Internet companies play hardware, cannot be rushed

hunting cloud network on December 2nd (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

amazon Fire phone dropped, no, not the price, is the price collapse! From the previous $650 directly at fire-sale prices to $199.

amazon recently reported, according to the quarterly loss widened to $437 million (2.673 billion yuan). Loss is much higher than the same period of last year’s $41 million. Loss causes include the introduced, including mobile phone, tablet, TV set-top box project, a series of hardware products. Some analysts think amazon’s loss is to choose into the hardware business.

the international top Internet company phone dream so broken…

similarly, enter into the field of hardware is not only the amazon this company, many Internet companies are scrambling to play bridge, with the hardware. But, in reality, across the Internet to play in the enterprise a lot of companies covered with the shadow of defeat, but that hasn’t stopped companies rushed to develop new products. 360, for example, has introduced a portable wifi, routers, keys, and children’s guardians, threw the guard, etc., tencent has launched WeChat headphones, qq music sound, small Q robots, etc., and even pushed by tencent holdings, a buy and sell big Q phone with qq, qq desktop cloud, etc, but all of these products have failed to enter the public view. So the question comes, what makes these Internet bosses in the field of hardware sets a feather?

hardware cycle is too long, far away from the Internet rules

lies, first of all, in the manufacturing process.

the traditional hardware products production process is extremely complex, in a wide range of link cost is high. First is that, including the basic configuration of the hardware project engineer and quality team configuration must be high, including product appearance, structure, electronic, packaging, and other areas of the content of design and including circuit, mould development system, packaging, testing, certification, but also increased the link program, in addition, supply chain…

and the advantage of the Internet company asset light, short process and reaction quickly. As long as a product manager with a designer before and after the match on a few side engineer can directly start a new project or develop a new software. The product right after the bosses equinoctial flow propaganda follow up just about the same. Short closed chain and a very short period are quickly to make Internet companies, and iterative update products is also very fast.

so efficient Internet companies in the face of the traditional complex hardware manufacturing and sales process is too much for some, it becomes the key to restrict Internet companies play crossover.

second, supply chain of the product and rate is the key problem.

hardware and the software industry is one of the most obvious different hardware industry must have a certain size, only 4 scale has the support of the industrial chain, otherwise the cost will be high, a hammer mobile phone why quality problems at the beginning, because do not have a certain scale, lead to problems in production, sophisticated production technology and capacity to suffer from the user. In the face of large-scale supply chain problem, the traditional hardware makers will never have a headache don these entered the field of Internet companies.

want to play good hardware, you must have enough orders, only much more orders to purchase raw materials in bulk and for large manufacturers, so that the quality of the products is guaranteed. While Internet thinking testing the waters of the thinking in this area become a disadvantage, once the hardware quality issues, it followed the return of scrap, and product cost increase.

after the supply chain of roa, is also a problem to be reckoned with. Once the hardware has even a little bit of flaws, can cause can’t sell products, a large number of heap pressure will cause a certain pressure to the enterprise. And electronic products update very quickly, when there is no timely sales, inventory of products will be rapid decline, has become a new problem of capital turnover. Of the hardware industry bosses can be said to have broken heart.

impatient of Internet companies, not only remember exaggerated marketing

Internet companies for hardware of lies in the battle over the entrance to the Internet. Into the hardware is the Internet company in order to give their own Internet service to find more entrance.

the current Internet service homogeneity phenomenon is serious, the breach of the content to attract users is hard to open, the channel has become an Internet companies another battle. Has now entered the age of the Internet, mobile phone as the main body of the mobile devices increasingly preempted the flow of traditional equipment such as computers, the formation of the new entrance in order to let the enterprise interests and develop their own terminal entrance.

some companies is not even the purpose of the entrance of the robbery in order to promote their services, but to layout in advance, establish new Internet services, through the new entrance to open up a piece of virgin land. When demand is opened a day, their service will quickly occupy the market, to the peak of life.

a good hardware manufacturers are piling up after practice and the accumulation of time, the industry chain is very long, also pay more attention to accumulation and a large number of resources integration of collaboration. In the supply chain including product design, production, inventory management, logistics management, after-sales service oriented process, hardware enterprise who tip, every operation success will have a huge subversion to hardware industry.

this is the Internet the company’s weaknesses.

the market change to diverse Internet companies can’t oneself fumble, can rely on their own advantages and hardware companies such as cooperation or merger of funds, directly to the advanced experience and technology in the field of hardware. Like ali cloud and the sea also conway apparent cloud computing, Internet of things intelligent cloud depth cooperation; Selection and domestic established professional Internet giant 360 data communication manufacturer lei, cooperation launched 360 router is successful. So, in the play crossover, the hardware of these advantages with the Internet enterprise combining the advantages of efficient, market is very necessary.

Internet companies make hardware crossover is a new things, recent years the Internet company can’t act too hastily. Excellent hardware enterprise is long time accumulation of precipitation, the Internet enterprise hardware isn’t happen overnight thing. In the time of the precipitation, Internet companies need to Internet thinking constantly updated products, research and development of new technology, to work on hardware enterprises, realize the complementary advantages.

is popular by all over the world, when the Internet across hardware really had the “right place, right time and conditions, under the thinking of the Internet has products will pretend bility is more, more thorough popular feeling.

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