Internet of things developers want to rely on the three win the confidence of users

look, Internet of this new trend is starting to get the favour of the developer community. At the very least, this is from Evans Data Corporation’s latest survey come out a conclusion. Among 1400 developers to participate in the survey, 40% of people said they either are developing Internet connected devices, either is expected in the next six months is engaged in the development of such applications.

Google bought for $3.2 billion Nest for the whole Internet industry is a seminal moment. The acquisition is not only proved the viability of the Internet market, has also started to focus on the industry. Then Google acquisition Dropcam, PTC buy-outs Axeda, samsung SmartThings, showed that the attraction of the Internet continues to rise. We can secretly pleased, of course, for a while, but at the same time we also on the Internet of things could have been early hype are worried.

the Internet of things is still in the early stage of development, the industry has not formed within the scope of the cooperation, there would be no way to create a common, development of ecosystem, the ecological system can be integrated: 1) decentralized network equipment and mobile operators; 2) include RFID, ZigBee, IEEE 802.15 and 6 lowpan communication protocol; 3) the number of Internet application developers also suggests that we will be in a relatively short time into the market.

what has been discussed above have proved that the Internet of things applications can be launched soon. Despite the developers have made it clear that for the Internet of things industry growing interest, but it does not guarantee that the future of the Internet of things application customers also can keep great interest. Therefore, how to quickly in a saturated market would win consumer confidence, the developer is facing many major challenges.

we have already made clear the Internet of things industry to win the three major factors consumer confidence.

reduce the overloaded

apple puts forward, no matter what the user needs, “there will be meet the need of application,” the work idea seems to have become the industry’s code of conduct of science and technology. Imagine, when different companies created all kinds of Internet applications, the “application for meeting the needs of all customers” will bring what effect?

might as well to consider this question: if you want to call on the phone’s address book of each contact, but you have to download and open the different application, it will be what kind of feeling? If you want to call John, first you must find and download a “John” application; If you want to call Mary, you have to download a “Mary” application. But in fact these applications have similar processes and functions, only need you pay extra effort, because when you want to contact John and Mary, you have to want to “John” and “Mary” these two men, rather than “address book”. Thankfully, most of the mobile phone software integration of the contact list, so whether to call John, or Mary, or with the list speak to others, the user can get the best experience.

as a result, developers in the development of the Internet of things application must consider the user experience, so as to avoid such problems. In a league intelligent household, if consumers want to control the light bulb, they probably won’t care about who made these bulbs, also don’t care how it to communicate with you. They just want through simple and quick method to control the light bulb. Application developers can completely through the cooperation with the manufacturers to complete the task, some vendors also specially introduced the API to simplify the complexity of the task. By implementing API, Internet of things can let other developers can access their own equipment. As a result, the performance of the application will be better, at the same time also will not interfere with the experience of consumers.

, for example, if a home monitoring camera exposure in front of other smart home applications, such as light bulbs, motion sensors and thermostat, now what should I do? In fact, you can easily create a personalized “home” experience, open the corridor lights, adjust the thermostat, once authenticated can remove security system.

samsung and apple has been committed to developing the connection user experience of equipment, the two companies currently respectively through the launch Device Control and HomeKit applications.

uniform industry standard

if you want to ensure that applications and collaboration with each other, one way is to adopt an industry standard language. Although not all of the association will put forward some standards, but there are still many organizations attempted to improve the user experience by collaboration:

Industrial network alliance (Industrial Internet Consortium) : the group is committed to promote the interconnection equipment and intelligent analysis technology development, use and promotion.

AllJoyn: it provides a general software architecture and a set of core system services, trying to realize the various manufacturers collaboration between interconnection products and software application, thus to build a dynamic network neighborhood.

WebRTC: committed to the organization through the simple and practical JavaScript apis and HTML 5, realize the rich, high quality and RTC (im) application in the browser.

Z – Wave alliance: the goal of the organization is whether intelligent household and enterprise applications is developed by which manufacturers or brands, advanced and practical at the end of every wireless products and services to the market, to achieve seamless collaboration.

