Into the greatest CEO larry page, Google’s most vision, the product manager

it’s easy for Google the most far-reaching effort, think it is a daydream. But consider: in 2010, Google spokesman said research automatically when driving a car for the first time, almost no one seriously. And four years later, the goal of self-driving cars appears to be achieved, the auto industry will have to spend a lot of money to research the technology, in an attempt to catch up with Google. This is a powerful example, can prove that page how to do it, let its vision of the future to promote the development of the world. “What page is engaged in the business scope are always interlaced”, Andreessen Horowitz ventures this, Horowitz says, “the general, Thomas Edison and David palmer ﹒ packard HP, we haven’t seen this kind of business leaders”.

page of that book is not for everyone, even though he had just been “fortune” magazine is the first in the “2014 annual business people” list, beat relegated to a sector of Tim cook and John, Martin (of course, we also have the honor to see jack ma of alibaba ranked 10th.) You can say that, outside the headquarters of Google, a lot of people think that the company “do not do harmful things” motto is just empty pr stunt. Indeed, critics of the growing team, which covers the competitors, regulators and users, accused Google in the process of developing new business, without restraint play its huge market power. Particularly in Europe, this kind of issue is quite sharp. And Google is to accept the local antitrust investigations, are likely to be fined billions of dollars.

another criticism is that, Google is considered to be “will only one pony”, can only rely on its cash cow’s search advertising business to collect, create new project. However, when the main source of income of the Google’s ads, during his tenure, page to create a diversified business operation mode. It is obvious that, according to the evaluation of investment bank Jefferies YouTube is expected to create a nearly $6 billion in sales this year. At the same time, Google Play Store and its corporate sales (i.e., purchase application software and services) is said to be the billions of dollars worth of projects. Not to mention the Android, as the world’s most successful system platform, once free, success will help Google revenue structure leaning to the mobile space. Page at present a lot of investment, are regarded as smart bet, not only to ensure that the company’s future, and avoid the negative influence of the original business decline. “On the long-term technology trends, bet on the page,” mark mahaney, RBC capital markets analyst pointed out that “if Google doesn’t in smart home, automobile industry and wearable devices and spend a lot of money, so it will not be so valuable.”

but the page is not too care about the criticism. He explained that he just wanted to bring some positive effects. He is determined to, never make the mistake those early technology giants and just focus on what they do best industry, finally ignored the correlation between industries. The world’s top engineers and scientists are reluctant to stay in one place, repeating the same tricks. And expect Google page can attract the best people in the world, so that he could set up a new company, a not just ten years or twenty years in the industry leading position of the company, but a forever walking in the forefront of the company. He has made no secret that: “this is the power, make me to go on.”

dream, dream

a technology companies do to maintain leading position? Google CEO larry, page firmly believe that the best way is to invest in the future. Through its moon – Google X factory and many other skunk works, it can be seen that the Internet search giant in using the above way, really busy. The following are some of the significant investment.

1 high-tech balloon

in order to help the people around the world achieve networking and Google are working on a high-tech balloon, it can bundle on broadband, floating in the stratosphere. Now, the balloon can stay in the air 100 days at a time. And in the experiment, they can provide a speed of 10 million bits per second.

2 monitoring cancer nanoparticles

Google latest and the most confidential attempt, is committed to put medicine on primary research direction: “coloring” nanoparticles can absorb, can bind to the cancer cells in the human body and other biomarkers, and scientists can “read” the information they found. So, once the cancer and other diseases, they will be found.

3 robot

a confidential in another study, Google last year bought a lot of famous robot research and development company, including the Boston Dynamics and Schaft. They worked out the four legs is known as the BigDog robots and two legs of the humanoid robot. The former, you can load. While the latter can walk freely.

Google total prosecutors

amit, singh joined Google team in 14 years ago, he still remember in 2000 published the first AD company. That night, page until very late at the office, over and over again the input query. When manmohan singh, the senior vice President of Google search, the second day morning at work, found the corridor ten pieces of print products posted on the wall. Scrawled on each table with a sharp comments and questions: the ads are helpful to the user? Why should it appear like that? What’s the problem here? …… Singh said: “he is our first” sharp “users”.

