In hand-painted map as the carrier, “the Q travel map” venture capital financing successfully

the traditional pattern of the map are not competitive, but elegant, covers the local characteristics of hand-drawn maps will be as a tourist city of “cultural card” resurgent. Is about to launch a travel map application Q version, is with lovely style of hand-drawn map as the carrier, to join the travel destination features food, tourist attractions, provide passengers with eating, playing, destination tourism route guidance and consumption strategy, at the same time, based on LBS, tourists and the general merchants, even connecting link between visitors and tourists, travel provide online social and consumer services.

based on the Q travel map the creative product logic, the founder and CEO Ye Xiang, tell hunting cloud network, “we are starting a hand-drawn map, build an O2O platform, for Q ‘characteristics, with travel as the theme, in map for entrance, let each visitors can the fastest familiar with a city, and direct access to needed to travel services, as well as those who have the characteristic of merchants to provide more business opportunities.”

Q version of the travel map combines tourism, LBS, cartoon, O2O, according to the genetic makeup of a startup is most suitable for project team. Founder Ye Xiang, serial entrepreneurs, Daniel was renren technology, then join go, become an understanding of the online travel market operation of the engineer. PiaoChengZhe, is a former cold rabbit cartoon creator, deeply from the springs of China fine arts. Is responsible for the promotion of the market Yang Minceng is clear beautiful future designers, after travelling to some Internet company serving the market brand director, she know best what kind of picture can be the audience and spread love. In addition, the tourism planners Shen Xiaoji with 6 years experience in the guide, is good at how to quickly get to know a strange city, find the most recommended in the city of beer and skittles. Five creative staff in the process of the development of the Q travel map, a clear division of responsibilities, each exhibit, accurate fit for product development.

Q version of the product positioning is clear enough accurate travel map, offline also enough, preliminary confirm business model and the team’s ability, the profit pattern of the future is full of imagination. In just the past National Day holiday, the Q travel map in the vc circle “travel issues” recommended, after investors attention, in just 7 days later, still no Q version of the online travel map, success in the venture capital from angel round of investment.

at this stage, the capital injection plays an key role in promoting the rapid development of the project. About the financing experiences, Ye Xiang said Q version of the financing way, travel map is not smooth. A lot of people is O2O pattern of thinking is definitely on the cable products, development of offline operation part again. But, in fact, I think now offline part is often a centerpiece of O2O products. And we have been published in offline hand-drawn map the passengers, the Q of style map of tourism strategy model has been preliminary validation of the market. North sea after the success of the map, we seize the opportunity, this model will be quickly copied to other cities, and at the same time to develop online products.

Q version of the travel map are faced with the problem how to offline products is combined with the online application, make the offline products into online traffic, build O2O business closed loop. Now online investment efficiency is the place where they need to focus on consideration.

about Q version of the map to the future development plan, Ye Xiang said, “after complete financing, Q version of the map will be mainly expand the team, increase the offline product output, bend force make the Q maps offline national chain brand, launched an APP, and create a culture based + LBS + online travel O2O business closed loop, build social, one-stop travel services such as hotel accommodation and travel business ecosystem.”

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