Internet financial firms to dig choi won the $50 million B round of funding

on December 1, hunting cloud network news

cloud network editor jun hunting last month has just visited Internet financial firms to dig, dig money to hunt cloud network today, according to A $50 million B round of financing, the financing of new investors for broadband capital and cicc, A round of investors IDG, CDH, qiming, etc are made with cast.

dig money zhi-guo li, chairman of the board of the said after winning the finance will continue to increase in technology research and development, marketing, the focus of the financial product innovation research and development, etc. At the same time based on digging the wealth level of user data, dig money started planning to dig the user credit mechanism. Perfect the dig a rich user experience in product, maintain and enhance the target user penetration, at the same time to provide users with more convenience and security of financial management experience. Zhi-guo li also stressed in the next five years to dig its goal is to manage money for 100 million people, good fortune.

the data shows, dig money currently registered users breakthrough, financing scale as a supermarket sales of ten billion yuan. From last year to dig money after completion, architecture and model upgrade has been completed, and A + B three rounds of financing, accumulative total financing amount more than $80 million.

broadband capital: CBC broadband capital by Dr Edward tian was founded in 2006, is one of the most influential in the field of national TMT investment institutions. Its investment projects including century interconnection, the vision, the company impression notes, easy to transport and the baby tree, cica science and technology, new technology, the public comments on lang, friends first, second hand system of finance and economics, quality interaction, stay home, etc.

cicc JiaCheng: founded in 2007, is the only PE cicc’s platform. Is head of cicc company general manager Chen, ten management funds more than 16 billion yuan.

lucky pioneer park in hangzhou, dig goods company last month, zhi-guo li with hunting cloud network editor visited dig goods company, when it comes to the future development, zhi-guo li said that the Internet financial just goes up, the market has huge potential. Besides chairman of digging wealth, zhi-guo li has another identity, he was the originator of the amoeba capital.


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