Intelligent following from Amp: iPhone another ears and mouth

the iPhone is there a but extremely boring parts do you like? I think many people would choose the speaker. From on the one hand, the existence of the speaker can let you on the phone without mobile phones on the face.

you can also do not need to use headphones for watching video or listening to music, of course you can when you know you have a phone call from far away. But on the other hand, if you try on the barbecue party or on public transport to listen to music, then open the speaker will be extremely dangerous extremely impolite behavior.

inventor Alex Selig and Varun Srinivasan created a special kit for the iPhone, they think this suite can solve these problems. They named this suite Amp, part is the part of the speaker for the microphone. It can be according to the environmental noise and the music you play to compensate. Of course, this is not true of noise cancellation, we can believe that it has certain intelligence.

Selig and Srinivasan is acquaintance when I was working at Microsoft, they call this suite features a dynamic noise reduction. Its working principle is based on the analysis of music and noise, adjust music elements. When you use Amp suite built-in microphone, it will continue to collect the voices around you, in 10 seconds to compensate, and collected voice in the attention to the environmental noise difference change to make a change within 5 seconds. How this works in real life? For example, you were walking on the streets of the city, there are many vehicles pass through your side. Adjusted to some extent, the voice is not loud, just added more discrimination.

this suite is compatible with a variety of headphones, but cannot guarantee to eliminate noise. The idea has an early version of the iOS version of the application, and its release in July last year, called SoundFocus, now the company name. Since then, they can be tens of thousands of music to train the technique. And the only problem is that they are running sound algorithm bound by software. This suite can be used in services or apple music application, but the company can not. Find out the reason and found that reason is hijacked the audio, which is the working principle of this suite.

when you do not use headphones, the function of the Amp kit is used to amplify sound. It is higher than the voice of the iPhone’s built-in speakers twice, and also as the company introduces, with better experience the treble and bass. Amp speakers are designed in cone shape, in this way, when you call just a phone call, can make the people around can be heard clearly.

after the microphone and portable speaker case introduction, I found that compared to the iPhone 5 put the voice of the outside, the attraction of the Amp kit is not very good. I in two different device using the same headphones listening to the same song, a device using the SoundFocus noise tuning, and another is not. Under the guidance of easy-to-use wizards, I’ll system to adjust to my favorite state. When I began to hear the sound of the different frequency after I was very sure this app is very good. According to Srinivasan, 150000 people have downloaded SoundFocus application at present. Even so, SoundFocus sounds like adaptive filter.

when you are in the brick wall with a large and wall to wall carpet in the room when using this suite you will find that the effect will be better. Although there is no post ear so clear, but compared to the iPhone alone, regardless of distance, his voice is bigger more discrimination. In any case, no matter how you compare, it doesn’t sound like independent portable bluetooth speaker.

my version of the test is a prototype, although it is made of aluminum, but the composition is the same. Recently the company to sell version whether black or white, the early stage of the sales price of $69, in the spring of next year will officially listed for $129. Because it is made out of plastic, so nearly half reduction in weight. In addition to the audio part, it also includes a can supply the iPhone 5 or 5 s extra 25% of power batteries. The battery to the microphone and speaker power supply at the same time, so there is no need to mobile phone power supply. I did not see, but it is said that for the iPhone 6 tailor-made only less than 20% of the electricity supply.

Amp suite is SoundFocus first hardware products of the company, the rest of the product is under development. Selig and Srinivasan cling, did not say their next step. Srinivasan only mentioned that he thought with the the narrowing of the hardware, sound will be a very important part of makes wearable devices. Such as Apple Watch, touch is still need to overcome difficulties, and voice in contrast.

Srinivasan said: “as devices become smaller and smaller, the audio will become one of the largest natural interface. You can make calls between equipment seamless, but do not need to take up too much space. We can see the real company will be able to successfully create the next generation of wearable devices, we also really want to make available to users and devices to communicate hardware.”



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