India’s electricity “mess” : buy a samsung mobile phone, but only received a bar of soap

hunting cloud network (note: this article derived from Indian man to buy samsung mobile phone is a brick as the starting point, revealing the cause of India’s electricity industry and logistics industry attention. Careful to highlight the Indian electricity industry and logistics industry of many of the problems and “chaos”, and the cause of the problem. Despite India’s electricity business development is very fast, but obviously industry quality and regulation is not to catch up with him.

Laxminarayan Krishnamurthy think a samsung Galaxy Core2 smartphone will be the wife of the perfect gift. But when electronic retail website, to buy from India to package by then, to his shock, open the package there is only a piece of brick, and a bar of soap without mobile phones.

the mumbai retirees were told that the phone is a dealer in transit (probably a Courier) is no good to steal. Therefore, Krishnamurthy do most now being annoy consumers would do: Facebook released on this matter.

although in India, the electricity business developed rapidly, but also with Krishnamurthy thering is no lack of the consumer. Logistics infrastructure: warehouse, skilled workers, the plane, and so on development degree is not enough, though the logistic growth to the United States, China, but still cannot link of logistics distribution and the United States and China.

Krishnamurthy in his page wrote: “on Snapdeal ordered a samsung mobile phone, as a result, it is a bar of soap!!! This is I received the worst of the worst service!!!!!! “He scorned was forwarded more than 21000 times, the forward with consumers complain that these complaints included in Snapdeal, and buy things on Amazon India also lost, damaged, stolen or delay in delivery.

the Indian market sales value increasing, next year may soared 70%, to $6 billion, but such a poor service will greatly affect the electricity of established in the market and consumers trust.

consulting firm Technopak Advisors Pvt sales deputy general manager assistant Pragya Singh said: “consumers can understand you once, but if done repeatedly, they will not choose to forgive. At the same time, you will be labeled as electricity industry does not keep your words.”


bet too risky. Since July, including masayoshi son and Yuri Milner, foreign billionaire, to it, Snapdeal and Amazon total investment of $3.6 billion. Mumbai Avendus investment bank Capital, executive director of Pvt Ritesh Chandra said: “of the cash-rich electricity traders is to occupy more market share in the fierce price war.

in October for three weeks before diwali shopping spree is India one of the most busy hot period in the history of electronic commerce, then all large electricity will be discounted for the consumers.

market leader it on October 6, the highest sales record, and published in India’s national newspapers and on TV ads, promised full as low as 1 fold. And Amazon and Snapdeal are on sale for a whole month, and at a specific date for the special offer, received a large number of orders. Customer demand for the big momentum beyond their imagination, several seconds can be a sale and empty goods, even the server crashed.

for almost all electrical contractor to provide transportation logistics company’s chief operating officer Gojavas Vijay Ghadge said: “it’s like in organizing a party of 100 people, you have to prepare in advance about 120 or 130 people to attend, but if 300 people present, the problem is very serious”.

complaints surge

related monitor collected many consumer complaints. At the same time, delay or loss of the electricity suppliers of the inferior goods and after-sales service complaints, consumers will be released on the Internet and social media. A middle company to collect customer complaints put forward: October received complaints of electricity is twice the average of the six months before.

it’s senior director of supply chain Neeraj Aggarwal said: “the biggest logistics barriers is airline storage space is insufficient.” Electricity, meanwhile, have also pointed out: “because of a shortage of warehouse at the airport, a large number of cargo ships carrying over containers are stacked on the stranded at the airport, so logistics company won’t be able to deliver on time delivery”.

in a telephone interview, in bangalore Aggarwal said: “if you rely solely on air transport, then you punished”.

in the warehouse any

Lakshmi from chennai in southern India Narayanan Baskaran at 8000 rupees ($129) on Snapdeal discount ordered a LED TV, but the time of delivery after three days and have confiscated the arrival of the goods, so he decided to go to the warehouse to find it.

the 22-year-old software interface designers and a friend of his search for the three warehouse in two days, finally result in chennai 18 kilometers (11 miles) of a temporary warehouse found his TV.

Baskaran said in a telephone interview: “it is definitely a super painful experience at a time. We are very angry, but, there is no use complaining, because the inside of the warehouse workers have worked all day in a row, were very tired, “.

Internet and mobile association of India said that India will overtake the us this month, as the world’s second more Internet users. People, however, are less online shopping. According to Technopak, according to 6% compared with 5% in China, with the United States, only 0.5% of India’s trade is derived from the network.


Avendus Capital Chandra put forward: “because of the electricity needs to ultra-low discount attract consumers never online, so dealers in rapid burning money, only so can give discount”.

Chandra also said: “now electricity without making money, but continued losses. This is one of the biggest problems “.

as of this year, Snapdeal and it has lost over two times. According to the Indian registered company statements, Snapdeal has lost 2.64 billion rupees, while it loss of 7.16 billion rupees.

3 years ago, the electronic commerce has not yet arisen, India between logistics agent is focused on the traditional business enterprise of express freight. The country has more than 100000 postal code, tens of millions of consumers, thus, set up a complete logistics network for electronic commerce is a very difficult. Before and only need to transport the goods to the specific business area of the customer.

Technopak Singh said: “in India, the logistics industry is very complex. Too much written documents and laws and rules, and each state is different.”

theft, fraud

Singh also pointed out: “this year’s electricity and logistics company employed a large number of employees, and weak supervision links lead to theft and fraud incidents in”.

Courier company Ecom Expres co-founder Sanjeev Saxena said: “each big company is taking steps to avoid delivery appeared chaos again this year. It, for example, plans to rely more on truck transport rather than air, and at the same time in the busy period temping hire college students. Ecom Express is used in some small cities such as mumbai pune) near the airport in transport, because these small city traffic more smooth, not traffic jam. At the same time using the sorting machine, working efficiency have been greatly improved.

unprecedented volume

Snapdeal spokesman Anjana Swaminathan did not Krishnamurthy orders and other detrimental to reply to email or send the wrong order. But in a statement, Amazon said that during the shopping festival “unprecedented volumes” cause delay in delivery, but companies are trying their best to solve these problems.

worked at Krishnamurthy India’s central bank said in a telephone interview: “I no longer online now. India’s e-commerce and many places to learn “.

he has not all losses of the online shopping. He received the parcel inside of dishwashing soap production of Hindustan unilever, which is. And the company want to pay for the order before he with samsung smartphone to make up for the unpleasant shopping experience.

a two bottles of dishwashing liquid coming with unilever’s message: ‘” it is as we can make you happy happy little effort “.

Krishnamurthy, said: “it was really good. But it is hard to imagine, I was just released on Facebook, caused so many unexpected things “.

Source: Bloomberg


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