Zigbee alliance: the association’s members from companies, universities, government agencies, etc., in order to apply the Internet of things technology in the commercial, real estate, energy, personal consumption and industry and other industries, they work together to develop a wireless solution.

Open interconnected union (Open Interconnect Consortium) : the organization’s goal is to determine equipment connection request, to ensure that cooperation between the emerging Internet of things devices.

Thread: the organization to provide technical guidance for Thread agreement. With Thread agreement, product developers and consumers can easily and safely will be more than 250 kinds of devices connected to a low energy consumption, wireless mesh network, the network also includes directly from the Internet and the clouds on a visit to each device.

iot alliance (IoTC) : the organization’s mission is, through customised network education and consumer research and industry, promote iot products spread in a variety of services.

in addition, there are some other things networking organization at different stages of development. Many industry alliance, standard setting bodies and support behind them, also suggests that the public accept the iot market. However, with the passage of time, the Internet of things related organizations through mergers will likely reduce a certain number.

in addition, compared with before, now has more resources to help developers to create their own API. Many services such as Intel Mashery and Layer 7 can help developers to record their own API, publishing and management, also can provide convenience for other developers to perform these apis.

to remove obstacles interaction

no matter how much the Internet of things application will bring far-reaching influence, as long as the application developers think that control or design items is a funny thing, it is dangerous for them, because at least for most of the potential consumers is not like this.

when someone turn on the light, when I was in the room in the home nobody control to reduce the power consumption of electronic equipment, I think few people will think this is a fun experience. When we appear in front of the screen, most people prefer to watch sports, open our favorite TV shows, or through social media to communicate with friends. For consumers, they want to their interactions with iot friction to a minimum.

standard interaction will reduce the friction. This and used in the same manner as the standard to simplify communication, standard interaction can also simplify the user experience. When the completion of a task is no longer requires the user to learn something new, we can eliminate the popularization of the technology of a an obstacle.

however, around the user experience product development remains a top priority. You should consider how to interact with people in real life, how to track the tasks in real life, to understand how others interact with you. This kind of thinking is now also applied to the device.

some existing technologies are available for most people to develop tasks based on the time and date. The potential users of the Internet of things products have know how to operate a calendar application. Why not use iCal calendar API to do the same thing? If the standards are in place, users can set the “items” in iCal schedule, then teach users to master a new schedule for the language barrier has ceased to exist.

logically, we can through research “is used to communicate with others using the chat, image, E-mail or voice applications and standards” to expand the application of this way of thinking, and apply this thinking to eliminate the efforts of the other obstacles. Why can’t we put the mutual interaction of application in the Internet of things “communication”?

let’s wait and see about the future of the Internet of things

for real-time monitoring the health status of old people in the home, or in the “smart city” to achieve a wider range of energy efficiency, it is clear that the Internet is a huge market potential, can bring surprising benefits to individual consumers and businesses.

although you on the Internet of things when thriving market forecasts vary, but the data is very surprising. According to market research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, the number of connected devices will reach 26 billion units, the Internet of things the industry’s revenues will exceed $300 billion, because of cost savings, improve office efficiency and other factors brings to the economic development of Internet of things market at $1.9 trillion. Another market research firm IDC also believes that by the end of next year, the number of smart + connected equipment will reach 15 billion units. Cisco is predicted, the effects of Internet related products and services will reach $14.4 trillion.

it’s no wonder why the developer community is also trying to from a piece of the market. We now have to use all the energy and enthusiasm, related to the Internet of things at the same time focus on reduce overall friction and use a variety of criteria.

in order to show the great potential of the Internet of things, and achieve the desired objective market quota, all of us must firmly towards the goal. We should not be in a crowded, aimless competition to each other, get the short-term gains, we must be solidarity and collaboration, to create a device and operator on interaction of interconnected ecosystem, to give the same voice to global consumers.

so, you should know what we really think now. So what do you think, in order to ensure that the Internet of things market to realize its promise, which is the element of “essential”?


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