Indonesia electrical contractor boss softbank investment, wait for ali giants such as to buy

hunting cloud network reported on October 28th,

Tokopedia is an online shopping market in Indonesia. Softbank has its new Internet and media companies (SIMI) to Tokopedia to invest about $100 million. In addition, sequoia capital and softbank Tokopedia now shareholders pan-asian fund was also involved in the financing round.

this funding is publicly announced the second largest investment in southeast Asia last week, which suggests that more and more investors are interested in this field, the southeast Asia market dealer market in the years also is more and more hot. Previously, Malaysia, Grab a Taxi application Taxi announced a $65 million, in order to increase its competitiveness in the southeast.

Tokopedia, founded in 2009, in the five years will become electrical contractor in Indonesia the first position, it is also a softbank and sequoia bullish on the root cause of it. Tokopedia like it, Amazon India,, allows businesses and individuals to open online store. Tokopedia said: the new investment will be used to attract more customers and to hire more employees. Softbank and sequoia capital representative will join the board of directors of Tokopedia. The investment in the Topopedia, is its implementation plan goal – to become Asia’s biggest Internet company, part of it.

must be clear, such as Tokopedia online platform of profit is very thin, they have to through retail to promote the development of economy. Such as Alibaba in May this year in southeast Asia market has made a big action, to post a $250 million investment in Singapore, this is the first overseas Alibaba investment the post office. SIMI and sequoia capital investment shows that they think Tokopedia is likely to be like it, Amazon or Alibaba company purchase, because the companies want to expand the network of retail market share in southeast Asia.

Softbank’s vice chairman and CEO of SIMI Nikesh Arora said: “in Asia, Indonesia’s growth potential is one of the biggest online market.” Since its establishment, Tokopieda in terms of indigenous innovation business model, has the obvious progress. Synergistic effect and to make use of our Internet business network, we have the confidence to help Tokopieda succeed in Indonesia market.”

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