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cloud network hunting note: C2C O2O is undoubtedly the two years of the most popular industry vocabulary, we frequently see related startups get high financing, as investment institutions, IDG is also active participant. Recently, the porch ID partners in an internal sharing meeting to share the IDG thinking and opinions about this field, cloud network share out hunting, provide the reference for the readers, and entrepreneurs.

The following for sharing content arrangement:

C2C O2O why “now”, why would happen will happen on the mobile terminal, it will eventually go? This is very important for macroscopic problem.

why C2C services will rise in mobile client?

The first:

about macro background. All the business model in the world are essentially buying or possession of the time, this is never change. Every time a lot of investment or business model opportunities, are basically “people way of time using significant migration and change”. The simplest example of this is the time to watch TV on reading the newspaper, the time to use the computer watching TV, the time to use a mobile phone with a computer.

The second:

about opportunities. Basically large macroscopic changes are in order to solve a wave to solve the problem of bad. Such as the best PC to solve the problem, if baidu as the ultimate form of the industry, to solve the production of circulation, sales and advertising of the manufacturing problem (this is a relatively general summary), mainly in the electronic commerce. Time distribution shift to the mobile terminal, a macro premise is resolved to solve bad and a lot of industry, is the service industry, the third industry, including cultural industry.

– in fact, most of it industry to provide services are based on the nature of individual services for individuals, it is the nature of the industry. But this involves two questions like this:

the first problem is that the supply and demand both sides is not standardized, and with the tangible physical product is not the same.
Second question, the vast majority of C2C services essence are selling some skills or professional knowledge, or provide the solution. Such as the generation of driving is to provide the driving skills and expertise to find their way, generalization to all with the service industry, of course, this also led to a more personal or not the underlying problem.

the vast majority of C2C services, meanwhile, have the characteristics of the two very important.

the first characteristic, otherwise it is associated with the background of “you come to me to”; Second, there are a lot of drive is communication, such as consulting, accounting, law, education, is selling a communication process, through the communication process sales of my professional skills and the service itself.

these two characteristics given the C2C services to appear in the mobile terminal. The hardware characteristics of the inherent in our mobile devices, with location service and communication skills, the two functions are on the PC is not. Under this major premise, China should solve the problem of the service sector will occur on a mobile terminal, at the same time should start from C2C.

move the C2C why O2O service from the first start?

why don’t we go to the cast of B2C O2O service?

because of all the building trading closed loop of this process, the most difficult thing is we the information of both supply and demand for IT, or make IT to give IT the information expressed by the IT information, digital information.

in restaurants, for example. If the trading and service completely encapsulated in experience, the following information must be real-time access: this restaurant how many seats, now many people dining, there will be many dining, the average table a few people to eat to what extent, how long each ate, per capita consumption how long, how many dishes, each dish how much… So that consumers can decision. But the restaurant IT is very challenge problem, and that means the first you have to find the owner, the second do you want to sell IT a smart POS machine, the trading information together, the third after a few would you want and the person of hutch cook existing conditions into the IT information. Its average IT turn determines the are less likely to make a into a deal closed loop.

before ten years time, because the systemic requirement of our country, each and every one of us airlines, has made its ticketing system access to the aerospace and seat, the airline ticket information, price information into a complete IT, this case made O2O ticket industry is possible. Before 89, the ministry of culture requirements, we have emerged in the cinema system of ERP system, making the booking a seat in the cinema this was IT in advance. IT permeates the whole industry, you on the front end to realize that I can’t buy the tickets.

B2C difficulty is determined by the overall level of IT, and in the middle of the attrition rate is too much. Why do we need to throw C2C? The reason is very simple, as an example, see drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi to go, for personal use mobile devices used by the software, if its leverage ratio is big enough, the supply of information may be easy to IT, and on the personal mobile end demand side, too, in this case, to encapsulate, to complete a closed loop.

my conclusion is that, in under the condition of economic interests, C B move more easily than many. Is just like ten years ago, why start the largest and fastest in the middle of the electronic commerce is one of the earliest taobao instead of jingdong? Reason is the same, for C, because you are doing the electronic commerce of the closed loop, IT also needs to encapsulate themselves, is the SKU I backend inventory, sales, descriptions of what SKU, decide how much the price, now what kind of activity, can accept what kind of orders, etc., for IT. The individual businesses, for C, there are subjective initiative into IT.

China has many problems, service development,

first, China’s service into unreasonable

this is an important drive in China. In China most of the service industry development time is too short, the service provider, to his money into too little.

how much less? I give you a few examples of the most easy to imagine, real estate agents, real estate agents to the bottom, probably between 15-30%, if you are a one-on-one tutoring, find an institution, assigned to the teacher in about 20-25%, I translate this sentence, you spent 100 yuan tuition, but you just bought $20 teachers – this is the problem between supply and demand.

in the foreign service industry development time is longer, at least in many developed countries in providing personal service single tip of the guild regulations, means to give the recognition of individual service value is relatively high, so the mean is divided into proportion is better.

the second, the Chinese service mode is difficult to do light

why in China and the United States made an example of easy to and Uber, why they are two different?

