HTC support start-up, Gogoro to build intelligent resource allocation scheme

energy has always been a big problem in the world, whether it is a big game or regional hotspot, both personal life and urban development, in the final analysis is inseparable from the energy. This era is an exciting time, we can reason to re-examine the world, reshaping the world. When we begin to pay close attention to the way we use energy, we can find that although the energy industry has a history of more than a century, but this old industry is more and more to keep up with the pace of urban development. Now the city life, leave the fast rhythm, cannot leave the network, cannot leave the choice of the future.

but I need to understand a little, though the reform of the energy industry stagnated, but the rapid development of the city promoted the innovation consciousness, innovation will lead to the development of energy industry. Below, we learn about the energy from the Taiwan company Gogoro and intelligent energy solution.

the company was founded in 2011, since then, Gogoro city has been studying how to allocate and use energy. After many years of silence Gogoro high-profile suddenly announced that they will launch a kind of intelligent energy plan. The company hopes to “use the mobile connection and data analysis to change energy distribution and management of city”. The wording is very broad, the definition is vague, most people don’t understand the functions of the company. Even so, but in January next year’s CES (consumer electronics show) show, Gogoro will unveil their first products of the company. In a sense, this kind of promotion method is indeed in consumer perspective can get consumers’ favor and attention.

the company’s products and business models will affect multiple consumer areas, to create a better city ecological system. In this system, the city will have better connectivity, easier access to energy, for people living in the city, the city will be more comfortable.

Gogoro co-founder and CEO Horace Luke said: “in our time, one of the biggest challenge is to find a more intelligent way to distribution and consumption of energy, to benefit us and our children. In Gogoro, we constantly pursue our goal: through the products and business model innovation, to as many people as possible to provide more intelligent cleaner energy, to transform the world’s most populous city into smart cities.”

Gogoro is very dramatic. In 2011, just A round of funding from Samuel Yin and HTC chairman ms wang to get $50 million. So many Gogoro employees are in HTC, and even its CEO is HTC’s former chief innovation officer. But given its financing background, this component is not very strange.

now, the company also received $100 million B round of funding, but Gogoro did not reveal the source of funding. There is no clear what to do about a product of the company, $150 million is a very substantial funds. Although can’t compare with those Magic Leap company for $500 million in financing, but also is very good.

by patent search, we will find that the current Gogoro company has a very strong interest in the area of transportation. Like all kinds of automobile, motorcycle and hybrid patents. At the same time, it also has a partnership with panasonic. Want to know, panasonic is one of the main electric car battery supplier, and Tesla to create the “precursor battery factory”.

panasonic, executive vice President of Yoshihiko Yamada said: “Gogoro committed to reshape city to use energy, and reach the city into a vision of smart city has great potential. As a strategic partner, Gogoro and panasonic are in close cooperation, hope can through a variety of innovation and the industry to achieve this vision.”

Gogoro intellectual property also includes a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery can be used to give the user in the city of platform in battery. Imagine, if you are a motorcyclist, as long as you are in a city within the scope of the battery switch to the network traffic, you can effectively and unlimited charge.

but now, it’s all just speculation. While $150 million is a lot of money, but want to solve the problem of the world’s energy is not a small task so simple.

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