Huawei to think in the Internet to play league: the sword to show the enterprise office entrance

this afternoon, huawei Wang Shaosen, general manager of network management and software, including hunting cloud network media interview, in response to a cloud hunting WangLie cloud network editor jun, Wang Shaosen said that huawei will in future we will increase support for Allies, led the Allies occupied office with my mouth.

huawei BYOD solution alliance is a industry alliance, huawei last year led the league development over the past year, a total of 80 partner membership, produced a total of more than 50 projects, including cooperation with Allies to complete more than 30, union overall income is about 120 million, more than 4000 of the income, income of more than 8000 partners.

about the future development of the alliance, Wang Shaosen said the league goal first is profit, I hope next year to $36 million cooperation benefits for the partner, in addition to absorb some partners, reached 150 goals.

in reply, hunting cloud network of questions about the union Wang Shaosen said huawei deepening cooperation alliance has four steps:

a, commercial breaks, huawei for partners give 50% below market prices.

2, for partners to develop the third party service, encourage was the attitude of huawei, no money.

three, shipbuilding, huawei partners at sea. Huawei in including overseas markets, the establishment of a strong market channels, these channels can use huawei partners direct market, eliminate the early stage of the market development work.

4, technical marketing support. Huawei ket partners in technology and marketing support.

as to why huawei, invested resources to strengthen alliance cooperation, Wang Shaosen unashamedly to point out that huawei hope by the power of the union, can in the future enterprise office on top of the entrance. In terms of selecting Allies, huawei is also selected some from and professional software solution provider.

the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network, points out that in the era of mobile Internet, huawei is gradually changed its strategy, forming a union is actually a product of thinking in the Internet.

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