Internet cafes practitioners: don’t let children enter net cafe, I just can’t make money

although the Chinese government to prevent teenagers into Internet cafes have a new policy, but in order to survive, the Internet bar owner spelled a life is scrabbling catch teenagers this last lifeline. Even so, these days is becoming more and more difficult in the Internet bar, the help is gradually lost. Perhaps for other organs, is the right direction.

Internet cafes in China over the past two years the business is not good. With the popularity of smart phones and personal computers, the Internet is becoming more and more convenient. Once seen Internet cafes there now. From 2011 to 2012, this time, China has about 1 m had to shut down Internet cafes, Internet cafes survival situation is not optimistic.

an Internet cafe owner in hainan Mr Zhang said in an interview, Internet cafes recently business is becoming more and more bleak. “Internet cafe business now, can’t than with ten years ago.” Mr Zhang says, he runs the Internet cafe ten years ago until now. Illegal business became the only way to survive China Internet cafes. Mr. Zhang said survival:

“it is bad to do business in the Internet bar. You only have to get the kids to play games online, or you can’t make money at all.”

zhang seems unconvincing. Minors are not allowed to enter net cafe, because law need to provide personal id card registration in Internet cafes. But Mr Zhang smiled said to avoid identity registration there are a lot of measures. The most simple, you can use the same id on multiple computers, some id card to register or downloaded from the Internet.

Mr Zhang said, at first, he also want to honestly open Internet cafes, but his business is getting worse almost closed soon. He had to, like other local Internet cafe, let the children in playing online games, even in their class time. He knew that he delayed the children learning to do so. But he also said, “I want to make money for the family, the Internet bar is my only income, in addition to earn little money I have no other way.” Even know they were skipping classes to get to the Internet, Mr Zhang said he wouldn’t get rid of them.

“you can’t drive away the students who often come to patronize. They together in groups, if you off one of them, the other kids will follow.”

in China, on the one hand, Mr Zhang this Internet cafe owner are illegal operation, the pressure on the other hand, the Chinese government has formulated new laws protect teenagers from Internet cafe. Recently the government put in place a series of revised bill, and a new provision: banning Internet cafes within 200 meters near the primary and secondary schools.

we can see from the Google map, the move could lead to a lot of Internet cafes closed, but to prevent teenagers into Internet cafe did not seem to have much practical effect. Around in a primary school in Harbin, I personally observed a circle, in Internet cafes within 200 meters is very few, but only within 200 meters and 500 meters, 11 have Internet cafes, to the Internet cafe only a few minutes on foot.

of course everyone agrees that the environment in different degree caused bad effects on the growth of teenagers. But more than a decade to protect teenagers still didn’t have the effect of real laws and regulations. Eventually, as more and more middle-class families can give children the opportunity to surf the Internet games, the Internet bar will still face a collapse of the wall. But in the less developed areas, Internet cafes can survive for a period of time. Just now, teenagers will still be the main source of Internet cafes income, even though they should not be there.

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