Illumio, enterprise cloud data of the firewall

throughout so not calm after 22 months, cloud security service startup Illumio plan no longer surreptitiously make research and development, and in the last week to explain how it works.

Illumio CEO Andrew Rubin said: “Illumio protection for data center and cloud computing infrastructure not only provides the cloud with the modern firewalls, and much more.”

Illumio security technology is a kind of to the enterprise cloud workspace to access management tool. General security service companies such as Conjur provide very cloudy computing infrastructure for the company to manage the access, so you can ensure that a particular talent into a specific server or directory, and Illumio would apply this to every single workspace, ensure that a specific workspace is sent to a specific server.

Rubin explained: “in both public and private cloud or bare-metal, users can be called a virtual execution node software agents to their server operating system, and the content includes all work area agent can be transferred between the server.”

these agents are protected by agreement calculation engine, users can determine how the workspace of the content delivery. If users need more servers, calculation engine will see a circumstance to the workspace content distribution new server.

“we can build the whole environment and communication between the parts of the image.” Rubin said, “you put the computing platform agreement provided to each individual workspace content.”

Rubin says the workspace content security system can ensure the application to run in the developer environment will not be sent to the product on the server, is paranoid for cloud storage companies can be within their own environment security agreement, this agreement can be applied to the public cloud computing infrastructure.

Illumio method of research and development of science and technology including modern safety problem to communicate with other companies, the company found the problem when Illumio even no core products can solve these problems.

“although we have been in secret, but in fact we communicate with more than one hundreds of companies have.” Illumio’s chief commercial officer Alan Cohen said.

Illumio provide service for Morgan Stanley, Plantronics and yahoo, and already from Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, 8, the Data Formation of Collective, Marc Benioff and Jerry Yang won a $42.5 million investment.



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