I want to pick up person: “outbound travel + personalization” cut travel dating

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the most beautiful not just the scenery, and all peer. A journey, don’t care about destination, care about the scenery and accompany you to the man who looks at it. As the saying goes: “don’t travel, really want to old!” , taking the advantage of young, travel, more and more friends, while traveling to pursue belongs to each person’s happiness, and at the same time bring happiness to nearby of every one of us.

how to travel and the integration of social elements is the starting point of “I want to pick up person” function design. In the concrete, I’m going to pick up people focus on outbound tourism and local custom service, dedicated service in dating young people love to travel, is good at company, committed to build a self-help travel, dating together as the core of the community interaction platform, open young unique dating new mode of travel.

according to hunt cloud network know, I want to pick up people belonging to 9 meters technology co., LTD., hangzhou founding team members from shanda, China telecom and other famous companies respectively. Founder and CEO Hu Liangchun, two years ago has been keen on tourism, have also worked to several tourism project, but because of the team members at that time is more dispersed, finally ran out in failure. Hu Liangchun hunting cloud network interview, “in the circle of e-commerce hoarding find 2 years, in the boom phase, mobile Internet, hope the team will not be cast aside by this trend, in the end under the consensus view and partner, start a business I want to pick up.”

I’m going to pick up the functions and characteristics of the people is “travel + customization service” to make friends, in order to solve the traditional join the tourist group of high cost, satisfy the user personalized play. In I want to pick up on people, the user can easily find like-minded “word, can set up a common travel route, at the same time support and in instant messaging chat messages infinite; Next I want to pick up one set “question and answer” square plate, combined with the traveling question type. In the process of travel for the user, raise the question I want to pick up person can real-time solutions, if users take the initiative to help others to solve the problem, and can earn gold COINS, so can make traveling more topics, can also greatly viscosity of the users.

the whole, I’m going to pick up people travel for tourism market friendship patterns, to solve the self-help travel companion. Because tourism is not a simple look at the scenery, but need more personality style and experience more fresh things, and making friends. Now I want to pick up one position in the tourism mobile social, went up from the point of breakthrough the self-help, self-help tourism market, the emphasis of the whole product also young people self-help, hang out around the service (focus mainly exit), through the accumulation of popularity and then advance some travel related value-added products (customization).

and I want to pick up, similar products, , and travel companion, partner, although the starting point may be the same, there is some differentiation. I want to pick up people’s positioning and core is dating refinement travel concept, more emphasis on outbound tourism and local custom service. So I want to pick up person to launch more accurate customized services, in order to meet the requirements of diversification of tourism, fragmentation. In hunting cloud network point of view, in the condition of product model fairly, travel services and security related experience of offline king is the winner.

Hu Liangchun said, I want to pick up person will profit from the tourist service related value-added products, products of travel dating O2O model can be extended to the future tourism. Choose to connect businesses with combination of online booking services for payment transaction, offline use experience. For example: Wifi equipment leasing, this can be done entirely by online after the destination by specifying the qr code extraction.

the current product is still in the stage, preliminary already had smaller user viscosity test, obtained the objective data, suggests the direction positioning or you can be sure. Hu Liangchun convective cloud network said, “now all money is oneself, the hope can as soon as possible into the angel round, accelerate the expansion of the team and market operation of investment; People in the future, I want to pick up the whole direction of self-help travel abroad do focus on penetration, we need to do is how to solve the personalized needs of user service?”

I want to pick up person
Company: hangzhou nine meters technology co., LTD.

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