Intel “grandpa, grandma,” exclusive tablet

tablet for us is one of the most easy to use computing devices, but the American association of retired people (AARP) be sure that older americans would not feel that way. AARP decided to develop a suitable for the elderly their exclusive tablet.

a baby boomer advocates claim to be the largest non-profit organization, just unveiled a $189 RealPad tablet. This kind of tablet is designed to be easy to operation people over the age of 50, and ensure that when they use the difficulties to offer help.

“old people have resistance to new technology,” AARP’s executive vice President and chief information officer Terry Bradwell said, “they even feel fear for the rapidly changing technology.”

meanwhile, flat as a simple way to connect to the Internet also attract older people – for example, to help the elderly to quickly get the mail, know the weather, health knowledge, and relatives to video phone calls and so on.

AARP to eager to enter the tablet market chip giant Intel to seek help, for elderly users create customized version of the android tablet.

RealPad and ordinary tablet main difference is that the custom proprietary software and special function.

user interface, for example, at the start of the screen provides a larger text and ICONS. A called RealPad the function design of the Toolbar provides fast Internet access for older users, use the help, and other applications.

one called RealQuick Fix function, it can display such as battery life state, also the application of suggests there may be a security risk. Normally, it can fix these problems, a key for additional operation without the elderly. This RealPad also equipped with all kinds of the content of the AARP, including how to use this device and connect to the Internet using guide video.

in addition, RealPad also provides users with 7 x24 hours of uninterrupted artificial customer service. AARP promise, as long as consumers to buy the tablet, that will be a lifetime to enjoy the human help. This is thanks to the emergence of the network, let manufacturers a chance to get a closer look at the user’s usage, so as to help the user to solve various problems.

RealPad have 7.85 -inch screen configuration before and after the camera, with Intel Atom processor, support WiFi connection. Most tablet using ARM chip maker licensing technology, but Intel vow this year to 40 million sets of such equipment installed in its chips. Many of its customers in China, RealPad is specially built for AARP in China.

this tablet design does not solve all problems, affects older users will still be some problem. For example, although RealPad can increase the size of the relevant to the user interface and icon, but have no way to make the text in an application.

“is not a specific function to avoid the problem.” Intel’s new director of business development and market for mobile communications, Jim Bodio said.

RealPad have allowed from AARP and wal-mart’s website to book and is expected to the middle of October shipment. Large retail is expected to start selling this kind of equipment is also in that month, but for this tablet cases should not include it.



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