Huawei AnyOffice “snowball”, to do enterprise application AppStore

(word/qing nan)

when BYOD wave hit, most enterprises to move transition, based on the mobile end enterprise application is likely to become a new gold hidden. Now, huawei is the most active players.

at the recent huawei, huawei switches and enterprise communications product line, general manager of network management and software Wang Shaosen products was introduced in detail the purpose of the building and the future development ideas.

AnyOffice is huawei mobile security solutions, provide enterprises with a unified mobile application gateways and flexible distribution capabilities, to build “side, tubes, cloud” mobile office services. Generally speaking, the AnyOffice huawei beat AppStore of enterprise applications, at the same time, provide safety protection, the cloud storage and other products supporting services.

on personal application market, apple AppStore early market successfully verified, and cause Google Play to follow, the domestic market also produce 91 mobile phone assistant, 360 mobile phone assistant and other well-known products. But as a result of

the particularity of enterprise backend application market, has not yet seen very successful products, companies do similar products abroad was taken over by big companies, such as SAP, bought sybase, IBM acquired fiberlink.

the market difficult because companies have high requirements for application, mainly on the application of personalized needs, rapid access anytime and anywhere, and smooth experience, information security, etc., as a result, in most enterprise applications on the market at present most is the enterprise communication with the developers to separate, time and cost is higher. It was also in this case, huawei see new opportunities, it is fully exploiting their huge partner resources to build a unified platform, make enterprise on-demand option.

now huawei is the world famous information and communication solutions provider, covering more than 170 countries and regions, more than 5000 channels of the network, more than 50000 sales team, the more important thing is its core customers are large and medium-sized enterprises, the demand for high quality application has a strong buy, and willing to invest. In addition, huawei in the process of decades of development, has accumulated a large number of partners, convenient application products of grafting.

these are for huawei AnyOffice provides a basic condition. Not only that, huawei’s CEO xu straight army is trying to support the project. It is reported, AnyOffice internally as huawei build a test bench of open strategy, the company will soon build a strategic platform for the opening up and cooperation, AnyOffice is one part of it.

, according to

Wang Shaosen AnyOffice now support iOS, Android, Windows platform, can be fit each terminal. Currently has more than 50 applications, will reach more than 150 at the end of this year, next year is expected to double to more than 300.

is different from the individual application, the enterprise application most belong to the charging mode. In huawei AnyOffice store application, therefore, to promote early for small scale free trial for enterprises in need, in the later requires earnings by means according to the demand, customization, etc. Now, huawei is not divided into, but in the future, may refer to the apple AppStore into train of thought. In addition, huawei also can through the security, cloud storage server to achieve revenue, etc.

huawei then establish in the ecosystem, in addition to the annual contest held developers, important funds to improve products, build AnyOffice community, companies still focus on developing mobile next league, member companies can be done by sales AnyOffice platform, the application of profit.

according to the idea of Wang Shaosen when AnyOffice platform after preliminary established, throw an enterprise mobile application to this platform, can be directly to more than 170 countries and regions, more than 50000 sales staff huawei, for you, in this case, the enterprise AppStore platforms like apple and AppStore, snowball effect immediately.

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