In the computer or the hard disk, the vexed thing under the Moore’s law

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“I *, what broken computer, can not line?” “This computer, can’t even play a game, I c” “I this computer no more, so the tortoise reaction, I * big ye”

believe many people have experienced such complaints, especially those professional senior technology curtilage. Though most of us don’t like those technology curtilage technology flow has a picky on hard software requirements, but now we are still unable to meet our computer in the hands of a growing demand.

the development of science and technology brings the explosion of information, the characteristics of the era of big data to a computer running speed has more and more high request, this requires continuous upgrading of the running speed of computer users. In order to upgrade their computer system, a lot of people are beginning to adopt double disk upgrade method, investigate its reason, is substantial. Users pay hundreds of dollars can buy a piece of solid state drives, compared with the traditional hard drives, solid-state drives as show strong vibration resistance, wide working temperature, low energy consumption and long life advantages into the thousands.

what is a double disk?

double disk, it is double hard disk, is a computer DIY enthusiasts to myself two pieces of hard disk in the computer, also has understood as mechanical hard disk in single and double disc, below all generation refers to the double hard disk.

usually have a piece of hard disk in the computer, external memory is the computer. But now mmos and high-definition movies, the development of the large capacity hard disk would have to be to support the operation, so some of the old type of computer hard disk capacity can’t meet the requirements of current.

and then some people will give full play to their talents, to a new hard drive in a computer, so you can boost computer speed, and meet their requirements.

tangled upgrade mode, configuration upgrade or buy new?

although many people have adopted double disk mode to improve computer operation speed, but more people still is in a state of struggle. What is to upgrade or change a new one? Many people get stuck here.

believe that many people have such feeling, when oneself buy a high-end brand computer configuration, can completely meet the requirements of themselves, but only in a few years, the computer industry has been updated several crop, he had high dual-core match is now faded phoenix MAO, four or even eight nuclear market have already been to commandeer the dual-core cannot very good carrier software APP now.

it’s time for the upgrade, but directly in computer seems to high cost. Now, for example, mainstream quad-core eight thread notebook price of the product is about seven thousand yuan or so, dual-core four threads is controlled in four thousand yuan. And to today’s electronic products iteration so fast, it takes a lot of silver products, maybe a year or two and then failed to keep pace with times.

but if adopts the model of double disk upgrade can save a lot of cost. For example, the market mainstream SSD 140 g price is in six hundred yuan, with his can significantly improve the speed of the computer, though not nearly as mainstream high-end grade of name-brand computer atmosphere, but good enough for us ordinary people.

so, you can see that in homes of ordinary people, not technology using SSD system disk, mechanical hard disks for storage of the double disk upgrade pattern price is good, so also don’t have to upgrade for us.

hard drive mode in the age of 2.0

although the double hard disk SSD capacity is very limited, but its running speed is raised, people also is very satisfied with the this change. To people who in the world, the mainstream of the PC market is probably double hard disk products.

if from a technical point of view, the essence of SSD is the integration of flash memory. As the head (the blanks in the hard disk read and write working tool, is one of the most sophisticated part of the hard disk) read disk of traditional hard disk is essentially the disc, and use flash memory as a storage medium of a solid-state drives with no head, seek time (is head to track the target data is the average time, general average seek time of hard disk in the 7.5 ~ 14 ms) is almost zero, so read faster than mechanical hard disk.

because there is no the characteristics of magnetic head, solid-state drives more earthquake resistant, and basically no noise, wide working temperature also make him do not need to be equipped with mechanical motor and fan, so it reduces the noise decibels. At the same time, it won’t happen mechanical failure, not afraid of the collision and impact, because it’s inside there are no mechanical moving parts, it can improve its safety and life, may serve for the people more fixed number of year.

however, adopts the model of double disk upgrade need to reset the BIOS configuration such as foundation, especially the laptop, because the system is more complex, must want to undertake the relevant parameter configuration. If in the process of operation mistakes or technology does not pass is easy to cause the computer can’t work normally. At the same time, in the process of upgrading of the double disk, it should be set to store the disk without dispute system disk, otherwise this upgrade is Bai Sheng, without any meaning.

composite can be seen that the future of the hard drive configuration for personal computer products, solid-state drives a light path are pointed out. But current solid-state drives, development is not very perfect, believe that with the regulation of the market, hard drives will eventually cause the participation of manufacturers to make the SSD technology upgrade, increase capacity, longevity, falling prices, price promotion is no longer long.

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