before easy to in China, those who use them as any one, in addition to the taxi service, how many people hire a taxi outside the car? I think the percentage is very low. But for us, it besides taxi, in a big city is supplied with various levels of point to point transport service, and can be a single and temporary, single or call it a price range and the limit is also very different, so it’s travel is a relatively full development, and has the value of the service industry.

in China you find it difficult to do light almost all such patterning, what light? China only light, there is only one example do is drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi, because the cab driver in this matter, in the first three lines city residents life, your every expectation is very standardized, about what do you think of this car should look like, this car looks like, what head driver, the driver told you what kind of words, the driver is what level, in Beijing, Shanghai and so on are different, what is with the driver felt that the passengers, the average amount to how much of a day, all the things are almost standardized. In this case do a connection tool to improve efficiency, to solve the standardized service this matter, apparently also can improve the efficiency.

in China and the United States, in this type of business model in reshaping the business model of service industry in the United States, there are two kinds, almost there is only one China. China will face the problem is that the infrastructure and service providers are not standardized, enough buyers and sellers expectations are not consistent enough. We Chinese almost all the O2O packaging services, reshape the user-friendly way over the whole process of service, and is not big relations with the line of the original service process. So the light and two modes can be heavy, only heavy in China.

offline services is lagging behind in the third, the Chinese in consumer expectations of

we all in the past few years, e-commerce, Internet finance, Internet education, O2O, C2C sharing economy, these is driving force for the development of the contradiction between supply and demand in China. This contradiction come from our past more than ten years in China, due to our rapid economic growth, lead to our personal or household disposable income has gone up a lot, but the line corresponding to improve the speed of the delivered by the object of consumption is far behind our consumption ability or desired level.

can cite many examples. First, the 78 years ago, because taobao mainstream consumer groups, is about 85 plus or minus a two-year-old girl, was 21-23 years old, the little girl at that stage will be stepping into the society, these people just entering society, they are the biggest demand is what? I put it on the electrical goods class called “primary personal consumer goods”, does not want to buy some cheap, the variety of beautiful, quality force OK clothes line, this is her consumption ability and consumption desire. But in line, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai like zoos and wudaokou wholesale market, it is often difficult to solve.

for another example, the Internet finance is triggered by balance treasure? Actually, in fact, per capita disposable assets investment scale reaches a certain level, you have the demand of the resource allocation. But unfortunately, in China only and checking the two can choose on a regular basis. Also, people have the capacity for consumption or investment, but the corresponding line solution does not give you meet your abilities of consumption and investment solutions.

as a result, the past all the business opportunities in China in the event of two problems: the first question, it do much heavier than that of the United States, the chain, the second thing, once order, development space is larger than the United States.

the reason is very simple, because offline rivals is a relatively insufficient competition, the competition weak enough, that’s why it will be a larger company.

recently for a period of time in the circle of friends is popular a word: do company is billions of dollars of ecosystem, is billions of do platform, make product is billions of dollars. Mean is very cattle taobao company, because it made the ecosystem. But I think, taobao became ecotype company is its strategic advantages and great, basically it embarked on the road is forced, only jingdong chose it yourself, it chose the configuration you to do, but in this position do electricity is needed.

the American village, no matter how famous department store in suburban will open a shop, selling goods, price, brand is the same. But China is not the case, taobao made into ecological company, e – Bay only made into trading platform. It should be said that taobao is forced, said it was forced to reason, China in the same period of the consciousness of the retail industry and infrastructure support is not enough, so I want to build a more friendly to the user, to a higher standard of retail solutions. I almost every link of things, I need to come again, do I need to cultivate and foster or themselves, taobao is propped up, so that the ecological, I think the difference is not big.

jingdong do the self-built logistics, amazon, why don’t you do that? The reason is very simple, because the United States in logistics and production management is mature enough and advanced, so it is in the above plus a trading platform, better match the supply and demand. Jingdong is very painful, it started, it support layer in the logistics industry is not good enough, so it through self-built logistics to encapsulate the user experience.

so I reshape O2O and C2C in China, I am very firmly believe that with packaging services, to integrate yourself.

10 years of friendship, tell me about the feelings of Mr. Luo

Mr Luo is my friend for more than ten years, though I finally did not throw his hammer, I always feel he done it, I later realized that there are some things different. I met Mr. Luo for so many years, Mr. Luo in most cases, more controversial is the universal values, but he basically all argument is based on the premise of, no matter what he said is dirty.

in China, our culture and the people to be more some compromise. If you stick some universal values on their own, I admire idealism, I am willing to different, it is very difficult, said the words, almost no retreat in China. Is old, I think this is a very brave, I would love to become more pure. Absolutely impossible to have such an opportunity in the past, but just happened to travel to China today, after we had food and clothing to this problem, many young people in our society and is willing to at the time of consumer products and services, in which to respect these people or emotional or mental factors, or cultural factors, factors or ideals and feelings, in this, people like Mr. Luo again controversy, at least so that people have an opportunity to do business, and more or less to get a degree of commercial acceptance and recognition of consumers.

to our entrepreneurs, should begin from this time, can do some corrections to the values of the things, can do some more mental orientation or value orientation, while doing these things at the same time, you begin to recognized and accepted by the society, both from investors and consumers.


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