Interviews with 747 captain, startup spirit of pirates

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the captain said he generally reluctant to come out appearance, not sedulous low-key, but by nature itself. General foreign interview has its voice out the COO, choose the hunting cloud network interview, very calm, in addition to the interview itself, he also want to for your company’s new product 747 wifi box station platform.

the captain’s name zhi-feng song, a former China netcom ISP customer department director, start a business 6 years, developed the “offline treasure platform” sold 11 years to baidu. With year, begin a new career, black rice founded Beijing century network technology co., LTD. Why is named captain, here is a claim. Zhi-feng song tell hunting cloud network, a favorite one character is pirate captain jack. In addition to his character, more is for all the pirate captain in the sunken ship is always persevere until the last one. This is the captain’s responsibility, is also to the entrepreneurs. So within the company, all people don’t call him a song, is called the captain.

actually on the captain’s heart has not been completed, there is one thing that the company named black rice and millet in fact have a match. Early planning in heart of black rice free Internet phone delays in implementation. He also reveals the reason that can’t depend on the environment, but there is a big reason the real environment. WIFI is not popular, mobile phone industry chain is too long, no voice small companies could not probe into early. Although cruise around didn’t make it, on hold. But now I do is also quite good, since to do free WIFI phone, that the WIFI first I poured over this way, subsequent ants also said not necessarily.

the current direction of the captain’s company mainly do two products, a hardware and software. Hardware products are also the highlights of the interview to chat, is also the company has 747 wifi box. Accurate for the first generation is a built-in flow can be used for intelligent charging treasure mifi online terminal. The market generally called portable wireless router.

this product is not new some samples, at present not only huawei, zte, TP – LINKDLINK doing a lot of startups is doing the similar products, but 747 wifi box is not at the same time as their biggest: machine card, built-in flow. Open hardware can be connected to the Internet use; And through the micro letter public management capacity, traffic cost and directly top-up flow renewal etc.

the captain admitted in an interview, why do they have the confidence to do it? Behind the team and the product concept is their biggest advantage. The captain, at present there are two layers of their offices. This interview is a software team including their wifi butler team. There is a layer of all is to do 747 wifi box hardware technical team. Before and their merger of coo ginger day dew led the team responsible for huawei technologies. Partner is not easy to find the technology. Looking for a year, but also because the fate, the captain is bullish on huawei out do technology, solid, professional,. Technology is not tokenistic gesture, almost can not, can not be lax, product appearance, drop test, the injection molding process, environmental test these are slow.

the above said the team level, the captain don’t think product process will have gap with big companies. Followed by the product concept, so, the big company do the mifi terminal more is a small branch of the hundreds of products. But for them, this is life. They must go all out, and the big companies can walked out. They leave it is finished. They, too, and big companies operating ways are different. To put it bluntly, 747 wi-fi box is wifi free flow business. Want to do is entrance in the future. Connect everything, let everything wifi devices used for free. The new version of December, will join the storage function, the user can save pictures, download the video. They found the current version. More usage scenarios is the three: private cars, the family that can connect WIFI, on the way high-speed, boxes and mobile phone in a relatively static environment has WIFI available. Travel abroad, save to buy overseas traffic card or rent of mobile phones.

to say current 747 wifi box is insufficient, the traffic here is the monthly closing, the remaining traffic is not cumulative. Captain because of the size, the current operator voice is very big still, they also can be accumulated in this model, can even monthly, pack years, rather than to flow to calculate. Bigger targets behind, actually want to drop also free WIFI flow, by a large user base and value-added mode try to ease or even more spending counterbalanced by a user’s flow. But this is far in the future.

remove the hardware side, the captain told cloud network hunting, they have a software end product wifi butler, two big functions: one, the tradition of not intelligent router wifi housekeeper intelligent, can measure speed, ceng prevention network, mobile terminal control. 2 it is to provide free Internet access, wi-fi hotspots near a link. At present there are 30 million users. Through the integral wall and silver bean has profit do every year. The captain told hunting cloud network, the purpose of the present software hardware do together or for entry. Hope to get entrance closed loop combined with hardware and software. This business model can successfully grafted in the future.

the end of the interview, captain has noticed their company in each of the departments such as facebook, Amazon, etc. Curious about the reason, the captain explained that although he has been in the telecommunications industry, but really like the way the Internet company, the company’s culture is the pirate spirit, to give department named with big Internet companies, is actually want to do a great company, after all, the pirates, must take a big fruit.

747 wifi box

company: Beijing black rice tiancheng technology co., LTD.


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