In 2015, 25 technology start-ups that deserves attention

note: hunting cloud in the New Year, what technology start-ups may be entered into the phase of rapid growth and stand out from the crowd? Here are selected by the American technology blog Business Insider deserves close attention of 25 hottest start-up technology companies. Translated by tencent technology, list as follows:

1, Ginger. IO

Ginger. IO company consists of data science, software engineering, interactive design, of experts in the field of clinical research, medicine, etc, to the researchers, a physicist and health care personnel to provide the corresponding behavior analysis ability, so as to improve the level of medical staff in the treatment of patients. The company involved in big data, health care and mobile, and other fields. Ginger. IO the information provided by the company according to the patient’s smartphone applications, help hospitals and medical staff care patients, detecting changes in the patient’s behavior and health.

2, Spire

recently for a period of time, the digital health is widely favored by investors, although most enterprises still need to prove their equipment and the application effect. One by the potential investors to start-up is the Spire, the company once considered the United States food and drug administration (FDA) approved it as a real medical equipment enterprises. Spire application can act as a very mature action tracker, you can state induction human movement, and the way of breathing. The device using this information, and through the mobile application allows users to better understand the daily activities, consciousness, etc. Spire use although there is no an Android version, but it must have the corresponding ability, to improve the user’s activity ability, relieve stress and enhance the user’s attention.

3, Headspace

there are more than 100 users are using some Headspace applications, to experience meditation and relaxation in the form of a kind of brand-new feeling. This is an excellent application, can locate the user’s schedule, tracking the user’s process, and help the user get feedback information in the process of walking. Users can even use it all on the trip to interact with friends, stimulate the vitality of each other.

4, Canva

Canva is Australia’s a start-up site, the company can make those not stylist USES the tools of drag and drop function to make the graphics. In the past 16 months, Canva 1 million users have created more than 700 design graphics. Canva, moreover, has just launched a new feature that allows users to share and discover the design, so as to let users posted their design work, pay attention to their friends and interact with others. Canva Design institute (Canva Design School) is a new platform, can provide users with more working space and teaching resource center.

5, Electric Objects

the start-up, in New York by jean-claude juncker levy (josh Levine) to create, has developed a computer code named E01. The machine is mainly used to display the user the hd art of the Internet in the home. Electric Objects is also the first to provide digital display, distribution system and integrated one of the products such as works of art. Users can explore and display tens of thousands of kinds of works, including the original works of art, or upload their own works. E01 computers can easily as a wall decoration, also can be used as a vertical decorations, specific style completely controlled by the user through the phone, and reflected in real time. Expect the limited edition E01 products will begin from May 2015 shipment.

6, Simpolfy

Simpolfy is a start-up of the use of technology to engage in political affairs, the products are still in the test. The company is located in Seattle, is a new independent enterprise, mainly by means of science and technology, told its members shall support which one representative or what kind of act, and convenient and its members through the site, very easy to contact with their representatives. Simpolfy mainly for those who use their websites to focus on hard data.

7, Blinkist

users might like to read some good books on workplace, but lack of time. The berlin-based Blinkist company developed an application, to some very popular non-fiction books, the main point to a length of 15 minutes of mobile card reader. These pooled together content can be in iOS, Android devices, and read in any web browser. At present, Blinkist collected more than 500 books, will be increased by 40 per month the content of this book. Users to pay $99 a year, you can get a preferential price Blinkist reader, so that you can read all the books, and listen to more new content by way of audio.

8, Kytabu


Kytabu in Kenya is a start-up, main is to make the digital textbooks, and allow the user to select the mobile platform to buy part or all of the textbook content. So, can let more users according to their own economic conditions to choose learning content and way. In Kenya, about 7.5 million children in regular school of learning, there are 7.2 million children in informal schools. Of course, blueprint Kytabu is most other African countries.

9, Crypho

Crypho is a start-up in Norway, main is to create the network real-time encryption communication solutions. Crypho can let users within a few minutes for their business to create a secure end-to-end encryption communication channels, in the process, the user does not need to install any software. Crypho applications running in the cloud. The user can come from different organizations and networks. In addition, plans are also available for users to use varied, from free account of individual account to large organizations, etc.

10, arg, 3 d

as 3 d printing will micro manufacturing is presented to the public, 3 d scanning is emerging in the eyes of the public. Arg, 3 d is the university of Oxford derivative company, the company developed a portable 3 d scanner, it is mainly used for 3 d mold application and 3 d printing. Arg, 3 d handheld scanner, for example, as a fool type 3 d graphics system, able to capture high-resolution images and color data of the object, and the cost was less than other similar with one over ten of the cost of 3 d scanning system.

