Introduction: to facilitate single friends around you

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is predestined friends the miles to facilitate. Friends of friends is always a group of magical creatures, introduce their acquaintances and friends help friends find object is workable?

please introduce is a acquaintances dating APP based on the address book. Through friends of friends, perfecting the single friends around you.

with the address book of privacy, and introduces the registration time need to click to confirm application directory permissions, this can really stop the use of one part person needs. Hunting cloud network editor found after registration, if the address book no one use this product, a second friends matching relationship now or chicken ribs.

a friend recommended mode o introduced also USES the more common Tinder turn card design, through the choice of hearts or X, click like to become friends with each other. And heartbeat application, the user can also send greeting and unilateral application plus a friend request. Introduced by the user location, professional label, and age every 10 “recommended” object for the user. Relative to do social interest heartbeat APP, and introduce the recommended is relatively rough. But also to say is, social products can have the appropriate fuzziness.

in the recommended to find of the person you like, you can turn to introduce the next function: predestination card, containing random city card and card, recommend a heterosexual, random city and random recommend a heterosexual. Uncertainty is also attracting users to try. But the same card need to share to the circle of friends can unlock.

in addition to the above, please introduce one kind of community plate, hot topic, will recommend some topics on a regular basis for users to discuss class “my predecessor is the best” “why I can’t find the object” etc. But click on the corresponding topic, more demand is for dating, seemingly didn’t put the topic when one thing, the late operation need to keep up.

the team aspect, the founder of RubyMotion Zhang Zetao is one of the few senior experts, has more than 2 years experience in RubyMotion development, also is the sponsor of the shenzhen MotionNight offline salon. May introduce more team members from tencent, baidu, alipay, huawei and other domestic Internet companies.

it’s not hard to see actually, most of the social product is not died in the product model or novelty, but most of them stumbled on operations, strengthen the simple user operation and try to make friends do, is to introduce the team to focus on future consideration.

Company: shenzhen on the network co., LTD.

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