IDareX dare to play, limit outdoor sports video information aggregation platform

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banff mountain festival for outdoor enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts and explorer, was a carnival event, it can never take hot film and television works, let the audience, is known as the “Oscar” outdoor. Recently launched an outdoor sports video sharing platform – iDareX dare to play, extensions to banff mountain festival for entrepreneurial ideas.

dare to play with entrepreneurial teams from tencent, Microsoft, sina and other Internet companies, are all limit outdoor and sports camera enthusiasts, and is China’s largest GoPro community resources. Why did you choose in the field of outdoor sports vertical business, dare to play, founder and CEO may convective cloud network, “limit outdoor sports market to around 15% growth each year, almost five year is three times the growth, while domestic extreme sports class content too scattered, broken pieces, not easy to find, content needs to be a professional platform integration, dare to play with this demand point as the breakthrough point, to build all outdoor sports information aggregation platform, let the user with the film experience extreme sports outdoors.”

dare to play home page designs are as cool as a limit in the outdoors, platform choice for video information as the breakthrough point. The reason is that domestic platform class video website focus on TV, film copyright categories, outdoor extreme sports video is a market gap; Second shot easily GoPro, xinjiang and other digital equipment the rise of the lower limit of outdoor video UGC costs. Dare to play is outdoor extreme sports video aggregation platform, video category involves the four categories of street, mountain, water and air, and label, the content of the video by tags to share and communicate a comprehensive understanding of the limit of outdoor sports people, equipment, place and movement, the operation is simple and convenient.

in addition, dare to play also provide outdoor sports news and tracking; Limit of talent, shops, clubs and societies in; Experience-based tourism and the training function. Establish GroPro/average technology exchange and demonstration zone, by uploading video and images to build their own personal space. Platform combined with mountain skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving, etc combined with tourism, attract potential users area experience, on the basis of the professional coach, club, such as recommended, can be short or long term experience extreme sports.

dare play platform also made some exploration for business model. Dare to play through the video upload and photographers tag, to build their own brand zone, click on the section, through the zone under the brand introduction, video reviews and photos diversion, purchase system can jump straight to e-commerce sites. May tell hunting cloud network, “the future will have to dig deeper into equipment purchase, online and offline experiences, such as competition for some new attempts.”

with the limits of traditional outdoor sports information network, information web site, compared to dare to play with the way newer, stronger information integration ability. Currently, dare to play is a platform of aggregation and classification and video closed beta version is optimized, dare to play has been in contact with several investment institutions at the same time, into the next phase of planning the financing. “At the end of the financing, dare to play will focus on strengthening the marketing and the improvement of the products function, in the future, dare to play which will break the polymerization to replace main way, makes every effort to give the user more novel and exciting limit outdoor sports experience.” May finally concludes.

iDareX dare to play

company: dare to play (Beijing) technology co., LTD.


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