11, the Metamind


MetaMind company provides a perfect solution of artificial intelligence, this solution is mainly composed of “deep learning” (DL) support. DL consists of a set of technical support, the technology does not need top experts to knowledge to programming for the algorithm. By contrast, the technology, by learning to observation data, provide natural language processing, computer vision and prediction database related solutions, such as automatic medical image diagnosis, as well as the aspects such as finance, marketing and social media analysis emotion analysis module, etc.

12, Wearable Experiments

this is a highly social driven wearable technology company, the company’s goal is to fashion and technology integration into functional design aesthetics. For example, the company’s new Alert emblazoned on products. For this product, Wearable Experiments company establishment and popular design of hardware, software, etc., and combined with the movement of the real-time data, the data transmission via a smartphone application to jersey. Alert after tshirt again will these data into a powerful perception, can die field sports activities.

13, Ello


Ello in August 2014 to launch a social network, at the time, the social network login only 90 friends. More than four months passed, and now the global millions of users began to join Ello. Global community, the social network should be able to become the scene of people encourage each other and the connection, not to deceive, force, and manipulating others. Ello site refused to support advertising, therefore, also refused to sell user data.

14, Cratejoy


yes, now people are in a “Shared economy” era, which is an important part of the subscription model. Cratejoy is an all-in-one platform, is mainly based on the subscription business model. Cratejoy can help users save time and focus on the real work of transaction, such as business users. Cratejoy includes a network generator, subscribe to the generator and some specially designed for all subscribe to the business and very cool reporting tools. Other useful feature is the “subscribe” and the thought similar to person “discussion BBS”.

15, Alfred


$99 per month, users can use their own personal butler Alfred. In fact, Alfred is like a friendly helper, once a weeks to users at home and help the user to do a good job in a week of household chores, including groceries, freezer in stock, laundry, dry cleaning, sewing, for the parcels, etc. In fact, Alfred was launched in New York and Boston at the end of 2014.

16, Spring


Spring is one of the best application of apple in 2014, it is a good mobile marketing applications. This app can provide a simple way to brands, so that consumers directly using the brands of the existing e-commerce infrastructure companies to shopping. Users to buy any products from brands there shipments. Spring, like Seamless and Grubhub, engine just ACTS as a reference. From the point of appearance, Spring more like them or Pinterst, unlike traditional shopping application. The most exciting feature is, however, when the users use the Spring, only the “brush” scheme, can easily shopping.

17, Fits me


Fits me is to use the robot models and artificial muscles to simulate the buyers to the required shape and size. Fits. Me virtual fitting room can let retailers online shoppers’ interactive experience, and to help shoppers choose the right clothes, reduce their clothes related kickbacks, increase the value of each order.

18, Bringg


Bringg is a start-up in Israel, mainly by software as a service (SaaS) and the mobile platform to provide enterprises with the corresponding ability to make enterprise have the ability to real-time display the current orders for their customers. In this way, customers can through the map to see deliveryman location, access to relevant detailed contact information and photos of the deliveryman.

19, Carwow


the new trading platform provider Carwow Holborn (Holborn) company is located in London, the small start-ups can give customers an excellent complete shopping experience. The user can through the online program to design their ideal car, however more selectively from the site carefully selected dealers buy cars directly.

20, Satellogic

if the new space revolution will come from a small start-up companies, Argentina Satellogic company may would be one of the important enterprises. In 2014, the company launched three satellites. Satellogic company aims to establish a model of satellites, so that every few minutes to draw every scene images on the earth. So you will be able to provide a real-time image of the earth, including the global business activities and planetary health, social conflict and natural events, etc.

21, Affectiva


the start-up process of the world’s largest sentiment analysis database (so far has more than 230 face images) are analyzed, with extremely mature senior patentability facebook and facial recognition software. Through high accuracy Affectiva technology and data to generate the unique insights and ideas, more about the market research, advertising, education and other industries will have important significance.

22, Exotel


Exotel company is located in bangalore, India, mainly to provide cloud communication services, intelligent tracking for each phone calls, record, and determined the phone line, this kind of service has intelligence analysis function, and then through the API and quickly integrated into the user’s existing CRM system. Exotel is about more than 500 corporate clients, the company found a cheaper way for companies to replace expensive call center.

23, We Are the Pop Up

We Are Pop Up company may help the lessee to the ideal place for quick and easy to find and leasing, including from shops and restaurants to other strange places. Tenant search hundreds of landlord provide places, you can contact with landlord directly by this platform. Through the application, the user can even lease fence, table, shelves, etc.

24, Gimlet Media

Gimlet podcast Media is a narrative nature of the network. nullnullnullnull

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