In order to reduce the pain of snapping up the iPhone 6, apple will push virtual queuing system

(/horse relief yi wen)

the annual new iPhone starting period, we always see in apple store in long queues, waiting for the fans. Some of them in order to get the first of a new iPhone, don’t mind “camping” in front of the apple store, waiting for early. In order to reduce the pain of fans waiting for process, apple may be on Friday the iPhone 6 sale Japan, introduced virtual electronic queuing system.

in brief, this virtual queuing system, is the original paper line card, moved to intelligent devices such as mobile phone. According to the background and the current inventory waiting for the number, the system can real time to wait for fans, prompt information (via text message or email). With that, the fans can be more scientific and reasonable arrange their own time. Although earlier, to get the number of consumer also need not silly to stood in line, but the virtual queuing system, but it can let them waiting for, for other activities more comfortably.

this information is found in apple’s latest retail shop assistant training materials. We don’t know whether the virtual queuing system will be launched on the Chinese mainland.

it is understood that the iPhone 6/6 Plus 26 this month, starting in the mainland. A new generation of the iPhone while modelling let a lot of people are not satisfied with, but the powerful features of the latest service, let all competitors gasp in admiration.


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