Intelligent thermometer Kinsa can give you to see the doctor

Kinsa, is the world’s first mobile phone APP support, and get the food and drug administration (fda) approved by the intelligent thermometer manufacturing company, the company recently announced $9.6 million in A round of funding, including the United States the biggest risk in the investment funds kleiner perkins caufield & byers, FirstMark Capital, and nissan executive vice President Andy Palmer and other vc firms and individuals. As soon as the money injected, Kinsa will develop a new project called Fluency. This new project can let Kinsa in schools and other small communities in tracking the spread of disease.

Kinsa intelligent thermometer can be connected with mobile phones, and dedicated App, so not only can monitor temperature at any time, the measured data display on a smartphone, can also according to the measured results, Suggestions are given, at this point is very encourage everyone to use on a regular basis. As long as you put the thermometer into the earphone interface and open the application of the smart phone, you can begin to measure, the whole measurement process takes about 10 seconds, the ten seconds, Kinsa will use animation to keep the child’s attention, parents can also be determined by the animation thermometer is still stay in place well.

“if Kinsa and our thermometer have what special place, that is, it is the first equipment hardware, could even see a doctor for you,” founder and chief executive of Inder Singh said: “the thermometer is in the world, the most common medical equipment we just borrowed it, and let it go further.”

the thermometer and high-tech combination of considerable benefits, especially for parents. Kinsa fever data can be recorded automatically according to the recommendations symptom description and prescription, and it can provide valuable information, help the doctor to the diagnosis and treatment. If join the social function, the parents at home can distinguish the common cold and sore throat, the former does not need to go to see a doctor immediately.

Kinsa Fluency with the new development planning an activity, let the school registration for free for the children receive Kinsa thermometer, a door a, Kinsa plans to select 20 schools.

Kinsa $29.99 (186 yuan), bundling, and hardware companies are considering how to be a communication hub, and the remote medical treatment, prescriptions and other medical and health system related company to cooperate.

Kinsa this round of new financing will be used for further development, the company plans to recruit engineers and marketing personnel help to optimize product and brand building.

“the future of the biggest challenges is to recruit the strength, in this way can the company as we wish, more walk more far,” Singh said: “the marketing and engineers are in urgent need, they will optimize the our hardware equipment, and for our investment promotion and capital introduction, providing business supply chain, this is the most start-ups will face challenges, but we also hope to be able to recruit to the identity of our corporate culture, only in this way, our company can really change rules of the game.”


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