Interview Wu En: join baidu all faster than expected

Wu En, baidu’s chief scientist and technology business card, the Chinese speak so chinese-american be baidu world 2014 “eggs”. Wu En not too long speech will challenge the audience’s ears. It was his first public speech in Chinese, set the complex language English, mandarin and cantonese accent also pauses from time to time, it is said that this was in the rehearsal 3 after achieved the effect. However, this does not prevent him clarify things.

morning Wu En to put forward the two core ideas about artificial intelligence.

is a “artificial intelligence needs positive cycle” , “do you have a good product, you can have a large number of users. With a large number of users, you have large amounts of data. These large amounts of data used in artificial intelligence, your products will be better. Artificial intelligence is cycle rolled faster and faster.”

second, three elements of “artificial intelligence”, good AI talents, huge amounts of data and the solid infrastructure effectively. It is because the baidu has the three elements, so he is willing to switch to baidu.

in the speech last Wu En to express the self: science and technology of China has been the chaser, saw on the artificial intelligence that Chinese companies have hope to catch up with and even leads the world, he chose to baidu is to help Chinese companies in artificial intelligence.

Wu En, 4 months ago to leave Google to join baidu baidu silicon valley laboratory set up, high responsible for brain “baidu” project. and Google what’s different, whether artificial intelligence theory, baidu lab in silicon valley? with Wu En of face to face interview in the afternoon, I found the answer, the whole interview for both Chinese and English + the form of translation, the author from memory to share to everyone to avoid omissions, please understanding.

Wu En da said baidu now has more than silicon valley laboratory 60 employees, in the 4 months all goes well, “not so hard to do”. baidu silicon valley lab in silicon valley and high-end AI talent, easier than one might think, appeal beyond their expectations. “Poaching”, however, is not the main task of the lab in silicon valley, its core is to be given priority to with artificial intelligence and deep learning research in cutting-edge technologies.

this laboratory is “task oriented”, the team around deep learning and artificial intelligence research, baidu will soon apply results to other department product, the current deep learning achievement has been applied to the baidu advertising system and improved the conversion rate of advertising, and baidu baidu big data engine deep learning techniques are used to predict platform also. In baidu world “ BaiduEye ” can fetch from a distance, difficult points and the technology is the core image recognition – note that is not a simple face recognition, but the dynamic, complex and changeful environment for precise identification, to achieve this it has to depend on the depth of learning.

Wu En says, baidu and Google there are many similarities, such as search engine as the core, advocating and is keen on investing in frontier technology, but is also different. baidu more emphasis on the rapidly applied to the production of products based on the results of the study. when asked “ Google I/O assembly is very similar to baidu world conference location, what is the difference between”, Wu En answer is, two assembly has issued frontier technology driven products, as a believe that artificial intelligence is the future of people, he is very like. Though Google driverless cars, Glass the world famous “smart device”, such as but baidu on the conference to launch the chopsticks search, BaiduEye and CoolBox (a dialogue with people and play music devices) really let a person shine at the moment, especially baidu Eye is a typical application of artificial intelligence, it is very dependent on image recognition technology.

Wu En da best known experimental project “machine learning to identify” cat in join Google X Lab after done. Did baidu with X laboratory corresponding or cool new products at the forefront of research institutions? Will there be in the future? Wu En answer is that it is not important. Baidu throughout the company to let him feel a kind of innovation atmosphere, the contact of each employee are eager to innovation, baidu has to be a global innovation center is put forward. Baidu institute assume the position of the frontier technology innovation and obvious achievements. the implication is that baidu institute is X lab.

what is the difference between a deep learning and machine learning? Wu En thought, deep learning is a kind of machine learning, but it’s more like simulating human brain for learning. A child after a certain external training will be able to understand what is a computer, don’t need parents to all types of laptop told him one by one, because the human brain with reasoning, memory, thinking ability. deep learning do is completely simulate a human brain, the learning process only needs to be limited, don’t even need to external supervision. Common machine learning requires supervision, need rules, artificial correction algorithm. the author understanding is deep learning algorithm of the algorithm, it can make algorithm machine’s thinking matures self evolution and finally let the machine is growing up.

li had revealed that baidu has brain 3 years old baby’s intelligence. Wu En, says baidu directly to the brain or a deep learning neural network compared with the child’s age may not be appropriate, he couldn’t tell you baidu brain intelligence to a few years old now, but he believes that as time goes by, in “infrastructure, huge amounts of data, and the excellent talents” under the support of these three elements, baidu will be able to realize the positive cycle of artificial intelligence, continuous progress, people can direct dialogue with the equipment and make the future to complete various tasks, will become a reality.

author weibo @ Internet super, micro letter SuperSofter

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