Hungry for a new round of financing, take-away O2O war and “swan”

the take-out O2O increasingly fierce competition, sold at home and abroad platform hungry to hunt cloud confirmed, the company has recently completed a new round of financing, precise information will be announced at the end of this month.

there are media reports that one of the number of domestic Internet giant for the investors, the amount in the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars. Another news that amount is $300 million more than the end of the rumors, is expected to reach about $1 billion. But from the point of the data comprehensive comparisons, hungry? The round line 3 – about $400 million, $1 billion data there should be a lot of water.

was founded in 2009, the online jingle is its main business. Financing process is as follows: in March 2011 for GSR ventures millions of dollars. In January 2013 from partners China, millions of dollars of GSR ventures; In November 2013, from sequoia capital China, warp/weft, GSR ventures $25 million in financing in China. In May 2014, the joint investment on public reviews, both investors $80 million.

the latest publicly, according to data from the hungry? Coverage has reached more than 200 city, the number of employees increased to more than 2000 people. Orders at the same time, the hungry yao announced the day also to present the growth of the ten times, from accept public comment on the investment of 100000 single shot up to 1 million. Rapid growth of a large part of the reason behind is to rely on capital booster.

at the same time of rapid enclosure, hungry? Are competing with American take-away, baidu take-away rivals in three or four line city’s “subsidy”, even fisticuffs broke staff events, which also sparked controversy. Some media even external attributed hungry? Cut subsidies measures to “capital chain rupture.

although hungry? Top to deny funding breaking news, but in a race with rivals now, hungry? Does need more “ammunition” funds to support.


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