Interest in installment sales break in ten million is expected to break ten million in a single day

on October 18, hunting cloud network news

focused on college students’ financial service Internet company interest in installment, founder and CEO amith jj told hunting cloud network, interest in installment sales reached 10 million yuan in a single day.

amith jj convective cloud network, said yesterday at 10 o ‘clock at night, boring installment sales success breakthrough 10 million yuan in a single day. “Fun stage of development is very rapid, sales also along with the market expand rapidly rising, daily sales from 0 to 1 million, it took us half a year, from 1 million to 10 million we use daily for 47 days.”

amith jj convective cloud network said, overall sales are expected to exceed 1 billion yuan this year, next year is expected to reach 10 billion yuan. Development speed, edit your forecasted, and the interest in installment is expected to become an annual sales of tens of billions of or even hundreds of billions of company.

amith jj also disclosed to hunt cloud network, boring stage will be distributed to employees options today.

boring stage founder for the original amith jj is a serial entrepreneur, before founding boring installment as well buy vice President. Boring stages from early Chen well-known in the industry such as investment, angel round by the plum flower of venture investment, A round by blue chi venture capital investment.

interesting mode of staging is installment shopping + P2P network credit + campus part-time tripartite business platform. Students with interest in installment audit can be shopping, consumption amount in interest in installment site behind the money actually by boring stage of P2P network credit investors to bear, and the revenues they borne by the buyers to students, interest in installment. Students can be boring recommended by part-time to get funds to repay.

the current interest in installment has completed B rounds of tens of millions of dollars in investment, this round of investment Capital from source code (Sourcecode Capital), the former Goldman sachs Asia President Thomas Chan, founded by Singapore private consortium (Golden Summit), as well as the blue Ventures (BlueRun Ventures) three institutions joint Capital injection.


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