In a dilemma of millet: want “profits” or “value”

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millet from a trip to the art of steel plate, in a few months, millet on mobile phone products seem to fell silent. In the meizu, newcomers such as huawei, round after round of easing the bit in; Finally at the end of 2014 with millet new message on your phone. Announcing the millet lei jun to complete the latest round of $1.1 billion in financing, said: after the company valued at $45 billion in January 2015, millet will release heavyweight flagship product, in return for the users and investors always support millet.

and also broke the millet the heavyweight online flagship of related parameters and the photos. According to the online rumors leaked information, millet heavyweight flagship product related hard arguments are as follows: the machine will have a full metal fuselage, sapphire glass cover 2.5 D arc screen, more than 5 inches of 2 k resolution, more will be equipped with qualcomm’s first 64 flagship SoC Xiao dragon 810 processor, 4 g run large capacity memory, 1.75 mu m large pixel sensor, and NFC and fingerprint identification.

in terms of this rumor configuration, and it belongs to the heavyweight fever configuration in 2015. But several media exposure in the parameters above at the same time, also revealed a different message: millet mobile phone may be appreciated and want to feel the fever, estimation is washed-up, 1999 3000 and likely to make you feel on a fever. This rumor showed the latest heavyweight flagship millet wants to hit 3000 yuan. But for millet, hit 3000 yuan high is in a dilemma. Why?

in the millet phenomenon in recent years history. The user to select millet, fever configuration and integration of low price of unprecedented price factor is more important than beautiful MIUI. 1999 has close relationship with the millet mobile phone, cheap fever seems to have become the pronoun of millet. Cheap fever brought countless for millet halo, but behind the aura is millet reality of very low profit margins. According to Reuters, millet in, according to a document submitted to the shenzhen stock exchange millet margins are lower, its gross margin is only 1.8%; Such margins and don’t talk with apple’s 28.7% 18.7% (2013), samsung, even with the domestic huawei, OPPO, Vivo, compared to about 10% of the profit margin of the millet is pitifully low. If millet latest heavyweight flagship products carry the rumored configuration also appear with the attitude of 1999, we will almost certainly, millet mobile phone to the latest product may popularity explodes the table, but in popularity explodes the table at the same time, also expect a further diluting millet margins, millet mobile phone will have no profit margins, millet brand will not be able to produce and the influence of the corresponding high premium. Millet need to bear the pain of very low profit margins.

but there are no margins, main brand premium, loss-leader, this estimate is who also don’t want to see. And millet see OPPO in Vivo is in 3000 yuan high foothold, huawei with Mate7 also has been successful, lenovo with the MOTOROLA 3000 yuan on the impact of the married high-end potential also do not have too great pressure, meizu from 3000 yuan to the red line is only one step away, in the whole domestic in 2015 into 3000 yuan under the trend of high. Also in 1999 steps of millet, nature also would like to take the east wind. The high of $3000. But millet to further on the price, you have scruples, need to face many risks.

related data show that at the core of millet flagship product, millet mobile phone highest activity is not the latest 4 3 flagship millet and millet, but millet 2 and former generation products; And from lei jun explosive millet 3, sales of 10.5 million units, 17.4 million units is also much less than millet 2 series; And lei jun on latest product sales of millet 4 secrecy, predictably, presumably millet 4 sales will be less satisfying. Heavyweight flagship as key to promote the growth of millet mobile phone the next round, but if it will be the latest flagship high with 3000 yuan of above. So for millet mobile phone business for many years, cost performance will cease to exist. And the first two generations of products under the premise of no increase in price, active degree is not high, sales have lost momentum, did not have the price of the latest millet, will let users, as usual, for pay? But whether help millet flagship mobile phone up? The answer is lost.

more can not be ignored is that although millet with Internet thinking, value, but not millet market monopoly, millet was not the only players on the market, the wolves circled on the market. Huawei, cool, zte and other veteran players quickly followed suit, meizu has comprehensive attack in 2014 under the full time trend; On the product, the meizu, the seven inches of millet target now knock; With 4 MX4 and Pro beheaded millet, with spirit’s blue screens, red rice, raising $one thousand machine market access. On his way back he is millet’s experience. If the millet heavyweight flagship for new hardware upgrade, but the price rose to 3000 yuan, for this has always been good at fast-tracking, dare to shopping for other domestic price, is hit millet good chance comes once in a blue moon.

hardware configuration of millet out January will have to catch up, but if other manufacturers use the same configuration will be the price positioning in the 2000 s or simply stem dead jianghu pricing 1999, millet self-destruct undoubtedly the Great Wall. Millet jianghu position estimation will be difficult to secure.

millet mobile phone products in 2014 has been feeling the pressure, millet 4 in industrial design, configuration, price and compared the meizu on factors such as innovation and has no advantages, such as huawei and its games with meizu fight wars but also reflects the important influence prices for rice loyalty. Users to buy the product is crucial for any vendor, and even more so for millet, lei jun in building ecological big chess millet, users in the hands of millet mobile phone is the most core of millet ecological bearing, leave millet mobile phone, millet beautiful MIUI became madrassa reflected, like; A dish of lei jun struggling to build ecological big chess will receive enormous impact, on the price of the campaign, lei jun to lose.

a few years ago, millet with fever, low space of both cost-effective has captured a large number of users, but with the passage of time, the millet this cost-effective compared to other brands seem to have not only a attractive and competitive. Fever, low space of both cost-effective in the user has been deeply rooted in the heart, seems to have become the millet mobile phone, however. Now millet was trapped in his recipe for success. Millet latest heavyweight flagship want to hit 3000 yuan, is in a dilemma. In, may be lost; Back, then missing the high-end market, the loss of premium brand, 2015 of millet, there seems to be no better.

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