Hunting cloud morning post: apple $1.3 billion order, taobao ShuangShiEr startup


$1.3 billion apple “ruined” the campus order, or to develop virtual reality game product

Los Angeles school district earlier plan to deploy a $1.3 billion plan, for 64 students in school districts and teachers provide the device to be used for teaching. Now, however, the school district decided to terminate the project. At present, the school district supervisor said is affected by the deployment of termination, 27 schools can temporarily use Google this instead of the device. Earlier, some students have cracked the device is installed on the content of the filtration system, due to multiple reasons, so will terminate the plan. And the FBI join survey, actually is originally the deployment plan if there are some unknown insider.

the latest recruitment information released from apple, the company is seriously considered for the development of the technology based on virtual reality game product to invest, and user interface. A period of time in the past, apple has been in the patent field to explore the concepts of virtual reality, but until now almost has yet to take measures to develop the actual product. It is unclear whether apple will launch this product, but maybe the technology giant has already feel the pressure from the Oculus and SONY, will further explore in the field of virtual reality devices.

the bad guys, say good things temporarily backpedaled, don’t keep our promise! But apple also not bad this $1.3 billion. It doesn’t, if virtual reality game product development success, fans will naturally pay, earn more than $1.3 billion for sure. Not bad money!

Britain next year, 25% of Google taxes, to prevent the “transfer profits tax”

George osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, announced a new tax plan and prepare a 25% tax “Google”, in order to fill the multinational companies to transfer profits to lower rates of tax loopholes. Austin, Bonny said the tax plan will take effect in April 2015. Hope it can stop multinational enterprises evade tax liability. Currently, the British corporate tax rate of 21%, while the new tax at the rate of 25%. Austin Bonny will this new tax is called “transfer profits tax”, mainly for multinational companies in the UK business practices to create profits, different from the enterprise income tax.

Google vice President of engineering, di, Mr Tsvangirai said Google plans for its most popular products child-friendly version, to give children bring pleasure to use, and security. Google is likely to develop search engine for children under the age of 12, YouTube, and a special version of Chrome. However, Google has not set a timetable for this plan.

Google released a new version of CAPTCHA systems, and renamed it “NoCAPTCHA with reCAPTCHA”. After the upgrade can let users are more likely to identify themselves as normal end users, and not a robot. The new system only provides a frame of verification, it reads “I ‘m not a robot” (I’m not a robot). When users click on the verification box, Google will use engine “risk assessment” series of seamless authentication, thus judgment is a human or a robot. For noCAPTCHA the new system, the product manager Mr. Weiner, shetland, according to the new authentication system authentication frame looks very simple, but in fact is a highly complex system. New risk analysis engine tracking users click on the verification box before, at that time, and after behavior, thus to judge whether the artificial operation.

Google display and video advertising products, vice President of neal mohan in credit suisse technology conference, said the company is trying to crack the digital media era of brand advertising, in order to attract more brand advertisers. Mohan said, Google will provide a new method to measure the concrete performance of advertising, using tools such as “brand lift research” to help the brand advertisers, which digital advertising exposure can leave the viewer in line with expectations. Mohan, said Google in recent months has been launched for advertisers about 6000 times a similar study. These strategies shows that Google is trying to expand the attraction, is no longer limited to the direct marketing clients, according to whether there is a specific user purchase advertise their products to customers. Brand advertisers more staying power, more hope their AD exposure to impress the audience, so that when the audience into the store can consider their own products.

the original Google so hard, but also improve advertising effectiveness, and upgrade validation system, also selected hot product launch child-friendly version, is to pay more taxes. Says many are tears, earn so much money, the piece of paper, will take so much money…

taobao 12-12, from shopping platform to platform life

3 December, President of taobao Zhang Jianfeng in the mobile phone taobao strategy conference, according to mobile phone taobao daily has more than 80 million active users, at the same time start ShuangShiEr. This year, taobao “ShuangShiEr” is the theme of the “master consumption, grasps the life”, the main experience of goods and services, to find ways to build by O2O one-stop solution for life. At present, the mobile phone on taobao, the consumer can easily enjoy the service more than 10000 kinds of life. Like to buy the tickets and seat selection, air ticket online hotel reservation at any time and achieve LingMiao check-out, etc., can also find nanny, find someone to help you anytime and anywhere running errands, and quick to deal with Hong Kong and Macao pass, and the lost claim and so on. In addition, the image through the camera phones taobao reality (such as clothing), and after scanning can search to be the same as the function of online product also during the period of “ShuangShiEr” officially launched this year.

the daily average of eighty million active users, hunting cloud network accounts for a quota of people, I will always buy a variety of items, can’t, as an otaku, toilet paper instant noodles to online shopping, cut hand.

