Intelligent stethoscope Eko, like listening to music, whether their risk of heart disease

when I was 15 years old, I love sports very much, but a primary care doctor give me auscultate found I have murmur in your heart, that kind of noise attracted his attention. He think I’m a heart valve is too small may must be replaced. So he recommend me a cardiologist, the experts have full booking for several months. Waiting for that period, I and my parents are worried that I will get sick. When we finally meet the doctor (to go 200 miles from home), he immediately tell us that noise irrelevant, he promised to I will grow up healthy. Results show that he is right.

if this happens today, my doctor may use Eko equipment intelligent stethoscope auscultation, give me do then auscultation records sent to the cardiologist can get expert advice immediately. If my hours have such equipment, so experts recommend fee and concerns two months could be avoided.

Eko created a small adapter, called Eko Core, which is installed between the earplugs and chest of the stethoscope. It is able to turn your heart to the mobile phone via bluetooth. Mobile applications will then put the audio data uploaded to the cloud, cardiologist can be downloaded from the clouds and heard the audio.

experts can use a pair of good headphones to listen to the audio, or if he has a pair of containing Eko Core stethoscope, he can go to with their own equipment. Eko equipment, chief executive of Connor Landgraf told us that the use of their equipment can hear the voice of the heart more accurately.

if all goes well, the health service provider think Eko products well solve the problem of the $750 billion of medical waste. Heart care breakthrough is a noticeable contribution, a quarter of people around the world suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Landgraf said his company has been considering a cardiologist network, can let the family doctor can Eco equipment to auscultation of heart disease. “This is our a major task in the future.” He said in an interview.

Eko Core can be the voice of the heart with the entire database application different noises, some of them are dangerous, and some of them are benign, it can quickly find the matching data. This information can be used as the doctor make a key point of treatment.

Eko over the past few months have been StartX cooperation with Stanford university. They in the two hospitals of the gulf (made no mention of the name) are doing a pilot project.

Eko early research and development of products of the company is a food and drug administration (FDA) design control and document management procedures. It wants the agency to approve their products this year, next year, so the product can be put into the market.

Eko equipment has been raised about $800000 in start-up capital, the company is organizing a new round of financing.


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