Interview ming-yuan li, clarify direct number nine big questions

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baidu vice President and mobile cloud department general manager li Ming in baidu accepted in the world, including the author, several media interviews, deep analyze the direct number. Direct number menacing, future ever sniper micro letter or as an equal with micro letter also depends on the execution of baidu. Now comment about direct number is not important, but the author thinks that now the direct number does have some misunderstanding, the following information may help people further understand the direct number, which is based on interviews with ming-yuan li answered and I understand.

1, the difference between the direct number and light application baidu baidu

light application is baidu baidu world launched in 2013, it is a WEB APP and tied for the application of Native APP form. Based on a super light application platform, call platform of certain rights, achieve some specific functions, service only this big platform of users. Theoretically the micro public account is light application letter, especially the service number can vote through custom menu, embedded pay plug-in and third-party WEB page provides rich content and interaction. Light application is baidu baidu platform in such a form, support content retrieval, custom menu, push subscription and news. Weibo, pay treasure to platform have light applications.

light application is more a technical term, baidu’s strategic goal is to help more light application App and traditional web site into the mobile ecosystem, especially the content contribution to baidu, avoid information island. Baidu to the number itself is a kind of light application, but there are more extensions: @ search template of intelligent connection, industry selection, payment tool and map template support at the early stage of the (the most popular among enterprises), and the core is designed to help traditional enterprises and users to connect, rather than for all mobile applications.

2, baidu’s relationship with the HTML 5 application direct number?

it is to realize the baidu to a kind of technical means, solve the problem of content rendering and interactive. All large App will have embedded HTML pages, including micro letter, weibo, platform type App itself is a mobile browser. Baidu to use HTML 5 can reduce development costs, at the same time to facilitate the application of the enterprise to expand more functions and more platform transplantation.

3, how to prevent risk and fraud baidu direct number?

baidu to introduce its lower than WeChat threshold, including registration and development threshold. As is known to all, micro letter threshold high for two reasons, one is to prevent fraud. The second is to avoid micro bombed by marketing information to affect the user communication and social experience. Although no second concern, baidu had to prevent fraud. If baidu to reduce the registration threshold, will naturally increase risk. Ming-yuan li explain baidu itself, one is a certification system, including the enterprise credibility of V and baidu wallet access authentication, so that all deals involving direct number in baidu wallet this layer are covered; Second, baidu mobile security technology is mature, BBS baidu world have special security; With all three is baidu has a fraud scheme user interests.

4, baidu will direct number charge for certification?

baidu will not direct number for “certification”, all direct number equal to has been certified and its service is credible. Enterprises open direct number does not need to go approval process and pay annual fee each year. Currently baidu for access to the number of companies are relatively cautious, the applicant or the original light application developers through direct number will go approval process.

5, the ability to pay will be direct, short board?

when the media asked “baidu wallet when progress is not ideal,” ming-yuan li’s answer is “if have to say so, I can only partial recognition”, but ming-yuan li said baidu’s wallet development faster than expected, many large malls have access. At the same time, he think the future payment brand is not important for users, “quick payment is the trend of The Times, the user only focus on credibility of platform, platform trusted will bind bank card to pay, followed by baidu wallet or pay treasure or unionpay, it doesn’t matter, we should thank the previous payment brands they push the Banks get through the interface”. Ming-yuan li said baidu has get through more than 10 mainstream commercial bank quick payment interface. Baidu is open at the same time, will allow direct number on the third-party payment tools, charging products such as cloud of baidu is so now. So payment can’t be direct, short board.

5, and social skills will be direct, short board?

Internet marketing companies do naturally expect to get more enquiry and passenger flow, the deal. To achieve this, on the one hand, can go to a flow entrance for flow, such as search ads, portal; On the other hand, who can expect through content and activities to do some viral marketing. Low cost will have to rely on social networks, baidu gives the impression of is that there is no social genes.

ming-yuan li’s answer is, on the one hand, baidu direct number to share content to all mainstream social networking platform; Not weak in the social, on the other hand, baidu baidu post bar is one of the biggest interest in social networking platform. “If share the WeChat these platforms, are banned in the future?” Ming-yuan li answered very directly: history shows that micro letter will be outside of all system have threatened to block the content, ali, weibo… Because of too closed just can have such action, enclosed is the greatest enemy of WeChat, baidu, on the other hand, we don’t care who is the most wide open.

6, baidu direct relationship with baidu post bar enterprise marketing platform

last month launched a baidu baidu post bar business marketing platform, enterprises can be opened, and then in the post bar to interact with fans, let fans stick in the post, communications or consulting. Baidu post bar. One of the most famous enterprises such as millet, shenzhou, and new Oriental. Asked about the relationship between the two, tieba ming-yuan li said more sink, in some three or four line city post bar is equivalent to a local portal, users more grassroots. Post bar at the same time social ability is strong, can help enterprises to better with fans, and fans and fan interaction, baidu post bar with baidu to have a very large number complementary space.

7, compared with the micro letter service, baidu number direct how to promote the conversion?

baidu with 4 s stores such as example to illustrate the micro letter enterprise services, the current situation of the low conversion rate, some people think that it is biased. But in my contact with enterprise, the service, low conversion rate is a known fact. While giants such as China merchants bank in the powerful resources support and WeChat support made some effect, but most of the enterprise service, face powder, less interaction, the problem of low conversion, might as well think about the last time when active use of the service number is? Push authority is low, the entrance to the folded, deliberately weakening marketing, the service number is struggling. Micro letter recently increased service delivery times is to increase the opportunities for interaction. Baidu to master “key words” characterization of explicit user demand, by big data and LBS information figure out accurate target user, even for the news of the active push, “not marketing” no such concerns.

8, “lower development threshold” is a false proposition?

micro letter development threshold is high, because the traditional enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the ability to develop and to have a custom function must employ a third party team, good and evil people mixed up of micro letter development market sharply increased the cost of development. Baidu by abundant industry template allows businesses to configure custom content, without rich technical personnel can make custom functions. Ming-yuan li think that there is currently no such play in the giant.

there is no lack of third-party developers micro letter attempts, through to the wedding, catering, tourism and business, and other industries to provide the function of the standardized templates, and can be assembled, and recruiting agent in the country to sales promotion. But I’m afraid that is not reality. A good enterprise software, or enterprise information solutions must deeply understand the industry attributes and enterprise personalized needs, and cooperate with its business changes constantly upgrade can be realized. Based on this can be thought of that, in the end, baidu will still no direct introduction of third-party developers, to meet the demand of enterprise marketing, service and management. Third-party developers, marketing trainers to improve line?

9, @ search hard to cultivate the user habit?

@ search is just a way of using direct number, through fuzzy search and ordinary text search, also can match to the direct number, is used in the search to the application. Users can also enter a specific location area or at a certain time received notification message, and passively using direct number. Direct number is not equal to @ search for users. At the same time, along with more and more users, search using the @ will eventually form demonstration effect, like @ in the history of weibo in email.

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