Interpretation 360 2014 mobile phone App industry, predict the future trend

yesterday, as the country’s largest mobile distribution platform and China mobile game first platform, 360 mobile phone assistant and 360 mobile phone game jointly issued “China mobile industry trends green book 2015” and “China mobile game industry trends green book 2015” two industry reports. Report comprehensively and objectively describes the current pattern of China’s mobile Internet market, to App developers for the future development direction, and the mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers products research and development, provide the conclusion of great reference value.

overall, the report for more than about 70 application category segment detection analysis, it is concluded that the important information: in 2014, social, tool downloads, largest App entrepreneurship environment difficult; The user’s choice of an App is becoming more and more picky, intelligent hardware, mobile financial rise; Domestic mobile Internet users gender institution and cell phone use seniority structure has changed significantly.

a, social, tools downloads, largest APP entrepreneurship environment difficult

report, according to data released from life, social, tools App accounted for the highest, the quantity in the TOP500 accounted for nearly 30%, is the most popular type of App developers eyes. Corresponding, App downloads accounted for, video, social application and tools of the highest.

figure 14 q3top 1:20 500 list

from the shortlisted for the 360 mobile phone assistant TOP 500 list can be found that the mainstream App market pattern has formed as early as in 2012, 68% of the TOP500 App before 2013. Analysts believe that the traditional Internet giant with first-mover advantage the earliest to enter the market and occupy the market is relatively easy, and the App latecomers if there is no strong background, barriers to entry will be more and more high.

2, intelligent hardware, mobile financial rise

the report data show that since the first quarter of 2014, China mobile application online quantity to maintain rapid growth, in contrast, software App growth rate obviously, the game class is beginning to slow, it can also look to tour industry is in after the previous boom began to rational return. From the point of application of on-line respectively, tools, video application still occupies the largest proportion, photography classes used in the first quarter of 2014 at the same time gradually replace beautification application class, become one of the online for the highest percentage of 5 kinds of applications.

figure 2: China mobile application online trend

the report data show that the intelligent hardware class App downloads is to present a gradually rising trend, as in the third quarter of 2014, zhou downloads has exceeded 80000. Finance financial class App along with the Internet hot, in the past four quarters downloads presents slowly rising trend, the current week downloads has topped 1.34 million, as the financial services App to become all kinds of financial product distribution channels, and even some deeper financial value chain from the Internet platform, the future development potential is tremendous.

three, mobile Internet users form change, lower-tier cities quickly improve

, according to the report data in the past four quarters, China mobile Internet users quietly changed, and the sex ratio of the proportion of women is obviously rising trend, the mobile Internet sex change will bring the new enlightenment for the general application developers: a lot of the autodyne, shopping, beauty of women, sharing application will be popular among female users.

as mobile Internet demographic dividend gradually disappear, the novice players and gradually reduce the proportion of ordinary players, on the contrary, the number of mobile Internet senior players are rapidly rising. This change indicates the user for the choice of application will be more and more strict, part of the user experience is poor, poor operation of application will be eliminated quickly.

figure 3: China mobile Internet users age distribution change

the report also provides in the fourth quarter of 2013 to 2014 in the third quarter of China’s mobile Internet users change of the division of the data graph, data show that China’s first-tier cities in the second quarter of 2014 users, the proportion of the second-tier cities for the first time rose to 32.6%, and keep to Q3, it also conforms to the current have produced a lot of this phenomenon in view of the first-tier cities emerging App, the report predicts the future one year this phenomenon will gradually spread to the second – and third-tier cities, mobile Internet users for the cut and thrust to explode across the country.


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