Indiegogo push “the raise risks”, developers to skip some compensation!

Indiegogo raise site is home to more than the most top of a part, two between it and the famous Kickstarter. But for the issuer, Indiegogo has a very prominent characteristics, that is its diverse and flexible mode of financing; Website is not maltreat investors at the same time, introduced additional risks to help them to avoid risk.

in 2014 for the Indiegogo raise website is unusual for a year, because many companies use the site service to raise money for some mysterious project, this is a very cool of case: the former nokia’s former partner team ready to launch a Jolla tablet, originally planned to use all three weeks to raise $380000, but with the help of the Indiegogo team within 24 hours to raise more than $800000! Look, Indiegogo as if is a magic to reassure investors.

Indiegogo is testing a “additional risks” business, the business provides a guarantee for the investors, if they are not within three months of date of delivery to get the finished product, the website will refund to the investors. Recently there is a product called Olive accepted Indiegogo of additional risk test, this product is a wearable devices, help the wearer to manage pressure as long as the original price add $15 above $129, can enjoy additional risks.

the business is now in the testing phase, Indiegogo declined to say more about the insurance business plan.

Indiegogo spokesman said, “the company in order to cater to the needs of investors and entrepreneurs, develop, test, new features on a regular basis. For the preliminary experiment of the insurance business, now owned by Indiegogo.”

additional risk business launch for Indiegogo is very significant, Indiegogo turned into following Kickstarter’s first choice.

on Indiegogo project more powerful and unconstrained style, even a look is a fraud, and management and sieve raise projects, in addition to these the Indiegogo seems to be more casual, so compared with competitors, this may be a differential element.

some investors will invest in some products too idealistic, but after the introduction of insurance business, the risk of investors will be lower, this is a very popular measures; But in Indiegogo and Kickstarter similar platforms such as investment, there are still many other risks.

Indiegogo in January this year raised $40 million B in the round, and the water raise website is trying all the other areas. As early as September, Indiegogo and launched a “permanent financing business, the business will broke the conventional terms, raise website for financing projects so that you can gain more money.


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