Intel Basis Peak: the focus movement data “non-professional” bracelet

the Basis B1 is tracking wristbands launched in 2013, the amazing but not perfect. And Basis Peak has done a great enhancements based on Basis B1, whether in the design, according to data, ease of use is better in B1.

the most important of all, the new Basis Peak ($200) has a more precise heart rate monitoring function. Last week, I tested on the Peak, although its heart rate monitoring function is not perfect, but is very close to the Basis of the effect of propaganda. This is quite important, because want to know what the Basis is the highest form of so-called represents the heart rate sensor, and many activities tracking wristbands for the accuracy of the heart rate sensor problem all saves the function.

a real-time heart rate monitoring to

the Basis of success has always been dependent on science, clean, reliable and irrefutable science. Jawbone and Fitbit wristbands are emphasized how easy it is to use the chart, beautiful and comfortable, and the Basis of wrist strap is focus on the battery sensor, the pursuit of the accuracy of the data.

but the problem is, B1 and cannot meet the requirements of all. Despite claims that there are so many sensor (acceleration sensor, optical, skin temperature, heart rate monitor sensor and skin conductance response (sensor), but B1 never generate real-time continuous heart rate data. It behaved effect feels like a chest strap monitor. Instead, B1 heart rate data is used to calculate calories burned and sleep quality the Basis of the algorithm.

you may be the spot check of heart rate continuously throughout the day, but on the Basis of a generation of the heart rate sensor does not match any of the equipment performance.

why? Because the sensor is not lock the user’s heart rate, and track movement condition, is not accurate when tracking cross-country race. But on the map the user movement level is still very useful. And when you sleep or not movement, the sensor will conduct further analysis of sleep. Even so, but the old heart rate monitor still comply with the technical regulations in 2013.

new technology, new possible

but now, the Basis Peak can be basically the requirements. According to the Basis, spectral sensor higher brightness of LED can reduce channel interference noise (such as light pollution). The sensor and a modified photoreceptor. This part is through the absorption of leds to capture the trace of blood flow, so as to measure the heart rate.

the Basis Peak chassis and new sensors. It is located in a prominent platform, just like a sealing gasket can be a strong connection with your skin. Peak than B1 less, so when you exercise won’t connect from the skin. And the flexibility of the Peak silica gel straps can be sensor cling to your skin.

here, you can see what I mean: want to let the Basis to realize real time continuous heart rate tracking, it also needs a platform that can track the blood flow through the thickness and pressure low pressure. The new Peak has these functions? This is what I want to answer. My heart rate control equipment is LG headset suite, the suite in the chest with A heart rate monitor in the A/B testing accuracy is high.

LG headphones with my chest with monitors that is a perfect match. When you are in motion, can lock on heart function, also increase or decrease of sports consumption. This is a very important point: with the increase of consumption, LG earpieces faster in the form of a uniform scale shows the heart rate. When consuming less, digital will also decrease evenly. Although these LG headphones you never hospital dedicated the accuracy of the electrocardiogram (ecg), but they are more portable, especially in sports.

almost perfect real-time tracking

the Basis Peak of headphones smartphone applications make digital reports had a very good response. Most of the time, the Peak response headphones 2 to 3 times per minute, and when I was in a fast moving test, I found that the combination of the two equipment level is much better than I imagined, in the condition of rapid will still be able to record the test results.

after ten minutes’ walk, Peak shows 133 BPM (pulse per minute), and headset display 131 BPM. After twenty minutes’ walk, Peak shows 141 BPM, headset 142 BPM. So far, everything is all right. But when I close to top speed, Peak showed some incredible readings. Although during this period, the reading of the headphones has grown steadily, but shows 154 BPM is higher than that of Peak 145 BPM.

a few seconds later, the problem is more serious. After I continue to accelerate the speed, headphones according to 165 BPM, and the Peak is only shows 129 BPM. But it only lasted a few minutes. Later, when I walk down the mountain, the Peak number, according to 162 BPM (headset display 165 BPM) at this time. In the process of the mountain, the Peak and headphones are returned to the normal level of BPM.

Basis Peak against Microsoft Band

in fact, this is my second time test. In two days ago for the first time test, showed similar performance. In the first test, the Peak shows unusual number of appeared twice, the second in the only one. In the event of a failure, after wristbands self correcting and return to normal.

although see any anomalies can be classified as exciting things, but at least relative to the Microsoft Band (another claim to proceed in a real-time uninterrupted wearable heart monitoring device), the Peak has higher accuracy obviously. When I climb the mountain sports. They are both devices were tested. Microsoft Band in the number of heart rate monitoring fluctuations are more frequent (appeared when the second 11 times), heart rate data deviation is greater (when the equipment is the Basis and LG, respectively, 156 and 157 BPM, Microsoft Band shows only 109 BPM). It is important to note that the Basis that Peak heart rate sampling 32 times per second, Microsoft claimed that heart rate sampling once per second.

but they did not show that the Peak is an excellent product. Failure in addition to the above, the Peak is not report any heart rate data. In the first test I didn’t pay too much attention to the fault, but it appears a barrage of. Of course, if the device does not stay locked, then give users a false data is a matter of fate. However, if you need the bracelets for feedback, still can use these data.

I also tested Peak in elliptical machine. There are some unsatisfactory in terms of simulation run uphill, but I make sure the machine arm movement can let Peak by a constant force. Is keep Peak continuous high intensity exercise next minute. In the first 2 minutes, the report data is lower than the headphones (130 BPM to 146 BPM). But after 2 minutes, has reached the limits of 162 BPM, Peak always don’t depart from the headset data of more than 4 BPM.

however, in the same test conditions, Microsoft Band data has been below the normal level. For example, when the equipment is the Basis and LG also reported 156 BPM, Microsoft Band only reported 115 BPM.

the best sleep tracking

I’m a little too focused on Peak heart rate monitoring function, but for most users, the wrist strap still have some of the more important function. Obviously, the Peak steps can record, this is all the standard function of such equipment. Peak meter step function while there are some error, but is manageable. For example, in the first time I test, my Jawbone UP24 reported 4702 steps, while Peak for 4689 steps. For five days of testing, the data error does not appear obvious fluctuation.

although steps tracking function is good, but I’m more interested in to sleep report. This is not so much my instincts drive, as this is the Basis of the technology driven me. The best thing is that you do not touch any button or interface can begin to record a campaign. Peak used a Basis is called a Body IQ technology, when you started walking, running or biking outside, it can automatically determine. In the same way, it can also use the Body to start or finish IQ log cycle of sleep.

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