Inventory: 2014 top ten venture projects abroad

hunting cloud network (note: the emergence of creative even faster than the mushroom growth, but we are still in the numerous achievements of screening, picked out the ten in our favorite innovative projects that appeared in 2014. Our choices range from hardware to software, the Internet can be connected to any place, change the way we operate equipment.


Product Hunt: record brilliant innovation project startup

Product Hunt is a search for the latest and best start-ups aggregation class community. Launched in late 2013, after the team got the first step in early 2014. By the Andreessen Horowitz led the $6.1 million after A round of funding, the product with the iOS client, podcasts, is A search for institutions and exchange ideas. Who know how powerful it will become in 2015.


Hello : can change the way you sleep, computer hardware

by Thiel Fellow and James Proud of Hello company, its main product is a testing data of sleep health equipment. It consists of a Sense of ball on the bed, and a clip on your pillow Sleep Pill. Sleep Pill can track your mobile and send the data to the Sense, the latter is to monitor indoor temperature, light, sound, and the particles in the air. This set of system for your sleep situation were analyzed, and then through the iOS or Android applications, and in your sleep cycle is reasonable that a stage to wake you up.

Sense is a great success in the raise stage, eventually raised far more than the initial setting of the target of $100000 ($2 million). If you would like to ask what makes it different from all other claims that the system can monitor your sleep? We think is: “-they hope you not aware of how the quality of your sleep, still more to let you understand the relationship between sleep and health.”

Kwikdesk : let your secret is always a secret

when Kwikdesk was launched in November 2013, we described it as “Twitter and Snapchat combination”, but by the photographer and entrepreneur Kevin Abosch company founded in 2014, but further. It’s the second product, OneOne, is a can provide “private and difficult to touch” text information application.

Kwikdesk very seriously, they want to create a truly elusive communication goals, OneOne directly on the device end the information encryption and decryption. Is used to encrypt the key will never be sent somewhere else.

the snowden incident, Abosch first secret product concept is attractive.

BRCK : one can make the network connection to anywhere in the world of magic box

company Ushahidi crowdsourcing map from Kenya as a spin-off of the start-up, BRCK designed a sturdy box, can make the network connection to the remote parts of Africa. The $199 worth of BRCK equipment has been used in 140 countries. You just need a 3 g card or connected to the company’s vMNO, can give 20 equipment to provide a wireless signals can be Shared. It also has an external GSM antenna ports to enhance the signal.

BRCK in the summer of 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign won $1.2 million. In addition to the connection issue, BRCK can also deal with unreliable source of electricity and difficult environment. If power failure, it will switch to use up to eight hours of built-in battery, and it can use solar panels, car batteries, computer or wall outlet to charge. They also developed a cloud of the equipment for remote management and an API sensors connected to the connection with other equipment.


Slack : the application of can change the way of team cooperation

Slack is a can talk of the application of communication and collaboration, it aims to let between teams use online businesses in real-time chat channels to communicate with each other, to create a private team and send the message directly. Only from the point of this description, it seems to be crazy, the company set up by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, has been in the latest round of $120 million in financing, won a $1.2 billion valuation. Not only that, but there are many companies continue to introduce the internal communication writing system.

it is reported, Google, apple and twitter have use Slack for communication between the project team.

Slack is like Dropbox, Google and Twitter. Users are using Slack can easily insert tweets, pictures can be downloaded. In addition, Slack also has many convenient features, such as Slackbot, can be set to auto reply or dig into some of the routine tasks. In spite of this, now it is not perfect, we are still waiting for the follow-up development possible.

balze : a bike for you to establish “the bat signal” company

cycling can be a dangerous business, an enterprise innovation balze in London, designed to produce some products to make it more safer. Their first Laserlight, has been launched in early last year. The original waterproof of this product will be in front of you pavement project an image of a bicycle, so that we can make the bike more high visibility, especially in those who is often the place where the car driver’s blind spot.

balze founder Emily Brooke and cycling enthusiasts, statisticians, related consultant, bus company and psychologists have developed this Laserlight. After the company launched a Laserlight, through Kickstarter Laserlight activity income plus Index Ventures and Richard Branson family investment funds, raised $500000.

Spring : addictive dangerous shopping application

when we first saw the Spring, by satellites and David Tisch co-founded the iOS application, we determined the application is very simple and easy. Slide gently only a couple of screen, can complete the purchase a commodity, it can be dangerous for shopping crazy but for all the other people is very convenient. In 2014 was “Tinder for X” years of innovation, Spring this app is equivalent to the electronic commerce world Instragram or is not “pins” Pinterest.

Spring now can only be used in the United States, but we can be sure that if it globalization must can usher in outbreak in 2015. It is each big brand integration: it with Warby Parker, Band of Outsiders and Hugo Boss brand cooperation, through the pictures of press close to life and the advantages of simple purchase process, it would beat other shopping application.


DWNLD : can turn any site into native applications

DWNLD can be understood as making native applications “WordPress”, through the application, the user can create local application to replace people depends on the current situation of the mobile web. It’s content in the web site features into their own content management system, and then generate a local application based on the content. Users can use different templates, fonts and colors to build the app.

DWNLD also allows users to add a lot of media files to the app, such as photos, video, dynamic picture and those who are born to be used to show the things and so on. If you like this app, you can push it to the apple’s app store. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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