Infiltration of nokia, Intel 64 times from behind?

on November 24, hunting cloud network (word/editor on the swallow water Yan)

18 November, Nokia launched its new tablet Nokia N1, notable is that it USES the Intel 64 Z3580 quad-core processors. As cultivation years of nokia in the mobile market, abandoned the mainstream of the ARM architecture, but as the X86 architecture to create android tablets, it is a little unusual, to realize international giants such as nokia, supply chain, is not what you want to go to can enter.

Intel is going to return of the king? Hunting cloud network can’t control the market, said a is not. But Intel has infiltrated nokia consumer electronics, such action of indicative significance for the market.

for international brands such as nokia’s, in his own good at field with an alternative solution, only two things: one is the scheme is homemade, such as huawei); The other one is the scheme has been mature, incomparable advantages with mainstream solution.

for Nokia, N1 is certainly not the first case, the that can only be said Intel’s plan has been in the field of mobile phone tablet mature enough, technically has been able to become a mainstream . And after the iPhone 5 s carrying 64 chip solutions, mobile phone market trends in the field of tablets are also anxious to 64 ma lie field forward.

and Intel has incomparable advantage in this field.

as early as in 2005, Intel has already started 64 chip development, its absolute leading ARM now, this makes Intel technology accumulation is better than the ARM. Though the ARM microprocessor technology is in portable communications products, portable computing, multimedia, and enjoys an absolute advantage in the fields of embedded solutions, pose a threat to Intel. But Intel aware of mobile hardware badly after nearly two years, started off course, the development scheme for mobile chips’ up and down.

first on x86 Android spent a great deal of effort, with Google, the game engine, app store, developers to establish extensive contacts with condition to optimize the content system, recently, according to the data published its already more than 90% of the application can be seamlessly support x86 Android. Then in order to promote their products, began to vigorously subsidies in shenzhen layout cheap turnkey solution.

especially in the new support X86, ARM, MIPS architecture Android5.0 after the release of , Intel’s market ushered in the big reversal. mobile operating system market giant Google snapshot of qu is no secret to hardware market , has successively acquired the two chip companies – PeakStream and Angilux. And has been introducing more architecture, stir the mind of the market competition. Google hopes to chip market is a major change, make its have the advantage on the chip.

in respect of server business, compared to Intel and Google cooperate closely the ARM has a huge advantage. Google, Facebook, in nearly all Internet giants such as Microsoft and amazon have in the use of Intel’s x86 architecture server. Google to implement ecological with Intel chips on the server, is beneficial to their future propulsion server domain.

however, Intel has closed strategy to win the favor Google? The question is whether Intel is willing to compromise.

Intel has given such concessions.

in the early years, Intel production equipment only produce their own chip, this is seen as Intel AMD and via a competitor’s tool. On February 23, 2012, Intel spokesman Chuck murlo Iraq (Chuck Mulloy) for overseas media said the company began to test the waters foundry business, open to more third-party customer chip manufacturing equipment. And the latest market in China with core micro, spreadtrum news release of kernel cooperation more surprised the market.

this suggests Intel opened its kernel, chip manufacture to the third party. in the mobile Internet era, the move will undoubtedly for the Intel chip in the tablet, smart phones, and other areas of the new type of intelligent terminal added advantage.

Intel, the on the nokia N1 attempt has quietly revealed the subtle changes in the market. Intel in 64 times whether can pick up the slack, thus? Let’s wait and see!

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