Intelligent monitoring: “think tank” hui how far is it from our life?

on September 29, hunting cloud network (word/madman silly)

the September IT Internet version of the patch is really very busy ah, I don’t know you felt? First iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus the conference’s major news, of course, Apple Watch this caused a stir and speculation also many, later is listed on the alibaba the successful financing 25 billion knives, Jack Ma has become China’s richest man, ali’s Jack Ma, Jack Ma ali, bullish again to coax to grieve Mr Wang in the headlines. And at least one day! Look bored still smile whole Jack Ma in the headlines, it is really astonishing wave! Common speech way of the Yangtze river waves steady, after tomorrow who can like today’s ali scenery?

for specific companies we are still unable to call out the name, but in specific industry, that bear the brunt of the intelligent hardware can definitely fulfill your responsibility!

smart hardware two or three things

intelligent hardware is after the smartphone a combination of hardware and software, a concept of science and technology through the modification of the traditional equipment, then let it has the function of the intelligent. Common are intelligent, smart and intelligent glasses bracelet watches, such as intelligent hardware now extend from wearable devices to smart TV, smart home, smart cars, health care, intelligent toys, robot, etc. But it is still in its infancy, like 06, 07 smartphone.

today xiao yun will show all this only a part of the hardware – intelligent monitoring.

that sounds pretty repulsive intelligent monitoring, says is “intervention” of life, to the active monitoring. The watchdog function is like a home.

active monitoring involves work, life and own three aspects, including intelligent video surveillance, about life through hardware and software collaborative remote viewing on your phone at home, with family for cloud detection alarm, voice, video and so on to focus on home anytime and anywhere, idle work can see the meow star people despise Wang Xing home, children, parents great grandfather face milk, through radio and tease out the order.

about the intelligent monitor

intelligent monitoring is embedded video server, the integration of the intelligent behavior recognition algorithm, to be able to picture the scene in the conduct of the person or vehicle recognition, judgment, and under appropriate conditions, to complete the daily management and timely alarm prompt the user when unusual.

when this intelligent monitoring has active intelligent surveillance systems and distributed intelligent video surveillance system, the two brothers, we are to old big, old two call them.

The purpose of the

the boss involved in work, life and more themselves:

office work can remote control, business process more convenient, that is, if you are the boss, can in their own high-end office room, always urge their own employees to work hard, to measure bonus activities accordingly. But for our working people… Pro, long snacks!!!!

let us in life even if not in the home also can understand the situation of the home, with family communication, your meow star Wang Xing, not obedient noise of the earth’s people, not in real time to take care of the father mother close great grandfather…

itself, can monitor their own health, their elderly users seizures, in particular, can be used to monitor the sensor system, to detect the status early warning notice, get timely treatment.

the second head of security, this is also the main direction of the intelligent monitoring application, mainly including: advanced video motion detecting, items lost or displacement detection, object tracking and face recognition, vehicle identification, illegal detention, smoke detection, etc., I wonder if you’ve seen starring donnie yen “door of frozen rebirth” no (not careful to take own soil like.. The forehead), it shows very specific I don’t bullshit!

not safety related applications is second, the scope of business mainly for retail, service, management and other industries, as the auxiliary tool of management and service, to improve the service level and turnover, the more close relationship with our daily life, I believe you have also been shopping malls in the hotel, are intentionally or unintentionally will be stared at them angrily uneasy…

compared with the traditional video monitoring, intelligent monitoring system is equivalent to the traditional monitoring and a brain, change passive monitoring to active, change the record image data to active build, analysis, using a computer to assist even replace people to complete the monitoring task greatly improve the efficiency of data and the effectiveness of video monitoring system. is not artificial to killing himself staring at a computer screen “to” , all the content directly through intelligent “brain”, operation analysis, feedback.

The advantage of

it has a lot of, first of all, it only need to transfer very little data to reach the expected effect, greatly reduce the broadband pressure; Secondly it can also provide video and audio analysis, significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of decision; Again, compared with the personnel, as long as it has a strong system, computers can not sleeping, but also has the acuity and accuracy .

if it is widely applied in all aspects of daily life and social life should have much good! You might as well think about it, although we not in the home is to monitor home anytime and anywhere through the phone, what security ah, electrical management ah, young and dynamic control of home ah do at your fingertips; Country to the city each traffic sites, shops, square and so on, the abnormal situation timely warning, so is the tragedy of the kunming railway station can be avoided, at least can reduce casualties of innocent people,,,,,,,,

under the intelligent monitoring of the privacy issues

of course, in terms of the present situation, to achieve early warning, beforehand matter alarm also difficult, it needs more effort, there are still many problems to be solved, the technical problems we bad interrupting, non-technical aspects of we still have the freedom to talk about. The ancients cloud, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Above we daydream the many benefits of intelligent monitoring, here let’s behing it brings the concern of people (at least I think so, hey hey)

there are intelligent monitoring in, I see you these privacy where flee!

intelligent monitoring this shipment but let the public’s daily behavior completely exposed to sunlight. Imagine: whenever you where, whether you are picking a booger or lucky enough to step on dog poop universiade were recorded known , this is also good, one thousand you to do the thing that do not conform to the requirements of the moral and ethical (for example, you not only in the swimming pool and the sink, but also put a fart, by the way… You think only oneself know and feel glad, you forget that you have a third, fourth only… N eye staring at you, this kind of circumstance is in not here flesh search you all has been mastered.

and even their families also need privacy, estimates that no one likes being monitored, and all the family have to prepare a surprise for you , with intelligent monitoring is hard to achieve the effect, the appeal of the life ah have to be ruthless frozen. Recently Google’s civilian satellite aerial various hero glad go to, if the targeted by intelligent monitoring, may be directly controlled…

haha, just kidding! Ordinary people should not be considered, the stars would suffer, without casing paparazzi just invade the intelligent monitoring, look at the star where escape… So in this aspect, can realize the difference treatment, only for the escaped prisoner ah, the criminal suspect and anti-social suspects hard is good, also can take care of everyone’s privacy, so can reduce the amount of analysis again, this is it’s hard to do? !

recently heard that China is out of the age of 12, hackers, saying is to deal with the black and the school database, but also to spend a penny for more than two thousand oceans, lamenting his young talent at the same time, I couldn’t help for our deep concern ah network security:

one thousand he black into our intelligent video surveillance, especially household sector, that would be more than just a rich view of his home outfit so simple then…

but these problems are exaggerated, for some time and take, oh no. at the beginning of the new technology is just beginning, defense system must be very weak, after the popular will, like today’s app store, has enormous ecological, to choose from various levels of the attack, (even though it’s o… The forehead, advances…

maybe our information is more and more developed, may be the world we live in is very complex, or why do we open a mobile phone, computer will have so many breaking news flock?

the UK support attacks in Iraq “islamic state” we can not, we can not focus on Syria’s unrest, struggle to Ukraine, we can not attention, disrupt the prisoner of a stable life we can not pay attention to? Around the frequency of abnormal condition of cutting them event we can not pay attention to? Frequent domestic violence could attack and we can not pay attention to?

when intelligent monitoring actually can do something for us, I personally think that is the distance it can walk!

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