In cocktail party, drink what makes version “about drinking buddies” devoted to the stranger

drinking this behavior since men found that it can be drunk for the first time, has become an activity essential to the social, put his arms around in his brother’s shoulder, then they have a Platonic love for each other. But now the concentration of alcohol for today’s social influence is quite weak. Many of us don’t like companion after drunk, share a status update or a beer bottle in hand.

why drinking become taboo? From the bottom of my heart, because some things is a shameful thing. But luckily, for China’s amateur sommelier, have a kind of new social network appeared, its goal is to become a sommelier haven.

“drink”, in Chinese can be as simple as the meaning of “drink”, the latest version of this app as jam-packed cork stopper poof opened a loud crash. This is a company based in shenzhen, entrepreneurship, the company goal is to link China’s 130 million drinkers, which occupies the world’s largest wine market, it is one of bordeaux chamber of commerce members.

this concept is simple: to build a have emotional appeal applications between strangers, plus some of the influence of the alcohol, then you will grasp the secret of success. To find like-minded friends here to discuss the best card in red wine, parker year can and those who just want to binge, embrace, looking for someone who is happy together.

the people familiar with the Chinese social applications can see right away “what” and “Momo” there are many similarities between. Devoted to devoted to just $216 million IPO, and claims that stranger stranger is China’s third largest social applications, it has 60 million active users. In fact, the founder of “drink” Hu Xiandong is followed Momo, use Momo pattern to create the app, including the location-based Momo core around looking for the user’s model.

Hu Xiandong said: “our target is in the mid – 2015 to achieve 1 million users, while we pay attention to the red wine, but we also do other alcoholic beverages, such as Chinese white wine, beer, whisky, brandy, and so on.”

users can pay close attention to and become close and other users of this app clear tendency to date type, like Momo inspiration. But unlike Momo, “drink” can be said to be a kind of a shot in the dark feeling inside, “drink” user in the beginning are some of the same point. Needs to show the first impression made by themselves and show, which means that most of the application date in the comparative lack of female users, more inclined to face-to-face communication.

Hu Xiandong said: “the taste of wine are to some extent, the sense that gives a person is successful, young girls may be interested in these magenta wine.”

so far, “drink” user community about half man and half woman. But the “drink” have more means to attract users, not just talk face to face. The status bar to drink a Facebook style of users post status updates picture. At the same time it also lists some local tasting events and other activities, these activities users can walk with those who had the same desire.

at first, the startup is made a barcode scanning application, then access databases can tell the user of this wine information, similar to Vivino abroad. When the application is not able to obtain obvious progress, Hu Xiandong transfer strategy decision, and then to today’s “drink”.

before scanning technology and database is included in the “drink” in the app. Now it can identify more than 41000 bottles, which can provide the basic information, reviews, real-time price and Chinese wine website links, usually these links are taobao or Tmall. When applied to scan a bottle, the wine photos are uploaded to the user’s status bar, so that we can ask whether his friends this wine is recommended, or just to show off.

Barcode scanning function of

“we able to identify most of the wine in China. If a bar code is not input into our database, our artificial intelligence service can help users to find information about the wines and its related online sales link price.” Hu Xiandong said.

this year Chinese wine e-commerce retailer “winebibber” financing twice this year raised $70 million and $49 million respectively, so the “drink” seems to be standing at the crossroads of the two fascinating market. Said China’s biggest wine importer, market to locate in entry-level wine rather than expensive top red wine, this will enable industry admittance threshold is lower.

the startup is not monetize this app, but “drink” is considering other options, including as a marketing platform for wine makers.

the latest version of the “drink” application in the iOS and Android market, interested friends can download to try!

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