Internet financial benefit! Strong elder brother in the sea before the bank said some what?

cloud network hunting note: yesterday, the Internet financial practitioners smile, a big good news. Premier li keqiang to visit the Internet Banks, financial firms sea before and delivered an important speech. Mr Li spoke with what?

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yesterday, claims to be China’s strongest salesman li after as the premier of the state council, for the first time to Beijing visit shenzhen. In addition to visit huawei, firewood and the guest room, the former sea micro Banks become an important station keqiang’s shenzhen tour. Sea before the bank as the first Internet financial bank, li’s affects the entire financial industry and Internet industry’s nerves. The prime minister here about what?

“and” according to a lot of reliable source will li main speech reduction as follows. Have to say, this is li keqiang, humour, all show humorous inspected at a time.

on January 4 in the afternoon, premier li keqiang, the rate of the ministry of finance, the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry, the China banking regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission and other ministries and the bosses visit shenzhen sea before the small Banks, expressed the hope that the Internet financial Banks in their own way by the reform of the traditional financial institutions, integrated with traditional financial institutions at the same time, cooperate with each other. Can say that one small step for a small Banks, financial reform an important step forward.

every source, jointly by tencent micro Banks thrive in the sea before, in July 2014, is the first to get one of the China banking regulatory commission approved the establishment of three private Banks. On December 12, the China banking regulatory commission announced, shenzhen sea micro Banks before the opening preparation ready, by the shenzhen branch approval for the opening. Micro Banks registered capital of 3 billion yuan, business scope, including absorption, mainly personal and public small micro enterprise deposits; Mainly for individuals and small micro enterprises issuing short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; To handle the settlement at home and abroad as well as notes, bonds, foreign exchange, bank CARDS, etc. Business model, micro Banks located in “a small loan”, service consumers and small micro enterprise customers.


li keqiang visited shenzhen sea before the time of the bank for January 4, 2 PM to 4 PM. He knocked at the computer here the enter key, the truck driver of prosthodontic is got a $35000 loan. This is slightly opened the bank as the first domestic Internet to complete the first private bank lending business. Neither the bank outlets, also do not have business counter, more secured without property, but rather through facial recognition technology and large data credit rating loans. Li before witnessed the sea after the first lending business of the bank, he went to the bank hall site to communicate with you.

li said, “before the sea micro the bank is the first Internet bank. And I just saw the first business. I mean, not to say that guarantee.” Prime minister, humorous, let the mood suddenly boiling up.

li (turn, “but, I still have a kind of look forward to developing a good – looking forward to you and to achieve your goals. Hope you in pratt &whitney financial aspects, not only to be able to fight our way, provide experience for other companies, is also looking forward to you in your way, by our traditional financial institutions reform; At the same time I hope you and the traditional financial institutions, cooperation with each other. It’s like you, want to trade cooperation as the backing, it depends on the big, this is really to pratt &whitney mass, you call the general public. I wish you success!” Of the property.


sea before the bank’s chairman Karl min ku to Mr Li on the micro explains the sea before the meaning of the logo, the bank said the penguin on behalf of the blood relationship of the bank and tencent, in addition, the penguins are the bulk of the snow and icebound, want to play to the advantages of trade cooperation.

jehan li said: “I just hope you bulk, but I don’t want you in the snow”, a burst of applause. He continued: “the government should create conditions to give you a convenient environment, warm spring! But the dare to the spirit of antifreeze to some, you are the first to eat crab.”

Karl min ku again to li introduced the position before the sea of the four sentences of the bank location — that is, “pratt &whitney financial technology partners in a data storage, small loans”, li said, “what do you want to insist that four sentences do it – no matter at any time.” All the people present applauded again, the atmosphere peaked.

on December 29, 2014, has just launched the bank website domain name for “”, page design is quite simple, “the bank” four characters shown below is “Internet bank” positioning, mobile phone after scanning the qr code, there will be slightly the company introduction and recruitment information of the bank.

The micro

it is understood that the bank’s official website has not yet officially launched specific business products and services. To this, the people responded that the business is currently preparing for process, formal open time will be announced in time in accordance with the relevant provisions. Industry general analysis, the bank’s largest shareholder, tencent to master a large number of customers, the bank will use this advantage, to the personal account sales and retail products. Micro the bank will make the concept of “platform”, will be a small loans for characteristics, focused and dedicated to individual consumers and small micro enterprise, provide deposits, financial management, investment products and services. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation with bank, do light assets business. On the network operation, the bank is not entirely without physical outlets, but the quantity is less, will pay more attention to the mobile Internet.


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