Ingredients: the master on the basis of the own brand ingredients solutions


according to analysys international, China’s entry into fresh food in the field of circulation scale were estimated at 2.45 trillion yuan, currently less than 1% of the market penetration, e-commerce is only 10 billion yuan, has a huge market space for mining. Whether electric business platform, or vertical, has been vigorously in recent years, however, most of all just supermarkets and vegetable markets porters, badly run, even so, there is no one dare to deny raw electrical business is a blue ocean, the opportunities and difficulties of ingredients master layout O2O model first, to create their own brands, do more vertical fresh electrical contractor.

master ingredients mainly for high-end customers with high quality ingredients and express delivery. By opening the shop inside the building in the high-end business building, in the industrial park or creative the area to set up the park and in high-end community around the set up shop for the way to open up a new channel for food sales, and according to the regional customer demand constantly optimize and simplify retooling sku, accurate to provide the ingredients needed to target customers. master ingredients selected high-quality fresh from all over the world, all has the strict request of nutrition, freshness, quality, in line with “high-end” it must be, master ingredients used music box, vacuum encapsulation, the cold chain motion, throw in greeting CARDS and associated gift, have no reason to refund within a week, enhance the user experience. Offline store, will be more close to provide advice on the customers the choice of ingredients, with their own brand training high user.

at present difficulties faced by the main fresh electricity have high logistics costs, product quality is not controllable, difficult to find the core profit pattern, consumer habits are difficult to change. Ingredients master o2o layout is a new attempt, but it successfully reduces the logistics cost, to the brand cultivate some viscous customers, with high-end positioning faces the new rich, gradually cultivate the user consumption habits. At present, some large fresh electrical business such as motion optimization are to extend survival category, still adopt the traditional in the same warehouse, this apparently does not apply to copying traditional electricity model fresh industry, food master area of the raw food material distribution services, has opened experimental garden shop, began operation in June 2014, after 4 months to break even store, book a profit in 2014 at the end of October. In November 2014 constructions water 150000, gross margin of 35%, full cost a total of 22000 yuan.

Shao Jiaxiang is a founder has 12 years experience in media operations, a senior media person, xinmin evening news official website xinmin network founder, claims to flying elder brother. Media people are common, objective and calm looking industry is their advantage. Master of ingredients is seeking angel financing, to expand the sku and stores, set up the sorting packaging center, construction of fixed-point distribution system.

xiang elder brother told hunting cloud network: “create a high-end food marketing environment, forming strong connection and distribution range of clients, as much as possible in the depth of the customer trust is our ingredients master development direction. We aim to become the most interesting in the building and ingredients that are the most trusted suppliers. We firmly believe that customers will only choose deal with interesting and trustworthy enterprise.”

ingredients mastersCompany: Shanghai sabal electronic commerce co., LTD.

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