Indiegogo play innovation, and the raise no longer setting limits

Indiegogo is committed to the time limitation “raise” the project to the “raise” the permanent project. Recently, the all the raised platform opens the “permanent financing activities. This activity will make financing activities are no longer a fixed deadline, so that to raise people can get more money.

last week, Indiegogo in an article entitled “let your earnings on Indiegogo permanent roll” post declared open the no deadline “permanent financing activities. “Permanent financing” the service object of this project are those who have reached a fundraising goal but still want to continue to raise company. This project will choose some activities for the pilot, including TENS of filter effect TrackR sunglasses and can find the missing items. Indiegogo hasn’t announced the charge standard of this activity, analysts believe it will very likely still use has been 4% as a standard. If the pilot is successful, Indiegogo may be on the project as the other has achieve the goal of financing options of the project.

depend on the characteristics of project, could you Indiegogo with its better-known competitors – apart from the Kickstarter. And it will also open up more for Indiegogo extension project, such as some big companies need to raise money for a long time or some organization for support and help.

so far, has been provided by the Indiegogo fixed financing activities, let all kinds of projects can raise enough money in a fixed time, complete their set goals; It also provides a current financing activities, if not raise goal when the deadline, unfinished part will be borne by the party sometimes. “Permanent financing” option provides a no deadline, but, according to the information, we cannot determine the project Indiegogo to extract what percentage of commission. We have to Indiegogo for more information about the start of the project and cost details. Media reports always found some Indiegogo existing project charge standard details:

Indiegogo and Kickstarter recently was doing the fast-moving consumer goods. Such as: books, movies, albums, board games, and the things in life, when the end of the fund-raising, the activity of the promoter had to perform arrangement or start another “raise” the project. “Permanent financing” allows the originator to their projects into a permanent job opportunities and endless task. The profit of the project, have the ideal and artists as well as the fledgling startups can be a generous investment activity.

from this perspective, the “permanent capital” is a little like Patreon that kind of the raised platform, as long as an artist release an album, such as a song or a video, he can as donors, “demanding” sponsorship. Due to the “permanent capital” to eliminate the urgency to encourage people to donate money and hopelessness, so it does not work for all products are pipe.

if the “permanent financing” has been a success, I believe Kickstarter will steal from the project. Because the company is through the funds raised by collecting a commission to make money, as a result, even if the project will change the Kickstarter existing services, but it still will go to great lengths to use material incentives to encourage people to donate money to get more cash flow.

we hope Indiegogo will more seriously to avoid the use of all kinds of fraud gang. This year, there is a wearable equipment dealer on Indiegogo for an impossible invented equipment to defraud by more than $1 million in donations. And the use of “permanent financing”, liars can obtain more money from the hand of the people, therefore, the financing environment protection is more urgent. Otherwise, Indiegogo all the raise will lose it forever.


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