Indiegogo raise insurance: test the response to project a skip

the raise there have been many star products on the website, but not every product will be a great success, if you encounter a skip or fraud, participants have pay will be affected by the loss. And Indiegogo risk in order to solve a skip, testing the waters as a new mode: the raise insurance. Indiegogo said that under the insurance protection, if the project company to delivery commitment date three months without, the investor of this project will receive compensation. Now, have appeared on Indiegogo project insurance. In a product called Olive page, users can choose the insurance of $15.

words, bag of forest air purifier on Monday to start in jingdong the raise, also want to want how to do a. Cheap and you can DIY appearance, super small and pure and fresh.

Chinese stocks on Wednesday and mutual now gather beauty is superior up by more than 7%

U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday, the s&p 500 index and the dow Jones industrial average hit a new high. The price of oil and gold prices rebounded, energy, materials and industrial sectors. Including private industry salary report shows the economy is mixed. As of the close, the dow Jones industrial average to 17912.62 points, up 33.07 points, or 0.18%. The standard & poor’s 500 index at 2074 to 1, up 7.78 points, or 0.38%. The nasdaq composite index at 4774.47, up 18.66 points, or 0.39%.

Chinese stocks rise and fall on Wednesday. Six stocks up more than 3%, of which three stocks to rise by more than 5%. Lanting collection of potential rose 5.02%, Chinese media is up 6.70%, gather beauty is superior is up 7.60%. Six stocks fell by more than 3%, the two of them fell by more than 5%. The9 century interconnection fell 5.14%, down 5.00%. Jingdong announced on Wednesday that the company and non-profit agencies, ngos, grameen China strategic cooperation agreement. In accordance with the agreement, grameen China will use the jingdong crowdsourcing platform to raise working capital, the two sides in the future could also collaborate in microfinance. Jingdong today closed at $24.60, up $0.69, or 2.89%.

the best product is good oh, is it speak out effect?

goods tenpay with Tokyo power is Pretty overseas payment

goods tenpay formal and Japan Tokyo Pretty hang seng software inc online mall reached cooperation, Chinese users at the completion of settlement shopping, besides may choose to pay channels wealth tenpay as, you can also choose to pay micro letter scan code. Users open WeChat, scan the qr code and can complete payment in RMB. Tokyo is Pretty hang seng design, development and operation of e-commerce sites directly. Overseas goods bought from taobao website, “Tokyo Pretty” is by the Japanese company operation, direct purchase, sales and distribution from Japan in Japan to professional e-commerce platform of China. At present, the goods tenpay have reached a cooperation of the international business including: iHerb, air Asia, South Korea’s well-known woosong, duty-free shops in the new world, stylenanda duty-free shops, and Hong Kong area bonjour group, salsa, etc.

tenpay is in good condition? Anyway, hunting cloud network has been used to pay the baolai, quite convenient, habit already, it is difficult to migrate.

bluetooth 4.2 standard released: to lay a good foundation for the introduction of IPv6

bluetooth technology alliance has unveiled a bluetooth 4.2 standard, which laid a foundation for introducing IPv6 bluetooth standard, support the standard of equipment will directly through IPv6 and 6 lowpan access to the Internet. Bluetooth 4.2 standard also make in respect of privacy and speed improvement. Under this standard, unless the user permission, otherwise will not be able to try to connect the bluetooth signal and track the user equipment. At the same time, also improve the speed of data transmission between two bluetooth devices twice “supreme”, mainly because of the increase in bluetooth intelligent packet capacity it can accommodate the amount of data that is equivalent to about 10 times before.

Japanese software research and development of “the beautiful” netizen: take world catastrophe

Primo developed by a Japanese university students, its function which can put the exfoliating, lenses, thin face, skin care effect reverse reduction, reflects the photographed the original state of the face. The APP’s slogan is: let beauty girl “loyal”, its “shape” back. Download this APP can only temporarily in the iOS system. Technically, the Primo is just a “ugly” software, the threshold is very low, many teams can do. But due to the present stage, is difficult to achieve the “beauty” photo real reduction, therefore, Primo’s beauty, is just a gimmick, will not hot for too long.

the picture shows the official spokesman said, the emergence of Primo, for they do not have much impact, also won’t have impact, “Primo with beautiful picture show is two areas of the APP, use the Primo, perhaps because of the need for fun only.” Veteran observers, Internet speed road net dean Ding Daoshi also said that the Primo development, reflects the typical “backward thinking”. “In this” beauty “of s, suddenly appeared a” the beauty “software, naturally hot.”

was hacked by SONY pictures will officially transfer from north Korea

SONY pictures will be officially confirmed that last week the company Intranet by hacker attacks from north Korea. The hacker attacks caused the sensitive documents are exposed, and SONY pictures network paralysis. According to sources, SONY pictures as early as today issued a formal announcement. At present, SONY pictures and information security firm Mandiant will publish what eventually remains uncertain. But sources confirmed that SONY pictures has will attack source localization for north Korea. SONY spokesman declined to comment for this time or news, but said “survey of the complex information security attacks continued”.

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