If there is no choice apple Siri, maybe it has control of the world

abstract: Dan Kaplan like stories tell entrepreneurs, he worked for Twilio, Asana, Salesforce to exploit market, and on the Threadling write blog posts about marketing, marketing, happy also tell stories. The author believes that if Siri choice is Google instead of apple, and firmly on the road of self accomplishment, so maybe it’s fate is far better than now. Not only that, the author also to Siri not out of the shining path of fantastical imagination.

when I saw the most radiant entrepreneurs disillusionment was into the abyss and then to sell yourself to deep-pocketed buyers, I always feel your heart in a little bit broken.

this is not because I envy these entrepreneurs have personal wealth and success due to exit. In fact, each participant’s wallet have turned drum, it’s like a dream. But the cash really let me feel sad, when the rockets in the sky is eagle-eyed acquirers to find and come off from the sky, they almost can only reach the height in front of me.

Siri just like that, from the incredible, and for the iPhone 3 gs for nothing begins its journey of life, but it could grow into the next Google.

Siri is a semi-finished products

Siri released less than half a year later, apple bought it. At first, as the iPhone app Siri didn’t take off, and the founders and investors, the state does not seem to have improved.

this is because when Siri is just a stand-alone application, it is unreasonable to hop to the magic of it:

1. Will the iPhone unlock

2. Open the Siri application and waiting for it to load the

3. Gently touch the button tell Siri to you is going to make it perform the voice command

4. Speak out your order and wait for the results

like a handful of observers, even if I’m excited, make Siri technology or let me do not look good: who has the time tube waiting Siri from open to execute the command process!

Siri wants to change the world, must be binding and operating system, it seems obvious. So, want to let Siri on the iPhone, unless the underlying technology of apple have mastered it.

why not Nuance

since the birth of Siri, a company called Nuance has given the iOS speech recognition. To a certain extent, it is well known, but never put on the table to let everyone heated discussion questions.

apple did not have Nuance, this with other iOS implanted something different, Nuance in speech recognition technology sales to other companies have a solid business. In addition, it also sell at the same time to the end consumer some dictation software, although the sales situation is not so good. Having a NUANCE, apple will have to take out billions of dollars and take over more than 10000 employees, but also engaged in a business may be considered to be quite boring.

for Nuance, apple is just another of his clients, it only authorized its voice recognition technology and its convergence to the apple is in a hurry to build data center, that’s all. But Siri for apple, and a different Nuance.

if not in apple, Siri will evolve?

turn head to think about, and Steve Jobs took the apple before more than $300 in cash, than when they bought Siri look is different now. Had Siri does not be acquired, so there are still several road let Siri vigorous: developing applications for the iPhone, for example, luxuriant turned into human-computer interaction interface voice platform around the world.

2011: if Siri “trust” is the Android

if the Siri is developing applications for Android, then maybe Siri will be built into the Android system from the start.

so, when a user use the Android version of Siri, what need to do is to pick up the phone, all the things on the ear, to call the shots.

just like at the beginning of the iPhone application Siri, Android version of Siri can help you to booking, booking hotel, and help you call the car. But different depth is that it is embedded in the operating system, would let you, your way, all action seamless and smooth.

2012: Siri will become the mobile version of Google voice

Siri has been basically achieved the union of products and markets, and through some clever marketing and strong word-of-mouth, for further investment is quite attractive.

Siri’s founder, grab the search + trading opportunities and heavily hit the market.

independent focus, Siri to build a team with ambitious integration to more services. Before long, you can tell it from papa John’s pizza shop, order have four kinds of meat pizza and coke. Do you still want to let Siri to help you from 1-800 – FLOWERS, flower shop, send a bunch of FLOWERS to my mother on mother’s day? Let what Siri to look for the next trip flights and make a best? These are no problem.

all in all, the time is already under way Siri’s transactional business model.

2013: Siri 3.0, open API

after 2 years of steady improvement and supplement, the team released the Siri 3.0.

it can free access to your email, calendar and watches, and prediction is given advice, just like today’s Google Now. But Google Now only take the initiative to give notice, but it can go a step further: Siri Lyft application to help you open it you car.

as Siri prediction task engine, Siri team to release again: Siri publish API.

open API, Siri by bringing in third-party applications can make this small house became a great empire.

2014: refused to Google, samsung, hand in hand to force apple “to”

have enough Siri, let Google very coveted, but it is still rejected the search giant tempting offer many times.

Siri and (have) the most powerful Android competitors – samsung cooperation, Siri became the default voice assistant samsung devices.

in order to not be samsung left behind, apple had to get the authorization of Siri, to incorporate it into the iOS system.

2015-2018: the whole world is Siri

Siri has passed the way it had almost all of the networking equipment. Driving Teslas people just say “Hey Siri”, then you can change music, send important emails, and obtain the recent inward and outward orientation. Who has the latest version of Apple TV will ask Siri to help them to switch to the power game or the giants game channel.

in this regard, Siri will handle almost all you may complete online transactions, and reply you want to search all sorts of problems. Want to find out what day before San Francisco apartment for rent? Get things done. Want to you are listening to music is directly added to the list? It is ok to say.

Siri on the road to go forward to the new world, with your mobile phone, PC, tablet, and car dashboard to trade dialogue, will be often. Before through the keyboard and then click on the link mode of Internet will become a thing of the past.

when I: no jobs, Siri are more likely to be towards the dark

Siri’s founder and/or investors does not seem to see attractive in version 1.0 came out, in turn, decided to accept apple’s cash, rather than in the glorious potential road trip, an independent firm pursuit. Given that they have to face the pressure, uncertainty and apple very tempting offer, we cannot say they are crazy.

but cash out of this incredible technology in its destiny on the road out of control. If Steven Jobs is still alive, may be out of his sight, and his zeal and Google compete with ideal allows Siri onto the road of pervasive, however, this did not happen.

if it is not real, but we think of them, then most likely now Siri’s creators have been operating a company that billions of pounds. At the same time, Siri itself can shake the world, change the way we interact with the Internet, and threat to Google to destructive.

however, now for the rest of Siri looks but also is a selling point has been hype iOS: once beautiful, once glorious, will fade as ignoring and time.

we can only look forward to, recently released by the two initial founder of Siri Viv, can make it come again.


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