I’m boring, complete the $20 million B round a tencent led

outbound Tours travel service platform I boring net announced today completed $20 million B round, led by tecent, morningside and capital. New funds will mainly to mobile terminal Tours or destination market two-way power.

the data shows, I am boring travel network by mango net President Ernest wong in October, 2013, officially launched in April this year, the current main Tours American market (will be copied to other countries), providing personalized demand of pure Tours and half self-help travel products. At present, the company products include American hotel, drive car rental, shuttle service, local tuxedo, personality characteristics play, visas, insurance, phone CARDS and other tens of thousands of kinds of products. After reports that morningside capital in the past to me boring trip invested millions of dollars in investment.

so choose the American market, this is closely related with Chinese to tourist boom, is a fast-growing markets. Specific to the product link, I travel network structures, the system underlying architecture and data system, the underlying system through a lot of docking suppliers, reduce the layers of middlemen “exploitation”, but also realize the order confirmation and endorse back in time, and all the digital tourism products, granular and institutions, to achieve docking of front-end applications.

at the moment, my interest in travel network in the United States a hotel nearly 3 m, drive rental cars pick it up for nearly a century model nearly thousand points, nearly 40, 200 airport shuttle machine products, 200 tickets for scenic spots, show tickets, 100 kinds of performance meet the demand of pure self-help travel more than 1300 kinds of personalized products, including the American supercar, the helicopter, Manhattan, astronaut training, pool party and gourmet tour and so on, about 1000 local tuxedo Tours half type products.

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