Intel beat intelligent bracelet accessories in women, for $1000

Intel has launched its first female luxury smart bracelet. And Opening taking common design, whose name was MICA (” my smart communication accessories “), the high-end accessories include a curved sapphire touch screen.

MICA is one of the electronic equipment and used as a women’s jewelry, in addition to the MICA, similar products include $80 of Misfit Bloom stainless steel necklace, it is actually the fitness tracking; Starting at $195 Ringly ring, it can be used to vibrate and the light from your phone to send information.

Intel, said the company design of MICA in this vacation in barneys New York luxury retail and Opening taking sale, price less than $1000, in line with the Opening Ceremony of the other similar jewelry prices. MICA provides alerts and notification, can prompt messages, calendar, meetings and other notification sent to your wrist monitors. 3 g wireless phone two-way wireless data communication without matching smartphones can be used. The device can realize the wireless charging or USB line. The performance of the bracelet Intel plans to October to provide more details.

there are two kinds of MICA style – one with a black water snake skin, the pearl of China and Madagascar’s green gold stone; Another has a white tiger eye water snake skin, South Africa and Russia obsidian. It USES light buckle design, through open card buckle, sapphire below the touch screen is located in the wrist.

this equipment will be New York fashion week in 2015 during the spring or summer fashion show at the opening ceremony officially for the mass on Sunday. It is Intel, shows the opening ceremony and the crystallization of the cooperation of Barnes stores, in January, as it is a important step in the field of Intel’s foray into wearable devices.

and wearable devices connected to the Internet can run applications or synchronization with other devices, is now focused on smart watches and fitness zone, assist tracking mode, sleep and exercise. Some companies are trying to put these products to fashion market.

luxury brand Ralph Lauren last week fashion show on the day of the opening ceremony in the United States introduced a high-tech polo unlined upper garment, implanted sensors can track people move within the knitting fabric and to evaluate its performance, available next year. Ralph Lauren has yet to offer. In June, Google started selling fashionable vogue of Google Glass, it is a fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg design development, priced at $1500 to $1800.

although wearable devices caused many companies such as samsung, LG’s competition, but in this market benefit larger or companies such as Intel, it released last month and SMS Audio cooperation, research and development track of the rhythm of the heart the headset. According to IDC, in 2018, a wearable device market is expected to sell 112 million sets of equipment, more than 19 million units expected at the end of this year.


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