Inventory: 2014 domestic Internet industry 17 “milestone”

cloud network hunting note: time as the blink, fleeting, 2014 has been to the end, although in this year, China’s science and technology and networking has many not lovable place, but it is undoubtedly offer the numerous achievements of science and technology of China annual. , of course, also can say this is one of China’s science and technology has its place in silicon valley, especially after the listing in alibaba, shocked the world. Here are hunting cloud network editor jun for your reader to summarize 2014 year China science and technology of 17 cases of large events.


1 big events: the Chinese version of “tesla”

to say 2014 first big events, science and technology of China to the United States must be China wanxiang group, luxury hybrid car makers. Fisker was once the world’s most outstanding one of the new energy automobile manufacturers, it is also has been to produce cars ambitious universal on early.

this will give an own luxury car maker in China, especially in high and new technology, dreaming “tesla in China”.

the new owners want to sell Fisker Karma sedan, but it is a difficult task. In 2012, criticized the model car was swept over land, so universal in the way of a dream “tesla in China” still need to work harder.

big event 2: millet into overseas markets

millet in 2013 in Hong Kong, Taiwan area for trial after, finally the overseas market this year, in February, millet have been sold in Singapore.

by the end of 2014, in their overseas markets have been the millet to add to the other four south and southeast Asia countries, including India and Indonesia, the two huge potential market.

into the process of millet is not smooth. Because of patent issues related, millet on December 11 sales, which is banned in India and the global plan in 2014 years is a long way off, Brazil and Turkey and other regions have been delayed until next year.

however, millet sales goal this year is still a staggering 60 million!


big event 3: the pride of the millet into “made in China”

millet is not the first Chinese brand to the world. Lenovo, huawei, zte has sold abroad for tens of millions of smart phones, but the progress of millet fast is that they can’t match, you know millet was only in 2011 produced its first cell phone. More it is worth noting that millet company may be the first to make Chinese people proud of the Chinese brand (m black please wanton spray…… ).

there are some overseas friends, such as the United States, Mexico, Australia, via Twitter or Facebook request millet out in their countries. Millet seemed so the secret of success is its low price and its powerful team, and a truly understand to listen to customer needs humane company (m black please continue deliberately sprayed…… ).

4 big events: one plus phone overseas spanning development

this year, the rise of a new manufacturing smartphone innovation company of China, some of its inspiration from the millet, the company is a science and technology. One plus mobile phone is different from millet, it since the first day of the sale started to enter the overseas market, and it is more like to use close to the original version of the Android system.

but there is one plus phone have several features of millet – incredibly low prices, strong hardware, online sales and strong team consciousness.

5: big events listed on sina weibo

4 month, weibo on sale in America, this is China’s top social media is similar to Twitter, the social media raised $286 million, not $400 million most people expected.

however, in 2014, is a people moving time and energy to the micro letter a year…


big events WeChat beyond weibo, into the e-commerce

the micro letter’s monthly active users has increased from the first quarter of 396 million to the third quarter of 468 million. Application letter has become a social class, in addition to the original features, domestic also started to use it to read news most of the people, sharing photos, follow the stars, and so on. In 2014, WeChat and new added a small shop, with the passage of time, the WeChat will have made outstanding progress in mobile power.

in January, the letter begins to add drops a taxi, a taxi this is a domestic application, this makes a lot of people are the first experience in mobile commerce bring convenience, these people are micro letter in 2013 accumulation of users, of course, another attraction, that is micro letter with payment services, and greatly increase the convenience of mobile commerce.

in March, then can choose brand to purchase goods in WeChat (pictured above). In may, tencent launched with a small company and some big brand stores information news push function.

tencent after this a series of big moves, has begun with the king of Chinese e-commerce – alibaba’s “war”.

big event 7: jingdong listed

in May this year, jingdong listed in the United States, raising $1.78 billion. At that time, alibaba has not set a specific time to market, so at that time, the world is waiting for alibaba, not too much attention to jingdong.

big event 8: baidu in Brazil

as China’s largest search engine company, baidu has arrived Brazil in July, this is baidu company outside China’s biggest market.

in several emerging markets, baidu is likely to begin to challenge Google’s position, such as Egypt and Thailand, also have already familiar with the market, because baidu baidu will look for these and occupy the market in 2015.

9: big events on youku traffic reached 500 million for the first time

maybe China’s science and technology and the network market has matured a lot, but there are still a progress space. August of this year’s one thing very good proof, youku, one of China’s leading video site, independent on visits to 500 million for the first time.

10 big events: millet surpass samsung

let’s go back to the millet, from Canalys data analysis results show that, in August, millet overtook samsung in domestic shipments, become China’s largest shipments of smart phone brand.

big event 11: a taxi Uber into China

in August, same Uber into China, try some new things this time Uber, carpooling project, launched in Beijing this is called “people’s Uber”, it will be popularized in other cities in succession.

the service itself is a for-profit, this means that the Uber will not ask for fees from carpooling people.

than Uber in India and Thailand, the infamous American taxi application development quite smoothly in China. Of course, this situation could change at any time.

12: big events into the era of online

this is an important milestone in China’s electricity industry, the Chinese ministry of August according to the latest data, 52.5% of Chinese Internet users are online shopping, a total of about 332 million people.

13: big events listed on alibaba

alibaba today’s achievement, and all the help of online store is inseparable. In September, its size and wealth, the New York stock exchange, and break the record the history of the New York stock exchange listing.

alibaba to raise funds than Facebook public funds in 2012, when Facebook earned $16 billion, alibaba has earned $21.8 billion.

big event 14: China’s richest man, Mr Ma

alibaba founder and former CEO jack ma for the first time on the Forbes China rich list.

Mr. Ma’s personal wealth estimated at $19.5 billion, could be three times as much as he deposits last year ($7.1 billion, ranked eighth).

15 big events: the Chinese into the era of mobile

in October, baidu said China mobile end flow far beyond the terminal flow, this is an important milestone, represents China marched into the era of mobile.

16 big events: refuse to fake

2014 is the year of Chinese companies to stop fake? Peng Bo, vice President of China’s state Internet information office, said recently that China is now “in the direction of the bid farewell to the stronghold, become a country of rapid innovation”. No one is laughing at the point of view, my colleague Charlie Custer also agree with this view.

big event 17: alibaba day trading record, $9.3 billion in 24 hours

a double tenth day, after a crazy shopping 24 hours statistics, alibaba’s two shopping website, taobao and cat) user total turnover of us $9.3 billion ($57.1 billion), which is significantly higher than last year’s record throughout the day ($5.8 billion).

a few weeks later, the carnival is shopping in the United States, obviously, China’s online shopping spree busy a lot than the United States.


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