Interactive ceiling, new oil company staff benefits

“the mere mention of Norway, it is hard to not ripped the country and the petroleum economy together”, Scandinavian Design Group chief designer Bjorn Gunnar Staal said. This is because as early as in 1969, people on the Norwegian continental shelf drilling investigation, discovered the rich oil resources. The discovery of these resources detonated Norway’s economic prosperity, the economic prosperity continued through the century. Over the years, the government has been in the field of oil and energy investment, industry has large benefits. But it is worth noting that these benefits are for young architects and designers. Now, Scandinavian Design Group – Norway’s oldest graphic Design studio, just as a subsidiary of Sweden’s largest oil company in Norway’s Lundin Petroleum company (Lundin Petroleum) Design created an interactive device. And work this dreaming scenes, seems to be a Norwegian engineer and a welfare treatment.

the device was installed in the Scandinavian energy conference. Staal pointed out that, in fact, it’s not a booth: it was a ceiling with honey color tube, it will automatically be ups and downs, ups and downs is according to the location of the tourists walk below the ceiling rhythmic fluctuations.

we made looks completely different fields, like art and architecture, we make these things is a kind of experience, not show you a huge huge slogan and symbol of. Staal said. His inspiration came from a last summer exhibition: Random International museum of modern art (Random International exhibition in a rainy day (MoMA Rain Room), which is an artist Olafur Eliasson and Marshmallow especially elaborate works.

‘s lundin petroleum company is famous for its high-tech, high-yield exploration, so before they finalized the concept of product Staal and his team spent a few days to investigate equipment company to encourage members to work hard. And carefully analyzed the submarine structure, and their geological expert member in some parts of the continental shelf is generated by computer and the 3 d model of different stratum gravel, with the analysis of investigation is continuing, so the model is constantly updated. Scandinavian installed stalactites style amber acrylic material of pipeline, is the pipeline that constitutes what we see the changing model of abstract.

if you want to let the line move, only requires visitors to walk under it. 13 * 13 feet below the floor throughout the capacitance sensor, the sensor used to track into the area of man’s footsteps. The information came from the four Microsoft access it in the corner of the device sensor collected data, through the analysis to determine the model, which pipe should move up. This model can handle up to ten people at the same time, but the Staal said that this model is the best experience of two people under the ceiling, only a small amount of pipe need to retract. To do so is to simulate the effect of the formation of Marine sports, and Lundin exploration methods: “this is a very high-tech, but their geological department is happy to open their method to explore how these operations.” Staal says, “their research department head looks like a philosopher.”



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