print – from different types of wax or plastic, ceramic, such as steel, brass, bronze, silver and gold and platinum metals.

inventory: 3 d printing some of the interesting areas


model from the French producer and sculptors Gael Langevin, in January 2012 produced by means of 3 d printing first lifelike InMoov life-size humanoid robot. As long as there is a space of the CDM is less than 2, any home 3 d printer can make such a robot; And it has been recognized as universities, laboratories, amateur, especially the 3 d model is an excellent development platform manufacturers.

in addition, Intel released earlier this year a design and development of robot Jimmy for consumers. Intel Jimmy may be defined as a scientific research robots, but years will also introduce a simple version of the price of $1600. But to be sure, Jimmy is made by 3 d printing. Intel’s commitment to provide free 3 d printing drawings, and other parts of unable to print it out (including motor and Edison Intel processors, etc.) is required by buying components from Intel. However, Intel said they also want to cut the price of Jimmy as soon as possible to below $1000.


Contour Crafting is at the university of southern California, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis developed a layered manufacturing technology, this technology in the child components and overall structure to realize automation construction has great potential. Using this technique to design different pavilions or groups of housing construction, to be able to make a one-off, automation, at the same time also complete circuit and embedded water pipe and air conditioning pipe.

China engaged in the construction of new materials research and development and production of high-tech enterprises, the Shanghai surplus and decoration design engineering co., LTD. – just use 3 d printing in March this year, in the day time to create a total of 200 square meters of between 10 bungalow. Founder Ma Yihe years ago began studying 3 d printing of building decoration materials, at present, the company has more than 77 national patents, more than 400 successful cases, not only solved the problem of the special-shaped decorative in large construction projects, also save the cost and get rid of some of the material can only be a passive situation of imported from abroad. Compared with traditional construction method, 3 d printing technology seems to be a more cheap, fast and safe choice.

these bungalows located in Shanghai, is used in building 10 meters wide, 6.6 meters tall large 3 d printers. These step by step a printer to print by the mixture of cement and construction waste material, and made the wall of the bungalow, like pastry chefs to cake with cream. This new type of 3 d printing architecture not only environmental protection, and has high cost effective.

D from Britain – Shape is a focus on the Freeform Architectural 3 D printing company. They will be able to print anything below 216 cubic meters, such as single bus station, park bench, telephone booth, color marble pavement, fountains and small swimming pool, furniture, the playground and amusement facilities in the kindergarten, and so on.

and increase material manufacturing companies in the United States Emerging Objects found that 3 d printing technology not only can be used in manufacturing the structure of the external support, also can be used for the internal structure of the building. They are used for printing materials are the innovation of the renewable materials, such as cement and polymer by salt and “salty glue” made combined, they called “Saltygloo” salt polymer.


Amsterdam Eric Klarenbeek studio is exploring a kind of biological living (e.g., mycelium) 3 d printing technology, combined with the native materials such as carbon footprint is negative hyphae chairs and other products. Founder Eric Klarenbeek said: “we are 3 d printing activity in the world the first person to mycelium, use of the organism’s natural resources as the adhesive bound organic waste. Once grown, it will become a kind of structure is clear, stable and renewable materials. Combined with 3 d printing, this material gives us the infinite freedom of design.”


is not only a science, even a lot of fashion designers are now experimenting with using 3 d printing technology fashion, from the cap, headwear, to dress, shoes, and jewelry. Haute couture brand Iris van Herpen designer Herpen himself has quite a few creative 3 d printing design. Fashion designer Bradley Rothenberg is using 3 d printing for d dense show designed a corset with wings.

by Elliot Kealoha Blanchard’s Invisible Light Network creative studio to sound as inspiration to design a kind of music called “NU” bracelet: using audio analysis software and Grasshopper framework to build the code, the formation of 3 d printing files; Songs can form different print files, so printed bracelet is also different. Design studio is located in Boston Nervous System also open up a jewelry exhibition, at the same time launched a corresponding application desktop 3 d printer. They hinged design was the assembly for the inconvenience.

London designer Silva Weidenbach to 3 d printing technology combined with traditional craft skills to create a chic necklace. The understanding and application of 3 d printing, let her explore new expression in fashion design.

and since last year the world’s first 3 d printing football shoes Vapor Laser Talon Cleat, Nike again this year bring a new product Vapor HyperAgility Cleat, is also a innovation and player’s agility to a new height of 3 d printing footwear products. From the perspective of the benefit of the athletes, Nike also in continuous efforts to speed up the pace, the applications of 3 d printing to the making process of the footwear products.

HBS students Grace Choi to build the 3 d printer Mink cosmetics, is let myriad beauty girl on the Internet or in real life, like the color of the freedom of choice, and then use simple existing software, for the printing blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc. Any other type of cosmetics. For those who haven’t the positioning of the Mink audience fixed cosmetic brands and businesses form preference 13-21 young women.


in handsome cry uncle bond 007 series “the awning dangers,” is that handsome cry aston Martin DB5 results under 3 d printing processing, it has fully demonstrated the technique into show business flourishing prospect.

at present, auto makers will be mainly used in the study of the concept car 3 d printing technology and test. Swedish designer Erik Melldahl has been working with BMW in July to launch a use of biodegradable materials and the 3 d printing and a concept car “Maasaica”; And graduated from the royal college of art design professional car London designer Nir Siegel, recommendations to the audi is a kind of avant-garde solutions: can in front of customers realize the whole assembly process of 3 d printing car; And this year at the Geneva motor show appearance of EDAG Germany company Genesis concept car, is to use a large box printing machine, can carry on the self-assembly at any time.

is more exciting, Mercedes has announced that will be released in 2018, 10 sets of s-class models used in to 3 d printing technology, is not only a concept car, even the production car body interior is 3 d printing results.

it is worth mentioning that the German BMW has achieved in a production workshop with 3 d printing “super thumb” replace workers complete auto parts assembly work, reduce the pressure of the worker’s finger joints.

in the future, we may be able to use 3 d printing to print out their own car, install a Google automatic driving system, the start of a said come away trip!


earlier, diffuse marvel comic studio in this year’s San Diego comic-con joint 3 dplusme exhibited a unique 3 d printer: scan the user’s facial features and the selected diffuse anime characters of printed after the body to achieve seamless docking, let a fan on the doll to realize their diffuse heroic dream. To be sure, in order to maintain customer base, in the future there will be more of this kind of personalized brand products.

Art of

at present, the network, there are many amazing 3 d art and sculpture. This paper mainly introduces Amsterdam’s van gogh museum in Belgium and Japan Fuji film company 3 d printing cooperation projects. Cooperation of this project is a series of van gogh painting called Relievo high-quality 3 d replica, is on the basis of the original for the size, color, brightness and texture to create results. Copy of “sunflower”, for example, was captured by van gogh used to pen the direction, strength, and 32 species of yellow colour shade, copy typing and based on this. The van gogh museum will be located in this series of replica of the unit price of $34000.


the 3 d printing is one of the most exciting applications, is the food of printing. Last year, we have seen Candy Foodini machine company, such as Spain and Italy appliance manufacturers by the raised platform to create some of the 3 d printer “food”; 3 d printer manufacturers 3 d Systems by changing the shape, color and taste of food, to last year’s acquisition of 3 d printing dessert laboratory Sugar Labs used in desserts and cakes to go to the experiment of new consumption mode, While British Choc Edge 3 d printing company in the production of chocolate similar technology application; nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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