Inlope, Microsoft silently support group social applications

count I know social network, Facebook, GaGaMatch, everyone, century company… Other social networks have a place? Hey hey, don’t forget to Inlope right out. It “circle” function, let you chat with people with towns with interest without limit. It is worth noting that this startup is in support of Microsoft behind it.

in your life, there is another social network? Inlope, a start-up company founded by Munich last year has issued the relevant applications. Similarly, it persuaded Microsoft, let its pay a year’s time, trying to spread the idea, that is built into a vivid local social networks.

Inlope did not disclose how much Microsoft investment, but chief executive and co-founder of Chris said in the interview, this is not a typical strategic investment. In fact, Microsoft is not to spend money to occupy the startup of anything. Of mond Reid (Microsoft headquarters) than a public relations activities, it will use personal channels and Inlope to trade through the bright eye of entrepreneurship and application to understand its brand.

the application main interest, local and social group, has been in the iOS app store online, with the German and English version. Obereder pointed out that the Android and Windows Phone edition will appear a few months later, sponsored by Microsoft Inlope labels on the latest operating system, will also get the support of the accord with the aid of development product support weak tradition of mobile platforms.

so, accurately, Inlope is what? Register first, then you will be asked to share personal address, then will show you a series of interest categories can be selected (such as special sports activities, political focus, art, culture, science and technology, etc.). Obereder said, users can ask for an increase in a new category, but the modest must be accurate. Inlope will not admit those fuzzy categories like “tease than cat pictures”. He also said that it will provide enough space to share these things online.

once you determine the personal interest, the application will display these categories related posts, but what you see is filtered according to the distance, that is, you can only see the user’s activity in the town of state with you. Its basic idea is to help people establish contact with the community of like-minded people. He added: “for example, our address is in town. In the beginning, it has good points according to the distance.”

users can in Inlope interest circles published collection of text, images, video as one of the daily status, which are very similar with other social applications. According to Obereder, the company also want to launch a computer version, but in the end or mobile application version first.

you said this is a interest oriented? May you still don’t know, just last week Facebook announced that its independent application also joined the “circle” characteristics.

Obereder pointed out that the reason they can win over Facebook circle function, interest in part because they do not so concern. They are just the surface of the “circle”, and not so obvious… Take the golf, for example, every big city has about 100 relevant circles, so all I had to join. Without such a circle or platform, so I can come into contact with all those people interested in golf sports.”

“so, I can’t send messages to them, because it can send to other messages folder. This is very troublesome, and bad treatment. We want to put this idea into practice based on interest, convenient people communicate. As them do photo sharing, we only pay attention to the interest, hope to be able to more simple and effective than Facebook do.”

when it comes to Inlope and other major social platforms, such as the function of the sets and Pinterest overlap, the user can according to the merger related interest Obereder, points out that those services were focused global communications, and Inlope region on communications services, so will have some different things.

of course, this is a logical thinking, but the design of the application does not require compulsory execution, because common stock photos look no region amorous feelings. At the same time, social network is also facing the challenge of network influence, they must be able to attract enough before use of the user to focus on. That is presumably Inlope hope Microsoft where capital and market ability can help it

Obereder said: “we in Germany has released a few hours ago Inlope… Now see people published a lot of things, such as diving. I also want to go diving, and they are looking for partners with diving next week, so people will use.”

this application can be downloaded for free and without advertisements. Obereder said, when the money run out of Microsoft, its operation mode can focus on the areas of interest oriented advertising services, as well as by groups with use of the platform for more direct cooperation, looking for more ways of making money.

he added: “some of the German group contacted us, for example, a political group to contact with us, say they want to borrow this way between members. They want to stay away from Facebook, the use of our platform, and spread the news here. So we will work with them.”


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