now, the page is still Google user’s firm defender, although it was behind the scenes. This is a very suitable for his role, not only because of his attention to detail, demanding, and agree with his introverted personality. Today, 41, page, talk sometimes irrelevant, also slightly dull tone. A few years ago, his voice a few do not smell, because he was suffering from a rare vocal cord paralysis, now the sound must be stable and even increase the volume to avoid as much as possible. He has a head of gray hair and bushy eyebrows. His facial expression in extremely serious and transformation between smile, this change is regular, especially a technology get his attention and let the excited. (once in about an hour of conversation, he take the initiative to say, see this technology, he was “very excited”, “really excited”, “very excited” nearly 20 times.)

on a recent afternoon, he is going to attend the weekly TGIF (‘ thank God it’s Friday) and to speak. That day, he was wearing jeans, red shoes and a red T-shirt, outside of a black Lululemon knitting coat. (The TGIFs, was established The early days of The Google ShiYanXu down traditional, is now held on Thursday, facilitate global employees in The form of a conference call, listen to and watch The replay.) Page’s office is located in a large suite at the end of on the fourth floor, there is a lounge and office area. When he sat down near the conference room, he took out Google produced by MOTOROLA’s latest flagship mobile phones, new Nexus 6. Page said: “if you touch it, it will display notice, without the need to input password or perform other operations. Then, he will phone for outside an arm, and the distance in widescreen flat TV and display on the wall, were compared. He surprised way: “this is insane, the device at this distance pixels is higher than hd television.”

but when technical progress with your outside Google page is often one of the loudest critics. As he pushed for part of the company’s mobile business initiatives, force yourself to page in daily work try not to use the computer. Him at the meeting, only cell phones, and encourage engineers and products division manager at least once a week only a day using mobile devices. When things develop in a direction he doesn’t like, he will let people know. He said: “I think, as CEO, I should be trying to push them forward.”

alex, usury, often found he became grumble at the receiving end of page. As Gmail product management director, he often found in your email page send email for different problems. He also said: “sometimes it just like raindrops, and page in this region, pointed out the shortcomings of two or three things.”

page regularly called for a more radical change. Two years ago, and called to the page returns and some of his aides. At that time, he admits, Gmail is really good, but it was 10 years old. It even earlier than a smartphone or social network. Page for the team set up a new challenge: to create new communication services for the next 10 years. Is very important, don’t think he asked team to create a Gmail 2.0, to be really get rid of the bondage. Gregory said, “is the true meaning of the page, don’t go around the product we have used ten years to design a new system of communication.”

page and his company has many changes included in the plan in the next 15 years.

the development of the high team the Inbox in October, and used by Google to introduce. It is designed for mobile phone screen, set up a new mail application. It can be in accordance with the categories such as level, social or financial mass email, important mail allows users to tag or slide gently, establish a remind. However, it is still in test status, only those who receive used Google invited people to use, but the current response is very positive. Famous technology blog TheVerge, called the Inbox “email” in the future.

means he always do keep a close eye on the email page? Not necessarily so. Management page, of course, there are 55000 employees of large companies, with dozens of product and business department. Senior experts said, however, important services such as E-mail are supposed to be worth chief executive pay close attention to its details. Email has become an indispensable part of Google. It is the core of the company Google apps, and it is also worth billions. There is no doubt that it is a mainstay of the Google Now, personal assistant to alert users to the upcoming date, flight delays, or return of traffic congestion, etc. Place has more than 400 million users of Gmail seems secure. However, considering the potential rivals such as WhatsApp to absorb a large number of users in the short term, and unexpectedly with a $21 billion sold to rival Facebook, Google Gmail still cannot treat STH lightly. So, in the increasingly competitive IT industry, as the best page Google CEO ensure everyone pay attention to innovation.

in the past three years, the Google page, many of the most important products for the review of indiscriminate and upgrade. For example, he relies on search team’s ability to promote Google Now, make its search “session” sounds more natural. Singh said: “this small changes behind the scenes added to our the size of the voice recognition team.” When the Google maps team proved that new products in the field of PC slumped, insisted that they should release first page on your mobile phone. In palo alto, build new home page, and on a series of Nest CEO Tony he discussed in this paper, from the air and water quality to the security and home automation, etc.

page believe Google’s organizational structure is also in constant progress. He to the engineer’s idea to manage, perhaps to make up for his lack of innate charisma and the lack of public speaking appeal. He also often solicit comments from trustworthy people, and then to act cautiously, optimize the structure of company. In the page shortly after he took over as CEO, he restructured company products division, to speed up the development. Fortunately, everything worked. Now, positive mulally page for help. He said: “I am very excited, and can have more time together, Mr Mulally can learn better and more effective management of the company’s experience.”

in October, page announced a new round of restructuring plan, to expand his influence. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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