In the badminton federation to social platform for bp O2O badminton club

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compared with other social platform directly to the end user of the O2O movement, in the past have taken a flattering way: cooperation. To get them through service badminton club sports enthusiasts. They believe that the real movement where social active people, is the large number of various offline club.

to solve the problem of the user, rather than to change the user’s habits. Zhou Xuhong early founder in the badminton federation, is a Chinese Odyssey cultural birthplace, purple xia founding webmaster BBS and offline badminton chengdu easy yu club founder.

team understands the operation mode of the domestic badminton club, badminton federation is a badminton club to provide a line in the CRM management system as the breakthrough point, gather badminton enthusiasts crowd, build an active social platform, high condensation O2O movement. By O2O operation of sports social platform to realize accurate positioning on user low-cost marketing. The future hope to horizontal development to more sports and outdoor projects.
General pattern is that distribution in different cities of badminton club of offline platform can be used in the application in badminton federation. That is to say, after the club house, have independent club website, and manage site and the APP can be set, club activities and financial management also can do a number of Settings. Is the most important function, the user can online booking sites, online registration, prepaid phone, about the ball friend. List for the club, the collection and statistics application form can be clear at a glance, the members of the consumption amount can withdraw at any time.
The whole management level, adopts the way of the Internet to manage to the club. Platform of “financial statements” function, can automatic calculation of each event revenue expenditure and inventory cost and badminton club, the club’s management of the whole can be very easily.

for the badminton federation, through to provide offline club class CRM management services, from the B end could be gathered up his need for wide ranges of accurate user base, the current in the badminton federation’s APP is starting to run, mobile terminal will make more badminton voice in. But whether this pattern can be copied from badminton to like tennis and basketball, football level, and also depends on the further exploration. With B end C gravitates to end user’s sports social products, but similar social products such as vertical movement aimed at tennis grand slam, for soccer, football, in view of the billiards are 17 SNK worthy of attention.

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