Imagination Technologies to build super GPU for wearable devices

as wearable devices and the development of Internet, traditional graphics chips are facing various problems and challenges, Imagination Technologies provides a new solution: a new kernel can improve 60% graphics performance.

there is no doubt that the wearable device graphics processing power will become more powerful.

Imagination Technologies has released to more powerful GPU chip manufacturers. The headquarters in London, the company says the graphics processor performance increased by 60%, compared with the original, the new kernel can will speed up to 2 billion times of low-end products, high-end products can even reach 1.5 trillion.

this all-new PowerVR Series 7 xt and PowerVR Series 7 xe graphics processing units can be compatible with the next generation of smart phones and tablets from using Android 5.0, the smart TVS, set-top boxes, wearable equipment, automotive electronics equipment and a Series of products.

for the high-end products, 7 xt can provide a single low-power chips with 512 nuclear operations, which makes the xt can working on the next generation of servers or 3 d game. At the same time, 7 xt also has high adaptability for entry-level devices, 16 and 32 nuclei of products can be compatible.

7 xt using the latest PowerVR Rogue GPU architecture to provide hardware virtualization and security support services. Based on the seven xt high compatibility, manufacturers can be applied in many products, including the iot system is becoming more and more popular.

7 xt include hardware surface subdivision, energy management, geometry shader, compression technology, and unique functions.

Imagination Technologies, executive vice President of marketing, Tony King – Smith said: “with the function of image equipment into every aspect of life, each generation of equipment need compatibility extensive and efficient GPU as the necessary condition to popularize products. Through PowerVR 7 series, we not only perfected the GPU architecture, we also optimized the IP support tools and fast physical processing performance. This allows users of our products at any time can choose perfect collocation of energy consumption.”

parallel computing tasks for the graphics, the GPU’s performance is better than original 300%.

Jon Peddie research institute, the founder of Jon Peddie said in a statement said PowerVR7 series: “through the 7 series, Imagination Technologies provides a hardware surface subdivision of the new features, such as the application of these characteristics that allow users to select more silent strategies. By the new kernel of virtualization, Imagination Technologies, not only provides a new graphics chips, also let the user’s system security from the chip guaranteed.”

new kernel can be authorized chip makers to use now.


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