Internet of investment in the last quarter, the vc to speed up the pace of investment

from personal mobile devices Whill to use ultrasonic wireless charging uBeam, Internet start-ups have successfully financing billions of dollars. Had enough money, Internet start-ups can will officially put into reality, their design concept began to households, cars, office area.

the raised platform smart radiator and custom smart watches the two projects won more clicks, but has a strong financial support VCS giant has been more attention since the home automation and security space on this project. Recently, several major players in the markets such as Google and samsung are bought several family business related start-ups, thus, investors’ enthusiasm for the Internet of things project, even reached the peak of the history.

last year, in the case of the 97 Internet startup financing, financing amount more than $300 million. In the previous quarter, venture capital investment in the field of Internet of things have already reached the half that number. At the same time, the Internet start-ups seed round of financing also reached record highs in the previous quarter.

the financing amount increase is part of the reason for the “graduation” the Internet of number of startups increases, these start-ups R/GA respectively from New York and Techstar connected devices Microsoft Venture home automation incubator incubator, Seattle and global hardware incubator HAXLR8R graduated successfully. When the start-up after A round of funding, venture capitalists also begin to pay close attention to these enterprises, which is why financing amount reached A record high last quarter.

Galvanize Venture Nick Wyman said in an interview: “focus on the Internet of things attracted me start-ups – everyone is convinced that the Internet of things is the biggest reason is the development direction of the future. Internet of things technology will be around to collect data, household consciousness (home awareness) and intelligent the direction to develop.”

Galvanize said in the last week of a round of funding for interconnection equipment start-up Keen support of the Home, in addition, even the American Family Insurance (American Home Insurance) and communications companies Comporium also bullish on the start-up. Keen’s first product is a smart vent, the product allows homeowners to control each room temperature, it is not just to reduce energy consumption, and also reduces the electricity, kill two birds with one stone.

Wyman before start-up companies had invested in indoor family garden Grove BrewBot Labs and brewing equipment, in an interview, he said: “today’s optimal investment and market does not fit not too big relations, but investors should be through the investment to create a new market.”

and Keen Home similar start-up is to create a new market of the tip of the iceberg, however, investors need to do is to perfect verticals from family is convenient to Home security. When these concerns a single project financing, have the power to continue to develop, at this time is an urgent need to establish a networking applications to integrate these independent family control center.

BoxGroup David Tisch said in an interview: “the reason we have not join the investment boom in the field of Internet of things, the main reason is because we haven’t find out smart home platform Homekit like apple, Google’s Nest, samsung SmartThings and GE Wink and other platform of this kind of looks almost, specific how to operate the use of the Internet of things technology, the Internet ecosystem for us is still uncharted territory. Only when we truly understand the Internet ecosystem, figure out what big companies in the field of competition is particularly fierce, we can join this ecosystem.”

in July, the Tisch in samsung acquisition SmartThings before success for SmartThings raised $15 million, but then started to bets on home automation. The Internet of things in the field of unpredictability to some extent explains the reasons of lacking wholesale funding in this area. Investors would be happy to help Internet start-ups, but they don’t want to put too much, after all, the risk is too big.

in interconnected household application of competition, winners should explain the security of the Internet of things technology to consumers, but it is botched the task, the user is not willing to expose their private lives to Google or samsung.

HAXLR8R incubator of Benjamin Joffe said: “Google bought Nest/Dropcam and other smart home company, already very clear positioning themselves family leader in the field of Internet of things. However there are still a few people the use of the data and their families worry about privacy.”

this is why HAX Form protective Devices have been trying to use “soft security” model to replace the common rely on a camera and microphone hardware security protection model. All this week Kickstarter launched a new project, raise is using an invisible Form of hardware to monitor sound, air data in the abnormal phenomena. Reducing the all-weather monitoring record brings to the user the feeling of invasion of privacy, in part to the user provides a comfortable, maintenance of privacy.

in order to collect data, actually allow interconnection equipment to observe the user’s daily behavior, this is only to give homeowners a sense of security and is not an invasion of privacy. The adjustment process of the learning and meaningful for the Internet company, because this to their ultimate transformation – from the household sector towards – has a very important role in the industrial field. Once to industrial applications, the influence of the Internet of things technology will become extremely profound.

R/GA, head of the connected devices Jenny Fielding said in an interview: “when we collect more data, we found out the fact that if industrial manufacturers to analysis their sales data and change the sales way, so they will have the opportunity to grasp a good development opportunity. Also, the Internet of things technology should be to tap into homes, cars and office area, and then you will find that once you have data, its influence is like dominoes, Internet of things technology can see the development of a huge market.”


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